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Racist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic and Misogynistic Donald Trump Accepts


Racist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic and Misogynistic Donald Trump Accepts

Common Dreams staff

Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination on Thursday night at his party's national convention in Cleveland, Ohio and delivered a speech vowing to defeat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

At more than an hour and fifteen minutes, the speech was long by historical standards though contained largely standard xenophobic tropes about Muslims and immigrants in addition to his right-wing version of faux populism which bashed "free trade" agreements while making vague, yet angry assurances, that he will miraculously "make America great again."


Where does Bernie get off after endorsing a war criminal?


"I am your voice"?

Okay Donald, let's say it together,"Sieg Heil!"

Gosh, it sounds so natural when you say it.

Here's some music to accompany you:


Pretty damned powerful!


Wow, your title is only a little bit skewed!
I heard none of that in his speech.
It was a very powerful, excellent, unifying and encouraging delivery.
Sad you cannot see that.
For first time in my adult life, I have hope for our country.



Unifying to rednecks responding to coded language giving Trump Culture support to every murderous act of militarized police depts all across this country.

Unifying to those who hold xenophobic world views that seek to scapegoat "the other", such as rounding up them thar Mexicans and banning Muslims.

Were you just titillated by the xenophobic rage in his voice regarding the prospect of allowing immigration of Syrian refugees from the country we are bombing into smithereens?

Oh how unifying.

You and myself are far from being unified, and Trump will make damn sure the gulf between you and myself grows exponentially if this right wing jerk gets into office.

And you probably believe his feigned concern for "justice", and the "rigged system".

If there is anything that has profited this fucking walking and talking right wing fraud, it is a "rigged system", that he pretended to be just so appalled about.

Of any political speech I have heard in my lifetime, this one is by far the most terrifying.

This man has dictatorial fantasies, and if you can't see this you are hopelessly blind.

Is it his calls for more torture to cheering crowds that cements your support for this maniac?

Or was it his original bloviating that he would order the families of suspected terrorists that bonded you with Donald Fucking Trump?


I have been called, quite a few times , a "shill " by PChicken, CtrlZ and alike. I am quite curious if they are going to characterize you this way ?

I hold quite opposite believes from yours
- Islam is a religion
- Illegals is a populist faux scare
- Global warming is real
- Two crazy domestic terrorists do not excuse police brutality. If you do not see a problem with police shooting a psychiatrist laying on the floor next to a patient , then noting will prove to you there is a problem.
- last 8 years have been positive, we were losing 600k jobs per month now we gain 300k.
- and yes diversity is the fabric of US society

BTW Clinton believes the same as me, Trump on the other hand is with you on all the points.


Vs.Vs.Vs. There a title for your sequel.


"We all see things.
We all do things.
Sometimes those things create walls of belief.
Sometimes those things tear down walls of belief.
This is why we lie.
We have all done things.
No matter what road our individual lives take us on.
To label an entire segment of society because of these allusions though...
Well it begs a question.
Just what is it you have been up to?
Whose aberration is it we are witness to here exactly?"
- Barry William Teske


Heck of a job, Hillary!


Perhaps you can add what Clinton has to do with Trump


Obviously, the Queen of Chaos has destroyed the peace and security of the entire world with her blood-thirsty bombings and disasterous TPP trade deals!

Now, to avoid World War, and destruction of the US Constitution, we have to consider voting for Donald Duck to stop her!

And when it all goes South on us, Donald Duck will say "You're all Despicable!"

Heck of a Job Hillary!


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The great thing about a Trump Presidency is that Hillary will not be the President.
The great thing about a Clinton Presidency is that Trump will not be President.


Tell me readers, who is the more racist, xenophobic, and islamophobic candidate? The spoiled rich guy who treats his house boy like garbage, or the spoiled rich lady who orchestrated the deaths of thousands of brown people, and constantly screams cautionary tales about how all of them are potential enemies that either need imprisoned, bombed, tortured, or a combination of the three?
What a choice we face. It's as though Andrew Jackson is running against Richard Nixon.


Man, you said it. No matter what we do we are going to wake up in another nightmare...


Four things Trump touched upon actually resonate with me. NAFTA and TPP, Hillary's special interests, infrastructure building and helping the little man. But he offers no credible solutions, just as you would expect from someone who is merely appealing to our sense of frustration and helplessness. Yet, if I were poorly educated, with a family to feed on a shitty paycheck, or fed up with the uneven playing field, I just might be persuaded by his bluster. Therein lies the challenge to the Democratic Convention next week: Answer the cries of the Bernie's and Trump's core supporters, but not with the "I did not inhale; and it depends of what the definition of 'is' is type of Clinton crap.

Our collective clock is running out. Unless the Convention adopts more of Bernie's stance, as Michael Moore points out last night: this trumped up candidate just might win in November.


You are right ian.

The HMS Titanic Clinton keeps sinking in the polls. She better apply full LEFT rudder and pick a progressive VP or else I fear she's going to hit the Trump Iceberg.

I'm already jumping ship because I just don't trust her... She's too stubborn to listen to Bernie.


You said it! But watching Trump, I see a bull in a China shop, unpredictable and impulsive. At least Hillary will predictably do what is in Hillary's interest. Knowing that, there is always a way to steer her away from real mischief, IF we are organized to be vigilant and act in consort.


Your plea is eloquent yet poignant. We would just be throwing away our chance to serve the greater good.. Better to band together to watch Hillary like a hawk once she is in.