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Racists Look Emboldened. They're Actually Terrified


Racists Look Emboldened. They're Actually Terrified.

Olivia Alperstein

The act of terrorism that killed one person and injured others in Charlottesville, Virginia was horrific. There will be more days like these.

"They want to strike fear into our hearts, but it is they who are afraid of a better world."

Angry, cowardly, fear-mongering white supremacists have been emboldened by a president they see as the last great hope for the purity of the white race. They came for Charlottesville intent on hate and destruction. They were met instead with an outpouring of humanity from around the nation.


An interesting exercise is to visit utube and type in “former skinheads” or “former neo-nazi”

for example:


There exists only one race: human.:pray:


How do we explain this to the people of Yemen or the people of Palestine or the people of Vietnam or the people of North Korea or the people of Iraq or the people of Afghanistan or the people of Iran or the people of Cambodia—when some murdering event happens around the world the US media is quick to say who the Americans were as if the others are not relevant. When a terrorist event happens in France the US media stop and report on it for days----when a terrorist event happens in Africa it might make the evening news. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YEMEN TODAY? HOW MANY CHILDREN DIED TODAY BY US WEAPONS! These racists are emboldened-they are in the US military-they are in the halls of Congress supporting the murder of other peoples without a clue as to the evil they do. They are voters who have no clue of the history of American culture.