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Racist Crackpots 'R Us

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/19/racist-crackpots-r-us


"Most alarmingly, she got here by assiduously climbing through the right-wing ranks of entitlement, racial grievance, conspiratorial thinking - InfoWars and Project Veritas, boosted by Fox News and Breitbart, embraced by Roger Stone, Jacob Wohl, Trump boot-licker Rep. Matt Gaetz, and now Trump himself, who lauded her victory with, "Great going Laura!"

“This,” wrote one critic of #FührerFeltersnatch, “is what the Trumplican party has stooped to.” And it’s not just Loomer. She’s one of multiple [lunatic GOPers ] winning primaries, including six acolytes of QAnon, which posits Trump is saving the world from a deep-state cult of cannibals and pedophiles running the government; the most prominent, Georgia’s [Marjorie Greene, likely will get to Congress. The dystopian kicker: “Loomer won not in spite of being a crazy, but because she is a crazy” writes conservative Jonathan Last. "Even if Trump loses in 2020, (the) problem of a GOP that elevates voices like Loomer will still loom over American politics."

***"He (conservative Jonathan Last) cites
a stubbornly benumbed GOP - on COVID-19, less than half believe it’s a major public health threat, half say the death toll is inflated, a quarter thinks it’s a conspiracy - to warn, “Never forget: A political party is only as good as its voters will let it be.” And, alas, its leaders. On Wednesday, Trump was asked if he supports QAnon and its theory he’ll save us all from Satanic cannibals. “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” he mused. “I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate…I’ve heard these are people who love our country.”

> “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” - Maya Angelou

Thank you Abby Z. at Further for informing U.S.! I was waiting for the Lyndon LaRouche endorsement to roll in. Mystery remains how front-running Mar A Lago Candidate Laura Loomer has not yet been tapped by Chief Trumplican for cabinet post or to head the State Department after this administration got too extreme for former ExxonMobile CEO and rank member of the trans national Corporate Caliphate, Rex Tillerson. I hear that skilled pediatric neuro-surgeon Ben Carson barely edged Laura Loomer out as Trumplican choice to head Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in our pre Age of Plague era of the normalization of the working homeless.

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Where is the Jewish community on this horrible woman, the hate that hate produced?


Here is another madman unleashed by a sick nation:

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welcome to the trump gift of niche malignant narcissism framed as media persona. late stage empire refusing to recognize its demise. this is decadence thinking it is attractive when in fact it is a demented death wish dare.

Never underestimate the epidemic sociopathic impulse to negate in a paroxysm of auto-eroticism. Have something within yourself you cannot bear to even acknowledge? Project it onto the nearest victiom of your almightyness and stare down in vacuous posture of threat.

‘Crackpots R us’ is the under-18 version when there is still a chance to out-grow the distortions. Adult versions are like mining tailings pits behind failing dams. The very description of “toxic”

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OMFG! This is the Tea Party-Libertarians on a mix of cocaine and X. With a bit of LSD.
Back in 1999, which seems like a century ago, a book titled Culture Jam that posited the speed of our culture was allowing outlandish memes to flourish. People needed more bang for the buck, so to speak, for those endorphic hits to the brain. It was all emotion and slogans, not thought. Hence, we believed “Compassionate Conservatism” peddled by a not too intelligent trust fund boy-man. It sounded so warm and cozy, didn’t it? Who cared about the family’s unsavory business and political practices. This was a dude we could have a beer with. And he owned a ranch! He did manly man things like chop brush. Yet he was terrified of horses. All hat, no cattle, and he was elected…well, not really. We The People screwed the pooch because, after all, how bad could it be, that the Constitution was trampled and the rule of law ignored.
I finally broke with a Tea Bagger friend of many years. She and her family were country-club Republicans, big fish in a small town pond. All rah-rah babble camp sort. Never an original though in her life. Well, she went hard core Tea Party back in 2010, living in the Dallas Metroplex. What caused the break was her outlandish ideas about Covid and wearing masks, plus a bunch of other shite peddled by the Far-Right. Again, not an original thought in her brain, just vomit out what’s shoveled in to her brain.
Idiocracy is now real life. Those of us who remain alert and sane must try to hold the line. Personally, I would love to give them the option of their own country-no rules, just right. Only hitch-no more tax funds to bail them out every time some natural disaster blows through.


This type of person is the Constituency that the Republican party now thinks can win them elections. There in fact so many of them that along with the other nut cases (evangelicals as example) they CAN win elections.

Now as the Republicans move to the right so as to garner this type of support , it becomes ever worse for the left and the true progressives as the DNC feel the winning strategy is to get the old Republican voters. The DNC in fact is taking over the old Republican party which is why they invite so many of them to their conventions. (Colin Powell…really?)

Persons advocating that people vote for the DNC are in fact ideological Republicans. They are telling the left to vote for the right.

