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Racism, Sexism, War, and Hillary


Racism, Sexism, War, and Hillary

Ray McGovern

Not race nor gender — nor any other innate characteristic — should be the touchstone in voting for President of the United States. Yet, as I have traveled the country these past several years, I have been amazed at how many Americans have no qualms in stating that their support for President Barack Obama is based solely – or mostly – on his being black. Equally amazing is the unabashedly indiscriminate support I hear voiced by highly educated women for Hillary Clinton – “because she is a woman and it’s our turn,” as they put it.


An elegant form of protest to stand with back turned - I hope that such a form of protest becomes common in the future where everybody knows what it means since it is courteous to everyone else in the room which many disruptive protests are not. Sometimes disruptions are appropriate but sometimes they can be counterproductive. Standing in silence with your back to the speaker is a seminal method of protest that would be valuable if recognized as such.

Nice article ... I feel like I have read a daily brief...lol.


Exactly my sentiments mister McGovern. I admire your persistence.

Having followed the arrogance and folly of her actions, I believe Hillary Clinton projects a behavior that was and is, from Freud up to the catalogue of the American Psychiatric Association, clinically referred to as the personality disorder of "Narcissism". It is the first stage of a related group of disorders, the most extreme of which is full blown psychopathy. As president of the US, she would pose a great danger to the state of that nation, and the US being the most powerful influence on world affairs, a grave danger to the state of the entire planet. She will control every aspect of its progress, ignore the deteriorating natural conditions of a habitable Earth, and have her finger on the nuclear armament button.


Whenever Sanders mentions anything that occurred during Obama's watch, Clinton plays a race card by accusing Sanders of "disrespecting Obama", thereby limiting what issues he is able to address. The media never fails to shine the light on these jabs, while looking the other way whenever Hillary or Bill actually do disrespect Obama.


You really couldn't make this stuff up - an elderly pacifist military veteran standing in protest who is brutalized and ejected by security forces during a speech by the wanna be Commander in Chief who is scolding other countries for silencing dissent. Sigh.....It sounds like the script for a Saturday Night Live skit.


The patriarchal model of dominance has been around for several millennia. Add capitalism to the mix to end with Patriarchal Capitalism (as Vandana Shiva terms it), and power largely comes from two directions: Military force or those with large financial endowments.

I was doing research earlier today and this subject came up--that there are relatively few role models of empowered persons who don't fit into one of those 2 categories. Hillary has adapted to both.

There was a time when intellectual, artistic, and spiritual power were more widely heralded; but these days, it's mostly about Mammon (the love of money and who's got lots of it) and Mars (those who've climbed high within overt and covert military circles).

Hillary is deferential to both of these twin pillars of presently existing power: Mammon and Mars.

The system-as it exists--only rewards those who show homage to it. Sanders thus far is beating the odds in rising in SPITE of the system due to the hunger on the part of so many good people for a more just and humane nation state.

There are LOTS of women who probably could lead this nation in far more intelligent and humane ways; but as Mr. McGovern wisely stated, Hillary is not one of them.

On DemocracyNow (today's show), Amy Goodman did her best to pit a pro-Hillary (female) guest against a Hillary critic (the very well spoken Robert Scheer).

I was appalled that the female guest looked past all of Hillary's political sins and horrific policy decisions (if she's noticed them at all), and had the nerve to term her a "Progressive."

Hillary would do NOTHING to change the direction of our nation; and this nation is going in a terrible direction and drawing much of the world along in its dark momentum.

A course correction is overdue.

Go, Bernie (as Cookies says).

And it's good to learn that Mr. McGovern regards himself as a Feminist! Kudos!


Not race nor gender — nor any other innate characteristic — should be the touchstone in voting for President of the United States."

Referring to the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the great Thurgood Marshall said,"A black snake is also a snake."

Likewise, a female cobra is also a cobra (with apologies to cobras).


If truth-telling is so 'harmless', why do they work so hard to prevent it?

McGovern is about as 'harmless' as the transcripts of Clinton's speeches and the combined Wikileaks revelations.


I was appalled by the pro Hillary female who said her comments, but when it was the turn of Robert Scheer, she constantly interrupted over and over again rudely to the point that it was impossible to hear what he wanted to say. I was glad that Robert Scheer continued on in the second part of Amy Goodman's show alone so I could hear his well thought out comments. Never saw that kind of rudeness before on Democracy Now.


Unfortunately, the odds are that the only choice in November will be Hillary or Trump. Having followed Ray's work for many years, I am guessing that he would prefer her neocon administration to the kind of one-man rule Trump proposes. (To quote one of his tweets - "I alone can solve.")

Too many Americans just assume that constitutional government will outlast even Trump, but as Ben Franklin warned us, keeping a republic going is no easy task. Break it once and the USA-USA is just one more banana republic.