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'Racist' and 'Outrageous' Jabs at Puerto Rico Earns Trump 'Hater-in-Chief' Label


'Racist' and 'Outrageous' Jabs at Puerto Rico Earns Trump 'Hater-in-Chief' Label

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just a sample of today's response to "disgusting" early-morning tweet sent out by Trump


You wonder how Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump got elected but then you realize how many God damn stupid Conservatives there are in this country and it’s easy to figure out.


And how stupid and weak the Dem wing of the Duopoly was in their failure to coronate Red Queen Hillary despite the despicable Tweeting Idiot of Orange. They really had to work hard and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to lose this one. Unless they’re able to make peace with the recently-neutered Bernie Sanders, it’ll be a repeat, even if it’s Pence or another pissant abomination.


When a person, especially an ostensible “leader”, will not denounce white supremacists, overt racism, and neo-nazi goons, instead calling them “fine people” and encouraging their hate and violence - when that person calls civil-rights activists SOB’s - when that person does not react for 5 days at least to a cat 5 hurricane taking direct aim at the heart of Puerto Rico, already hit by Irma, and when that person finally did react it was to denigrate and demean in the most derelict, racist, infantile thin-skinned ways to the plight of the American citizens of PR faced with, and fighting a catastrophe of unprecedented ferocity and destruction, and makes light of their suffering and life-threatening situation, that person, beside being a low-life scum and committing numerous other atrocities against the people and Mother Earth, that person - the ginger pig - has abdicated ANY claim to be a human being, much less president! A “hater-In-Chief” indeed!


The US government has become a real drag. A total downer.

I’m hoping a free market of information-age ideas evolving at life-speed will make healing Earth fun and rewarding very soon.


The irony is that without power, most Puerto Ricans won’t ever hear the ejaculations of The Great Pumpkin.


What is it about a country founded by uptight, murderous, bigoted, and sexually repressed Puritanical folks who can’t fathom those with more melatonin and cultures of caring rather than exploiting? Trump is not an anamoly as Hitler was–he represents the sick underbelly of a nation founded on genocide and slavery which has yet to come to terms with it.


The “leadership”, if you can call it that, is appalling and Trump indeed will have his Katrina, even if, thank goodness, fewer people perish in the wake of a devastating storm. I hope others hear the mayor loud and clear and come to the aid of these needful peoples. The president should be ashamed for his sanctimonious grandstanding claiming that things are "great’ there. Everyday our sense of self worth is challenged by the antics of a deranged madman and yes, people suffer because of it. I wish there was hope in the wings should he be impeached but no, the wings are just as idiotic as the great orange one. I do hope Puerto Rico gets the help they so desperately need.


Yet he remains ensconced/enthroned in the WH…


You read my mind. Trump represents a very large constituency in this country, the “good people” who took their racist hate to Charlottesville. This is not the first time I am ashamed to have been born here, and I guess that given our history I should have anticipated the depths our nation currently inhabits. Thank God there are sane voices to let me know I am not alone, without a raft, in this sea of base stupidity and deranged hate.


We the People must eradicate the Morally and Ethically Corrupt Subhumans posing as public servants from any positions of power if our children and theirs are ever going to have a chance at living in a peaceful world.

We must find a suitable place to put them all as it’s quite clear they can not govern, for the people.

Perhaps a remote island in the Pacific or even Antarctica.


Monster. Sick, racist psychopath. And an international criminal and traitor to our country.


Or outer space?


I think another reason is x amount of people hated Hillary even more. So their votes wasn’t pro Trump it was anti Hilary Clinton I wonder what would happen if Sanders got the Dem. nom.


That would cost a bit more to do, but maybe we could get Kim Jung UN to strap the Orange Ogre to one of his missiles.


Now if only some people in our congress can be as well spoken and outspoken as Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and Alejandro García Padilla.

I think she’s my new hero


Misogynous, xenophobe, racist global joke. Way to go white boys and girls, I’m beginning to hate that white image starring back at me in the mirror. As bad as the Clinton dynasty would have been it would have been nothing compared to this futile crew of morons and ass wipes. They have all turned into zombies looking for their brains. The “so called” adults in the administration is an existential lie.



Let’s bring the good people of Puerto Rico (all of them) here to the US and dump trump and his elected terrorists in P.R. WITHOUT FEMA or any of the help the Puerto Ricans are receiving right now – let trump jong-un and his coterie of cretins figure out how to manage on their own!


That’s the best idea that I have heard yet Wolfess.

Like Captain Picard always says, “Make it so.”

We the People might need the Military’s help with this one.