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Radical Climate Centrists? Say It Ain't So, Joe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/25/radical-climate-centrists-say-it-aint-so-joe

Here’s a great idea!

Let’s all whine about how the latest version of Reaganism might not be able to work against

his privatizing corporate masters sadistic impunity and arrogance -

even after he has made it clear that “nothing will fund-a-mentally change!”

Do Not insist that you will work to create a strong opposition party to the democrat-republican

systemic corruption! That might require some integrity and that is just not pragmatic!


Unfortunately, Joe probably waxes nostalgically about the Delaware City Refinery as being a place that provides good paying blue collar jobs and just that simple thought is enough to keep him mired in the past. I was born in a refinery town and they are different, as are mill towns, etc. (Glad as hell not to live in one now!) Joe needs a trip to Tehachapi Pass in Kern County California where 600 wind turbines spin. I saw it last year coming out of the Mojave and it is quite impressive. Joe is going to have to be pushed continually. No more Obamas!


I lived in Delaware City in the early 70’s, and I am also glad I don’t live there now.


“By this, I mean he is surrounding himself with Democratic Party establishment insiders who have been playing the political game almost as long as he has”

NPR euphemistically refers to these corrupt radical rightwing insiders as “experienced”.

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What has Biden got to lose?

Big money contributions to his re-election campaign.

The major obstacle to implementing available affordable solutions to the War on Habitat (and almost every other issue) is big money controlling our political process.

So the first step to solving the War on Habitat is to get the big money out of politics.

And that can be accomplished by not voting for big money candidates.

Citizens need to demand small donor candidates and enforce that demand with their votes.

Demonstrating outside the DNC headquarters is the wrong location and an exercise in futility.

We need to take the protest into the voting booth.

That is the purpose of the One Demand website, to allow citizens to work together to declare they will only be voting for small donor candidates and will cast a write in vote if there are no small donor candidates on their primary and general election ballots to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates.

Basic democracy.

If you want to make progress in the War on Habitat then you can’t skip the first step of removing the major obstacle and expect to have success.

Maybe the protests should be outside the headquarters of Climate Crisis Solutions to get them to join up with One Demand to take the first step of eliminating the major obstacle to progress in the War on Habitat.

Less than a week of announcements about who will be making decisions for Biden and I’m already SOOOOOOOO tired of people who either are or are pretending to be surprised by the fact that he’s a right wing ass who has NO INTENTION of making the slightest concession to the people who got him into office–the Squad, Black Lives Matter, Sunrise, and the huge majorities of very progressive people in the US.

I’ve seen people who have sayings or identifying things on their emails and comments; I’m thinking of permanently welding “I told you so” on mine. Every day there are more “news” reports showing there’s another issue it applies to.

For all those people who started insisting early in the primaries, as they blocked Sanders’ nomination, that we had to get rid of the cheeto caligula first, then work on president whatshisname to convince him to be strong on climate, help pass universal health care, reduce inequality, and free up education, and ignored us when we said the last time we would make any progress without a massive peaceful revolution (which wouldn’t happen once the Democratic ratchet on the rightward spin of the country was installed) was then, exactly then, early in the primaries,


You’ve virtually guaranteed civilization won’t survive another century, as the appointments being cemented now mean all the decisions about everything are already made.

bye done


Anyone who believed that Biden would do anything good for the environment was a fool. You don’t get to pretend outrage because Biden is behaving exactly as his past behavior predicted.


Absolutely. Thanks for saying that. We know the Republicans are insane. What’s the corporate Democrats’ excuse? What’s the excuse for people who voted for them?

Finally, FINALLY! Seeing in a CD article the only possible way to prevent utter catastrophe: Tom Weis has the intelligence and wisdom to recognize that we have 10 years to completely decarbonize or we face rapidly rising risk of losing everything.

These 2 things from the article are worth repeating because they make it clear Weis knows the IPCC’s 12 year 40% goal is completely inadequate:

“Biden is “packing his cabinet and transition team with corporate centrists who prefer a suicidal “all-of-the-above” energy approach to a socially and ecologically just Green New Deal.”

an ““unrepentant founding father of the fracking industry,” whose MIT Energy Initiative received millions of dollars in funding from oil giants BP, Shell and ExxonMobil, told NPR in early 2019: “I’m afraid I just cannot see how we could possibly go to zero carbon in the 10-year timeframe. It’s just impractical. And if we start putting out impractical targets, we may lose a lot of key constituencies who we need to bring along to have a real low-carbon solution on the most rapid timeframe that we can achieve.” Unimaginative defeatism is one thing. Shilling for Big Oil is another: “We will jeopardize what has been, I think, the very significant movement of the large energy companies towards developing their new business models to function in a low-carbon world,” Moniz continued. This is a preposterous claim. Big Oil is not transitioning away from fossil fuels and everyone, including Ernest Moniz, knows it.”"

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A “10-year window remaining” to enact changes to avert climate catastrophe?
Come on man. It has been a 10 year window for years now. The changes wrought by the enormty of Covid have barely caused a dip in atmospheric CO2.
The Biden (centrist corporate) democrats will talk the talk on climate – but their actions will consist largely of window-dressing, designed more to placate people, than to actually address our unsustainable lifestyles. We needed a Bernie for that, not the “milquetoast climate mentality” of the Joey

Anyone familiar with Joe-mentum, knows that pushing Joe never has much effect. Joe is more of a hog-tie him and drag him to the positions he’ll continue to fight against and eventually lose to.


Not sure what you’re saying here, but you’re certainly right about the Democrats.

Clearly we do have 10 years at the most to completely decarbonize or we face exponentially increasing odds of losing all of civilization and millions of species–most life on Earth. We’ve already delayed so long we’ve guaranteed hundreds of millions of human deaths at least, and the loss of much of what we love in the next few decades. We don’t know exactly how long we have, but the more we learn the clearer it is we consistently overestimate the time we have rather than underestimate it.

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They are criminal capitalists (aka “Fascists”) just like the Republicans,…surprise. surprise!!

Their favorite media outlets assured the voters of both parties that the only way to hurt their social/political enemies was to vote for the LoTE Fascist their team was supporting against the Evil Fascists of the other team. And of course, the name of this game is all about whose team is pwned.


I agree. As we know, the Republicans are criminally insane; willing to sacrifice most or all life on Earth for the sake of a few more years of wealth and domination for their in-group. (The Golden Rule: He who dies with the most gold wins.) Are the oligarchic Democrats also criminally insane? Or just criminal?

Unfortunately it’s beyond the capability or interest of the law, conventional psychology and psychiatry to diagnose, let alone fix the problem. It’s up to eco-psychologists and other progressives to do it.

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