It absolute insanity and the US voter is in fact under the thrall of the insane.


While too olde to be a user of such exotics, I think if these people were taking Ecstasy it might actually be helpful. MDMA is after all an empathy inducing drug. Empathy is something sadly lacking in this population.

With Qanon in the news so much lately, I can’t help but remember Fanon’s warning about how useful it is to the oppressor to get the uneducated in arms about abstract monsters. It keeps their focus away from who is really holding them down.

Sorry about your friendship ending. I suspect there is going to be a lot more “friendships” dissolved before we see any real resolution.


Hi SkepticTank:
WeII, Iike Pandora, I had to open this—
I wonder why someone thought it was verboten? I think the probIems went back farther, though SkepticTank-----when you go back and look at presidents—it seems Iike America ended when Reagan and OIIie North and a whole Iot of others undermined a sitting president—Carter—and nothing seemed to have affected Reagan, and even North seemed to get away with it. : (
AII the quotes used are reaI too—so I wonder why this was dissed. : (


How odd to find this “censored.”

I think it was during the Reagan presidency as well when media really went to hell. On the one hand, the boards told investigative journalists to stop digging into things that the WH didn’t want discussed (Contras anyone?) and to stop “being mean to the nice man at WH press briefings.”

Isn’t it pretty much public knowledge now that G.H.W. Bush flew to Paris and made a deal (much like Nixon did) with Iran to keep hostages in place until after the election? Strange to think how many now look back on those days with some twisted nostalgia, isn’t it?


You all going to flag me too?

I have a practice of quoting those who get flagged and censored even if I disagree with them unless it’s slander or extremely abusive to another poster.

In this case I agree. Go ahead, flag me too.


How ironic someone’s post got flagged and censored in an article about how a rightwinger got censored in all the monopoly social media spaces and the article and most posters only are upset with her positions and her and not a bit upset that we censor speech regularly now.

I’d support the Devil (if he was real and the malevolent figure of Fundamentalists’ imagination) not being censored.

Does anyone consider that her speech being banned had anything to do with not enough folk realizing what she stood for to stop her?


Lib, I THINK I might understand what you are getting at, but then again a sorta dim double interpretation floated across my very weary brain. Favor: would you mind stating your last sentence differently so I can be sure I get it? Thanks!

Add me to the group of not seeing why tank’s post got pulled.

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@A_Wobblie_Weeble @LibWingofLibWing

Thanks for your support and curses to the coward who finds it easier to bury reality than to face it.
If that coward thinks that commenters here are going to be cowed into self-censorship, they’re full of shit.

And to CD: I openly ask (again) for an explanation of what community guideline I violated.

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Loomer being censored only expanded interest in her.
And it certainly had no effect on her campaign – she won.
There’s the rightward drift the d-party enables on steroids – what a shock.

Gio, once again you beat me to the punch! I read that this psycho is Jewish and my heart sank. What in the hell spawned twisted monsters like Stephen Miller and Loomer? Of all the people in the world who should understand the evils of stereotypic thinking, hate, prejudice, violence against a people, exclusion, etc, shouldn’t that be folks in the Jewish diaspora?

I recognized American fascism long ago, even tho I’m no scholar. I’ve known of the hate groups, of course. But I never thought I’d have my mind blown on a daily basis like it has been since the tea baggers and Dump entered the scene and opened the gates of Hell.

Remember when Morris Dees (SPLC) traveled with a former skinhead and spoke in different venues? Have any of these QAnon haters/cultists recanted…publicly?

Truly, is there no one in the WH with the brains and balls to try to counterbalance Miller as he hisses into Dump’s ear? Dump is clearly getting more demented and no one…not an ex-wife, a kid, his SISTER, no one can see it and DO something?

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ST, with all due respect, can you empirically back up your statement about interest in Loomer being expanded because of the censorship and not that it’s a common bromide (for lack of a better word at the moment)?

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I can say that when she was banned from Twitter way back in November 2018, she said:

“My haters are celebrating today, and they are saying this is the end of my career, but I want everyone to know I’m just getting started. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t back down.”

21 months later, she turned out to be right.

Might I repeat that Loomer is the logical outcome of a consistent and ongoing drift rightward by both halves of the duopoly. The ruthless Rs leading the way, and the hapless Ds opting to follow them. The censorship is counterproductive – especially when the best disinfectant for cleaning up both Rs and Ds is sunshine.

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I wrote, " Does anyone consider that her speech being banned had anything to do with not enough folk realizing what she stood for to stop her?"

The idea is that the real way to deal with bad content in speech is to expose it and counter it with good content in facts and logic. Censoring is a way of pushing things underground.

A person like this getting removed from all social media means that one can’t link to her terrible speech to show who she is. It’s like it’s been scrubbed. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t stop saying such things, it just now is underground and limited to those who will cheer it on and agree.

If she wasn’t censored it might have given her opponents more ammo.