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Racialized Poverty in America has Nearly Doubled in 21st Century


Racialized Poverty in America has Nearly Doubled in 21st Century

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Discriminatory housing, zoning, and other policy choices are driving the dramatic rise of racialized poverty and segregation across the United States, with the number of people residing in low-income "ghettos, barrios, and slums" nearly doubling in the 21st century alone, a new report finds.


Thank-you for publishing this. In my atypical US city, the worst poverty is among its 25% black population, but there is also poverty among its largely Slavic-USAn population where the lingering effects continue from the Raygun-backed union-busting steel mill closures almost 30 years ago. Consequently, the low-wage end of the working class is at least as likely to be white as black.

But when I travel to Cleveland in one direction - or DC in the other, the way class is defined along racial lines is stark. Cleveland is the worst - on a recent visit, I was unable to find a single white person working a low wage service job or living among the ugly vacant industrial lots to the east of downtown or East Cleveland and conversely - zero black people in the fashionable cafe’s and restaurants of “Coventry” in leafy Cleveland Heights, or their peculiarly upper-class “Little Italy” (our “Little Italy” in Pittsburgh is a much more down-to-earth place - although the gentrification is coming)

I suspect that the white residents in these starkly racist-segregated midwest cities don’t even notice it even as it is creates yet another generation of white youth with deeply imprinted subconscious racist assumptions and black youth imprinted with acceptance and resignation of their inferior underclass status.

It’s got to change - and there is only one thing that is going to fix it - aggressive affirmative action - including quota schedules - in housing, public education, higher education, and employment. Yes, this means that a white person may occasionally be passed over for a less qualified black person. Tough. Get over it.


Its class not race- and as this economic system fails the focus will be on division. Its amazing how this is always ignored- what role has the first African American president played-has he identified race and economic issues and pushed for real solutions-or has he played a role as pacifier and speaks when a crisis erupts? What roles have black leaders played in addressing these issues. In Baltimore the city leadership is African American and people such as Ben Jealous run an investment firm in Baltimore-Its class not race. And the in your face BLM states none of these issues are economic its “structural racism”. Bernie Sanders wanted to speak about the anniversary of social security and was shut down. And its almost a guarantee that if a republican is elected social security will be “reformed” and the same might be said of Clinton. Bill Clinton was heard a while back talking with Paul Ryan saying that social security programs needed to be cut. What we need is structural economic reform.—Affordable housing,medicare for all,food for anyone who is hungry,and organized work places were employee’s have a voice,schools that educate, and a commons in every neighborhood.Its class not race.


If it is class not race, than why is poverty in the US defined of such starkly racial likes? To say it is just class totally misses the point. So you don’t think that racial discrimination in housing, jobs and police treatment exists at all? Where do you live? Look around you for crying out loud!


Discrimination,hate and violence runs rampant in our culture .From what I understand black and white people at the Seattle rally were yelling at each other. The elite win! In South Carolina they took the flag down did they restore peoples right to vote? The elite win! A dumb downed educational system-the elite win. Look at how the media covers stories about race. You will very rarely hear any analysis of underlining causes-for heavens sake look at Baltimore- We have a broken economic system and the way to keep it going is pit one group against another-and not focus on the real issue- an economic system that serves the few.-----And again we have an African American President-who isn’t running for president-maybe he should address these issues in a real way-but he won’t because he is there to protect the elite-that should be obvious by now. And we listen to Hillary mouth the words black lives matter its not about economics and she gets rave reviews. Again the elite win. Just like terrorism the never ending war-and if only we can legislate discrimination and hate away-even though the media pumps up hate and division every day- The media goes to Baltimore when there are riots-have the media been in Baltimore showing the economic disparity? This current story will it be headline news? No the headline news is riots in Ferguson and Trump. And will we see any major in depth understanding of what is happening in Ferguson? The headline reporting is riots in Ferguson and they appointed an in-term black police chief and elected two black city council members.>Media message to white people what do these people want-create hate-real hate and keep peoples eye off the real issue-economic freedom!