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'Radical and Ambitious' Labour Manifesto Promises to Transform UK

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/21/radical-and-ambitious-labour-manifesto-promises-transform-uk

If Corbyn ever won the election in the UK , the OAS would no doubt find “voting anomalies” , The NED would pay peoples in the streets in the UK to riot and The Government of the United States of America would cite the Monroe doctrine as they sponsored a coup by the British Military.


Here’s a good analysis of the manifesto.

If he wins, it’s gonna scare the shit out of the corps and billionaires here for sure. They’re already whining about Sanders and Warren and looking for a billionaire on a “white” horse(shit) like Patrick and Bloomberg to bullshit the common people and ride in and save the billionaires.

The pledge to build more nuclear power sounds promising (and a distinct improvement over the Sanders plan) but the important question is what kind? They definitely don’t need another Hinkley C. Even the Rolls Royce reactors would be a big missed opportunity. I hope someone on Corbyn’s staff or connected to party leadership is at least looking at Moltex U.K.

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This is the only thing you post about, isn’t it? Nuclear power. You’ve got to be a paid shill.

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