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'Racism at Work': Texas Mounted Police Drag Handcuffed Black Man Through Streets on a Leash

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/racism-work-texas-mounted-police-drag-handcuffed-black-man-through-streets-leash

  1. This? I am without words.

Those good old texas cowboys!!!’

"If it was a white man, he wouldn’t have been treated that way."

The understatement of the day.

This is what enslavers did prior to the Civil War. To those who continue to overlook the deep roots of racial hatred, the history of the US, how states such as Texas became part of the US, how the economic system of exploitation that commodifies everything even Life so a small minority can enrich themselves then you don’t know your history, or worse, you justify it and perpetuate the lies of “All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Liberty” as you claim it only for white boys while continuing the dehumanization of people of color and women and deny human progress toward true liberation as we are only ONE race. You continue to claim “blood rights” to indigenous lands all while claiming a so-called “christian” ethos. I for one will fight your poison with every fiber of my being and conscience!

Just left an earful with the Galveston Chief of Police and demanded these two cops be fired:

call: (409) 765-3702


A truly repulsive scene. The apologies from the Chief of Police are typical and not good enough. This man may have needed mental health care not abusive detention. Police today are good at denying the reality of their actions. We need massive reform of the police and criminal injustice system in the U.S.


This kind of thing happened well beyond the civil war. Think Jim Crow and all of those who were incarcerated and sent into forced labor where many died from poor working conditions. We were basically a slave/aparthied state until the 1960s.


I was referring to the forced marches of black slaves by their enslavers or those hired by their enslavers to “new”–continuously stolen–lands stolen from the First Nations Tribes. These folks also worked hand in glove with US Calvary to force march the tribes off their lands to concentration (“reservations”)camps so as to free up more land for the planter enslaving class. I am well aware of what continues along with the many laws passes in former confederate states to criminalize black folks and fill the prison so as to get that free, slave labor.

This is why this image of a black man, handcuffed and tied to a leash is so repulvise but more than this it is a testament-highlighted by the Trump Inc. presidency, that theses forces are still with us which we knew but its poison sewer stuff has, finally, surfaced on full display. Now we must get seriously busy eradicating it.


And there’s still people like my mother who think the Civil Right’s protests of the 1960s were unnecessary.


Texas Mounted Police Drag Handcuffed Black Man Through Streets on a Leash? That headline hardly describes what is shown in the picture. Over sensationalizing does not improve credibility.

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“Racist Texas Police Officers Unnecessarily Use Ultra-degrading Tactic on Mentally Ill Black Suspect”

There. Fixed it for you.


Yes, you are correct about all of that. A real problem in the US is that a lot of whites think that once the civil war was over and emancipation came about everything was fine. A convenient fantasy view for those who want to deny the horrible, horrible events that occurred after the civil war and continued up until the 50s and 60s. Even after those decades when improvements came about the african american race has still suffered from economic injustice, prejudice, segregation and discrimination. It seems like we have maybe accomplished only 10% to 20% of what needs to be done to correct things. Of course, we have never really had any good leadership to bring us forward. We need a truth and reconciliation. We need the “good old boys” to back out of power so we can bring a new day to America. Unfortunately our police and criminal injustice system seems filled with “good old boys.”


People forget that police officers used to be called overseers.
While their mandate has expanded, their primary purpose then and now is to protect the status and property of the wealthy by preserving the status quo, which includes keeping minorities “in their place”.
They may no longer be called slaves, but the police are still forcefully rounding up black people to be exploited for their labor in privately owned institutions. They even have quotas to fill.

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Yes, let us doubt what our eyes and knowledge of US America tells us. The whole world watched cops beating Rodney King to almost death and still we should deny what we see and know. You joined this forum for what purpose pray tell us? Also, have you actually read the words of the chief of police even as they are inadequate?


I do not agree with this but, If he is mentally ill… Why is he out on the streets? He needs to be in a place that can help him and keep others safe.

Ummm. The US closed mental institutions some decades ago. The prisons are de facto mental facilities where patients get no help.
The US has a for profit prison system and a for profit health insurance based medical system. There is no place for illness of any sort in these systems.


What the F*ing Fk? It’s to the point that almost every day I read something that horrifies me about police behavior all over the country. I think to myself, ‘we really need some new approach to police recruiting and training’. Then reality takes hold… because Republicans.


"First and foremost, I must apologize to Mr. Neely for this unnecessary embarrassment," Hale said in a statement posted to Facebook. "Although this is a trained technique and best practice in some scenarios, I believe our officers showed poor judgment in this instance and could have waited for a transport unit at the location of arrest."

But that apology wasn’t enough for many Texas-based advocates for racial justice.

Houston NAACP chapter president James Douglas said in an email to the Chronicle that the officers acted as if they believed it were still the early days of the American republic.

Both of those Police Officers should be dismissed – no question about it –

They, of course, knew what they were doing was wrong – racist – and they did
it anyway. Obviously feeling that they would be protected in the still outlaw/racist
state of Texas. They are young males as well, with no clue as yet as to the need
for compassion and mercy for someone mentally ill. There is only hatred on display
here – the kind of hatred that is still taught to young men like these in Texas, sadly –
but in many other places.

For those who think they are “white” – take a piece of white paper and check yourself
out in the mirror. We are all people of color, to some degree. Other than that, you may
be an alien. And, then of course there is Donald Trump who is a yellow coward who
refused to submit to the draft for Vietnam – and who is often a very orangey color which
he makes no effort to explain.

Today, in Boston, wheelchairs and the belongings/property of people without homes were callously and willfully destroyed.
Yesterday, a black man in handcuffs lead by a rope.
There is a case of straight up insanity going on in this nation.
yeah, those gawddamn good ole tx cowboys indeed

ps: I do appreciate your posts here, btw

Oh for pete’s sake, just stop.

What can I say to express my disgust at these two bigots wearing badges parading this man in this manner!? They should be fired and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law for race crimes if there is to be justice for this man and the rest of us. Next I would hope that there is a lawyer out there willing to sue the city of Galveston, Texas, for millions of dollars on this man’s behalf. Next, that should be the end of tourism for Galveston. This crime is despicable and cannot be tolerated.