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Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/08/racism-public-health-crisis

This author is conflating two concepts to gin up emotions. A racial disparity does not necessarily mean racism. This author immediately believes that any wealth inequality between races must mean racism. How? Maybe she just deliberately wants to use poor semantics, but that doesn’t make any sense. Native blacks have a lower median income than immigrant blacks. Is America racist against native blacks and favors immigrant blacks due to…their race. That logic doesn’t work. Asians have higher incomes on average than whites. Clearly America is racist against whites. Oh wait…

Instead of throwing out the word “racism” for clickbait, why don’t we discuss the root causes of the disparities?

Part of it could be poor government/socialist schooling. Blame our government for our terrible schooling in most impoverished areas. School choice would help solve this problem if we could get the teachers’ unions out of the way of progress.

Part of it could be the drug war. Another government-induced problem. Legalize most drugs and you eliminate the vast majority of the incarceration problem, which is a legitimate one.

But just saying our country is racist is dumb. It’s clickbait. Come up with real solutions by noting the root causes. And the root cause most of the time stems from government intrusion.

Your Country is racist. That is not dumb. It was founded on Slavery and Genocide. When those settlers went West , there was little to no Government in that area. There were no Socialists. There was no teachers unions yet those Settlers and their Soldiers slaughtered people just because “they were Indians”. This had nothing to do with wealth disparity.

When the Mexican American war fought the treaty signed saw the US Government agreeing to protect the rights of Latinos that had resided in what was once Mexico and to respect their property rights. Mexicans in California and in the Southwest US were strung up from trees by lynch mobs and burned out of their homes. That was not wealth disparity. That was not Socialism. That was Racism.

Several thousands of Blacks were Lynched across the USA after the Civil War accused of any number of crimes before they strung up. It had nothing to do with Socialism or the School system or teachers unions. It was out and out Racism , the same Racism that saw a mob string up 14 people in New Orleans in a single day because they were Italian and deemed criminals.

You want the root causes? The root causes by definition goes back TO the roots of the founding of the United States of America. It was founded on Slavery , Genocide and Racism. Your own Thomas Jefferson wrote that the Anglo Saxon race was the worlds superior race and the only race fir enough to rule the Americas. He was no socialist and did not learn that in a Union run school.

All of that is past history. All, or at least most, of what you wrote is true. But it’s past history. The article written is about today. What systemic racism exists today preventing progress? There at racial disparities. But actual racism is what is being debated. Everything you wrote about our past history has been eradicated. So the question is what is causing the racial disparities and what do we do about them? And this author doesn’t mention much and certainly mentions zero solutions. Read the article again and try to find me one solution that she cites. They’re not there.

To me, the issue is socio-economic. It starts with poor schooling in government schools. Then there must be an aspect that’s cultural. There’s a reason why immigrant blacks do better than native blacks on average, or why Asians do better than whites. It’s not eugenics.

Everything about your past history has been eradicated?

Exactly what brings you to this belief? Racism is alive and well in the USA and it exhibited each and every day by your President.

SDumb comments and rhetoric by Donald Trump aren’t what this author is talking about. Nor do they matter all that much. What matters is the racial wealth disparity. That’s not caused by Donald Trump.

No it has as one of its root causes institutionalized racism, which you claim does not exist.

Define institutionalized racism in its current form. What is an example of an opportunity explicitly denied minorities by law in today’s society?

Oh please, you are being deliberately obtuse.

Review how the Police treat blacks as opposed to whites , where as example a man arrested and beaten entering his own house just because he is black and automatically suspect. See article postyed a few days ago on the 5 persons charged with Gang rape that never in fact committed the crime. Comoon dreams with regularity posts articles on Black persons shot by cops for no particular reason.

Look to the Justice system where a white person covicted of the same crime given more lenient sentences then a black person. Driving while black is also real with a recent stufy showing that one is 2.5 times more liekley to be pulled over while driving with no infraction committed if one is black. See the inceident of the Balck man shot when his car broke down while having his hands in the air with backgroung commentary that “that one nasty looking dude”. The Police officer claimed the man she felt “threatened” justifying her shooting him.

It rampant. This will be my last response to you on this matter as you are play acting at being dumb, these incidents all well known and any should be aware of them.

I can agree on the police issues, though I believe they are a bit overblown from a systemic perspective. I also think poverty precedes crime and that correlation is probably stronger than actual racism leading to more incarceration of minorities. Plus, greater wealth leads to greater protection against the law, which itself is an issue, but not necessarily due to explicit racism. Again, I’m differentiating between racial discrepancies and actual racism.

But in terms of actual systemic racism, not systemic racial disparities, you haven’t presented much yet.