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'Racism Isn't Funny': Trump SNL Gig Draws Outrage, Calls to Disrupt Show


'Racism Isn't Funny': Trump SNL Gig Draws Outrage, Calls to Disrupt Show

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

From civil rights groups to lawmakers to Hollywood A-listers, members of the public are furious that the popular comedy program Saturday Night Live (SNL) has invited 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump—whose rhetoric demonizing immigrants has reportedly inspired hate crimes—to host its November 7th show.


Even worse than one member of the GOP herd's serial overt racism is the entire herd's (all of the announced GOP candidates) sexism that was unequivocally demonstrated when they all confirmed their support for defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization that has empowered tens of million women plan families, an organization that has enabled millions of women to broaden their possibilities in contributing to society , and an organization that has prevented millions of the potential abortions that the entire GOP herd alleges they are against,


Not for Endgame who has chosen to make a barely disguised point about Clinton. Though it may be generational as I rarely watch SNL of late, perhaps many, who like me never failed to watch for many years, just no longer find it humorous. However, though some are predicting huge audiences tonight, I will just not watch and hope others join me. Interesting article on the topic from The Guardian. If the action discussed here takes place I do hope it is widely covered in all of the MSM.

Protest Pac offers $5,000 to anyone shouting 'racist' during Trump's SNL gig
Saturday 7 November 2015 14.43 EST

A coalition of protest groups planned to rally against Donald Trump outside Rockefeller Center on Saturday night, denouncing Saturday Night Live for featuring the presidential candidate. One group, meanwhile, offered a “bounty” to anyone who would disrupt the taping live from New York.

“We’re hoping that somebody in the audience stands up and calls him a racist,” Luke Montgomery, the organizer of a political action committee behind the bounty, told the Guardian.


Just a typical response from a "progressive" who as noted on another thread hardly fits my belief that progressives are more caring about both their world and
those who inhabit it. Your sarcasm is wasted and also quite typically off topic.


Thank you. It's important for a man to say this.


So boycotting the show stops Trump from speaking his mind? Sorry, showing intolerance of hate is not a sin. Hate has destroyed many a country. And if we allow the hate to fester and be so open to attract others, we will become like those countries. We must forcefully oppose the hate or see it grow.


Yeah, Matt. Let's have more racist hate speech from Trump and his fans: it's the American way.


I think they should let Trump be on SNL as long as they invite Chomsky next time.


Though I find hate speech and Trump as repugnant as most of those commenting here I'm just old fashioned enough to still appreciate the "rights" that still exist under the First Amendment. To abolish that freedom that still remains would make us no different than those who have done so and punished those by death who chose to speak out against their government . Nor would those commenting here be able to continue to do so.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


I remember the old SNL as well. Great show. I was disappointed as the old comedians left. The quality went downhill after that, and one of the last times I checked in, there were all these dumb skits with a lot of ethnic and racial jokes. When they did the take-offs on Sarah Palin, I thought, maybe this is a come-back, but it looked like that was just a blip on the larger picture screen, as political characterizations that followed weren't as good. So ... all things considered, I'm not surprised that Trump is hosting. Though I am kinda wondering why people haven't noticed that they've been doing this for a while ...they love tapping into that garbage. The real artists left the show a long time ago.


SNL is as bought and owned by the corporations as the politicians everyone is voting for. They're serving up junk to the public on the illusion that the show that used to be has continued. It died a long, long time ago. It's like John Stewart's show. It's gone with the artist/comedian. I watched his replacement once or twice and that's all I needed to know he was a rank amateur.

Why should anyone go on the show like Trump? Don't participate. Stop watching it and dumbing down your standards and sense of taste. Start your own shows. Without the corporate money. That's what the problem is with SNL. Just like the elections.


