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Racist President Trump Refuses to Accept How Racist It Is to Keep Calling COVID-19 the 'China Virus'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/18/racist-president-trump-refuses-accept-how-racist-it-keep-calling-covid-19-china

It is not “racist.” By saying so, you are diminishing what “racist” actually means. He is pushing back against Chinese government propaganda PR campaign to re-write history. The CCP is already managing to convince its populace that the virus originated in the US! The US and world media has been printing without question everything the Chinese government says. I’m a progressive, but anything Trump can do to push back against CCP misinformation campaigns is welcome. And call it the “Wuhan” virus if you don’t like “Chinese” virus. For some truth on the matter, go to China Uncensored and Laowhy86 on Youtube, unless you prefer to believe propaganda.


“…and some of my best friends are XXXish, but…”


The Wikipedia entry on Spanish flu has some interesting background on your claim.

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Asking a “racist” if they believe statements they have made are “racist” is like asking a group of people in a elevator, who “cut the cheese?” and expecting the one guilty to admit it was them.


Western media is lapping up Chinese Communist Party propaganda which is pushing the “racism!” meme. China Uncensored (Youtube) just posted a video on this exact topic.

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I heard trump complain about the fake news and others dividing America.
They, the republicans don’t get it that trump, his voters and supporters are the ones who have divided America.

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Like a cornered rat, Dump is trying to whip up the deplorables.

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So it’s communist propaganda that Trump is a racist? Who knew…

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Actually, it is you who prefer to believe propaganda.

I’ve been calling it the cofefve virus.

The media wonders why the average person doesn’t respect the “media” any more, The media is more about indoctrinating people, instead of just presenting the news. If you just stayed in your lane, and not treat the general public like imbeciles.

Um, maybe he does accept how racist it is.

i have always wondered for myself what would cause Trump to enthusiastically embrace the most pernicious aspects of Patrick Buchanan-ism.

Only DJT calls it the China virus. If you feel that DJT wasn’t saying it that way for his own narcissistic satisfaction, you don’t yet understand.

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I skimmed the guardian story on this (~https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/12/conspiracy-theory-that-coronavirus-originated-in-us-gaining-traction-in-china) and it isn’t clear to me if the claim is that we brought it to them intentionally or unintentionally (if the former, wouldn’t we have waited till we had a working tested vaccine? Without that, biological warfare is pretty stupid in addition to being monstrously unethical.

If they mean unintentionally, the story is still laughable. There is no evidence to suggest it and it makes no sense for the disease progression.

As a vegan, I blame meat eaters for this mess. Having way too many people on the planet doesn’t help either. But I agree the CCP screwed up initially in this and I have a pretty low opinion of them in general. I would imagine most progressives feel the same.

I think Trump calling it a Chinese virus is mostly a non story meant to distract from more important stories like how we screwed up rolling out lots of test kits. Sure I d prefer Trump was more tactful about things like this but that is the least of my worries.

If Covid-19 is the Chinese Virus, then Syphilis is the American Germ!!! Now say it! How many other germs and viruses are of American origin? What about those of European origin?

All these proponents of “small government” need to sit down and shut up. Uncontrolled disease spread is what you get when you have a small government of limited scope, which is exactly the situation in terms of public health protections in China. You want to deregulate business, industry, and society? This is what you get. Stop finger pointing and start learning.

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It is the Boo Hoo virus - Orange is simply trying to divert attention away from his own inept handling of the pandemic. The first case in the US was on January 20th - almost two months ago.
Fox News has had a similar shock awakening in the past few days and now recognize the hole we are in - As recently as Patrick’s Day some senior citizens that I know were quoting Fox and Orange that it has killed a lot less people than the flu virus.
In epidemiological terms Orange has been a liability for the American people. The airport crushes of just a few days ago are but one example of how not to deal with Covid 19 - BOO HOO you Orange

Encouraging fear and rage toward “other people” as well other countries and immigrants from those countries and claiming to be the victim of reverse racism has been part of the Republican Party playbook going back.before the Civil War. It started with racism toward our Black citizenry, went then toward the Irish, then Italians, then Japanese during WWII.

I had never seen claims that the Covid-19 virus began in the United States until reading the tripe on this blog. Except during the presidencies of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower, the constant plague in America has been the Republican Party, always seeking to stoke the fires of racism that has existed in the American south since our nation’s beginning, when each slave was counted as a fifth of a vote for his or her slaveholder.

Rump needs to spread the blame, and distract people from his performance, as much as he can. So, he calls on our penchant for xenophobia. More and more, it becomes plain that he’s doing a poor job leading us. Actually, I can’t imagine any other likely candidate doing SUCH a poor job. And, he watches the news. He knows people are highly dissatisfied with him. Blaming the Chinese gives his supporters a way to save face with his detractors, even if his detractors see right through it.

The thing is, I’d always hoped Rump could step up and try to be a decent leader for all of us, if the shit ever hit the fan. Well, it has hit, and it appears he just doesn’t have it in him. He’s willing to put up with the enmity of most of us, so long as doesn’t feel an obligation to do a good and fair job. I think he’s out to satisfy himself and his fellow oligarchs, and then call it a day.