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Racist, QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene Wins Georgia GOP Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/racist-qanon-conspiracy-theorist-marjorie-taylor-greene-wins-georgia-gop-primary

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Freaks all. They will be the first to lock and load their guns and claim pro-life. Freaks ALL.


Sure glad I don’t live in Georgia, although do like Atlanta’s mayor. Actually , just about have lost ALL hope for the human race (a race to the bottom of the barrel) as a distinct species, the good news though, is that there are quite a few species ready to take over when humanity is in the vast minority species. My money is on the Cat family to take over land operations; humans used to be big ticket on their menu’s. Weird Wednesday for sure!!!

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Alabama and Georgia are not really part of America except in name only. Their politicians are mostly abominations. And the white folks never seem to be able to get over themselves.

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“Marjorie Taylor Greene’s views ‘have no place on the ballot, or in Congress’ said DCCC chairwoman Cheri Bustos”
So true, much like you have no place on the DCCC subverting, and denying funding and support for progressive dem candidates the people want and the country needs, Cheri. Run along back to your rock and get back under it.

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The first to lock and load? What do you think is happening in your cesspools of Portland, Seattle, San Fran, etc?? LOL! Silly, ignorant little leftists!! Hahahaha!

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I think you meant to say “California” and 'Oregon"…

In addition to "California and Oregon’, add Washington State to the list of states that if you put initiatives on the ballot in those three states to secede from the fascist US, voters would vote to secede. Although a wall is not needed on the Mexican line, I would welcome a wall between the west coast and the heartlessland flyover fascist empire.

As Mary Trump’s book notes “the 2020 election will not be a referendum on Donald Trump, it will be a referendum on who we are”. I would add: who we have been since Ronny Raygun led the accelerated descent to third world fascism four decades ago.

Don’t think so. The cesspools are the Deep South slave state traitors and murderers that the Union should have either let them secede so the slave rebellion that was going on ALL OVER THE SOUTH could have happened. There were far more slaves than masters, and it would have been a bloodbath but the self-freed slaves would have cleaned out the gene pool I’m sure.

Since the Blue States send $2.50 back for every $1 paid in federal taxes (last figure I read), maybe we should change their names to numbers under a new designation of Southern Welfare States? You know, Welfare State 1, 2, 3. Maybe in order of the amount of federal welfare they get but I guess that changes from year to year so straight numbers should do.

Or maybe the Union should have hung ever single one of those traitors. Isn’t that the punishment used in those days? Of course many of the wealthy running the North knew those running the South, and it would have been like hanging your family. Big mistake I’m afraid.

But then one has to realize that our Founding Fathers were ALSO traitors and murderers to their lawful, god-given government. At this point I really wouldn’t mind the Slave States going their own way and us in Washington State, OR, CA, and maybe BC forming a new country. We’ve got mountains that can be the demarcation between perhaps.

Silly little ignorant noname doesn’t know much history OR current events because if you don’t know history you have no idea how we came to this place in time. Back in your kennel, dude.



You missed your place in time, you would have done well in Nazi Germany. Hope no one in your family tree (it does branch doesn’t it?) fought in WWII, if so, I’m sure they’re proud of what their genes have produced, the same venom they fought.


Given that Conservatism is a congenital mental defect I’d say the asshole you replied to had his or her future as a stupid ass predetermined. The mental midget probably is a fox FAKE news for idiots junkie.

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Great reply to the cretinous right wing scum.

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Eat shit and die mother fucker. That’s the kind of welcome I give snowflake right wing bass turds.