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Radical Brownies For A More Radical World


Radical Brownies For A More Radical World

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Just in time for the release of the Rosa Parks archives on the civil rights icon's 102nd birthday, meet the Radical Brownies, an Oakland-based, Black Panther-inspired group that seeks to empower young girls of color "as they step into their collective power, brilliance and leadership (to) make the world a more radical place." Right-wing trolls are not happy.


Radical is another word for ROOT. It always amazes me when when human engagement with botanical concepts gets dissociatively flibbertygibited away from the beauty of full content. In the 50s some young girls who joined the Brownies encountered their first experiences with basic skills that connected with nature, community, and organizational respect - and were recognized for their efforts. The sincere focus of the Black Panthers on meeting the community needs of intense marginalization by the isms is long overdue for some recognition, love and respect. I’m reminded that the raised fist is now a symbol for community unity throughout the world.


You go girls!


WAY COOL! And here are some more characters.


I maintain a file about all the crazy shite Boy Scouts do from getting lost in the forest to starting forest fires and destroying fossils, and of course their anti-gay position. I am joyful to see these brownies getting real about who they are and who they will become. Kudos to the troop leaders and everybody involved for providing these young girls with the tools they need to grow into productive adults with their self-esteem in tact. Scouting can and should build character. The Boy Scouts could learn a thing or two from this brownie troop!