Clinton and Trump go way back. Trump told People Magazine in a late 90's interview that he would run for President as a Republican because the voters were so stupid he could lie and have them eating out of his hand - he "bet his numbers would be great." Well, he was right, it seems! He is unabashedly using the NAFTA backlash against immigration -- the same trade deal advocated by the Clintons and Bush Senior, as he did, too, I'd gather. Now, around this same period, you can find pictures of Trump and the Clintons having the gayest of times together, all chummy. So you think he really cares about American workers unemployed , or maybe he and the Clintons are so sociopathically removed from the ordinary affairs of everyday people that they actually DO make bets about the Presidency and lie without any misgivings in order to manipulate the dumb masses who will vote for one group or another. And there's Clinton - she looks so out of it on stage, more disconnected than ever before. Bunch of lunatics. But, my point is, I wouldn't necessarily separate Trump from Clinton.


That is (with reference to my post) - they're working for or with the same people. And SNL is now produced by the same people. It was bought up by them. The way they buy up politicians.


Unfortunately some people get a kick out of starting a story that is absolutely false and watch it get an uptake on the internet. You fell for the one about Trump and People magazine. See Snopes (google snopes trump people). These days, you pretty much have to check everything before you pass it along.


"Unfortunately some people get a kick out of starting a story that is absolutely false and watch it get an uptake on the internet."

Wouldn't it be nice if Donald felt that way about all the things he says about Mexican immigrants! Unfortunately some politicians get a kick out of starting stories and stirring up bigotry and hatred towards entire communities of marginalized, impoverished people.

"You fell for the one about Trump and People magazine." See Snopes (google snopes trump people).

According to Snopes, I did. Although the fact that they didn't find it in People's Magazines doesn't mean that he didn't say it somewhere else, and it was misattributed to that source. So I would suggest checking that too before you continue to pass Snopes along as the gospel.

It's certainly conceivable - and understandably believable - in terms of his generally bombastic, arrogant, negative, and irresponsible statements.

But I do appreciate you pointing it out - and so quickly. In conducting a search, I also see that, in 24 hours, every single google image of Trump with that quote (and there were very many) have been removed - with only one left up, now marked "false." So I gather Trump and his employees have been busy, as no volunteer has that kind of influence with, or ability to contact any living soul, at Google.

What a coincidence.


Ron Paul is not running for President in this election. His son is - Rand Paul. He is a libertarian, however, like his father, and wants to get rid of social safety net programs like Medicare and social security. Picture yourself living in the UK without any health plan or means in your elderly years. Without any protections if you became unemployed. Is that the kind of nation you want? Is that the kind of people you want to be?

He's good on the spying issues, but frankly, he does qualify his passion as not applicable to "terrorists," and likely, those for whom that category would apply would be quite biased, and with the bias growing with any ascension in power. He also has strengths in terms of military intervention, but his reasoning, like his father, is couched in rather extreme isolationist philosophy which can actually lead to the development of even more warfare, rather than less.

The candidate who is most like Jeremy Corbyn in his views and attitudes - is Bernie Sanders. They are both terrific. If I voted in the U.K it would have been Corbyn for me, too. Being here, Bernie will do.


There is actually a difference between Congress abridging the freedom of speech, and that of the people, who are outside the power that controls the public airways, to protest and try to persuade a private entity, NBC, to not give air time to a blatant racist who will use this platform to further his political campaign, regardless of whether he tempers his speech for this occasion, if such a thing is even possible.


There are pictures all over google images of Donald Trump's son trophy hunting in Africa. This came to my attention during the Cecil the Lion incident. As a result of this recent post I received re the other information, I just checked to see if these photos are real - for example, an elephant he killed - standing there with the tail that he sawed off - among pictures of other endangered and protected species that he killed ... it appears, yes, they are accurate and not photo-shopped. Several different photos with different "trophy kills" cited by the NY Daily News, the Examiner, and the Daily Beast, among others.


The freedom of speech is not absolute. Those few commenters defending Herr Trump seemed to have forgotten this fact.


You insult mein Furher (sp?) Trump is a total wimp compared with mein Fuhrer. Has Trump ordered the assassination of his 100 closest political rivals? (Referencing the night of the long knives). Trump is a fascist rascist but comparing him to Herr Hitler is a stretch.