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Radical New Leaders Are Reviving Martin Luther King's Poor People's Campaign


Radical New Leaders Are Reviving Martin Luther King's Poor People's Campaign

Lewis M. Steel

The critical question long-time veterans of the civil rights movement and new activists alike ask is this: Are the times ripe for a newly energized movement to break the stagnation which has shut down most racial progress for the last 50 years?

If so, the follow-up is: What will it take to propel the activists forward who are demanding meaningful racial progress now?


This is the best idea of how to put Income Inequality front and center.

Give this your support.


CD - Please edit this article. You’ve double posted it.


Increased racism and diminished civil rights are driven by what MLK called “economic injustice” and today’s progressives call income and wealth inequality.

The relatively low level (low in the context of human history) “economic injustice” enabled by the New Deal was already being shattered when MLK was assassinated in 1968. By 1973 the US middle class reached its apex and plunged into the downward spiral that continues today, pushing more and more formerly middle class Murkins into poverty.

Anybody who thinks that these problems can be solved without radical action needs to reflect on George Orwell reminding us that “in an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is considered a radical act”.


And doing the truth is a revolutionary act - and much more dangerous and difficult.


You have to make sure the leaders are not al assassinated as they were in the 60s decade of assassination politics.


“The next great religious struggle will be the struggle for equality”… D. H. Lawrence in 1925


Right! All our energies should be brought to bear on this single point. Wealth inequality lies at the root of all our other grievances. We should fight to establish an economic democracy to serve as a
foundation for our political democracy.


Why the top 1% deserves any more than 1% of all new wealth and income must be the Battle Cry.


Please watch this “closer look” into MLK and his too-short legacy:


End the Wars at Home and Abroad!
The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15 for united, nationally coordinated regional mobilizations to challenge the war makers and defend humanity. The future is in our hands.

​We are all armchair internet quarterbacks-- make your voice heard and pass the info on.



See my post above-- MIC is big part of where all your money goes.


Many of us are loathe to join Rev. Barber’s new campaign if the Democratic Party is part of it. Do any readers know?


I wish you didn’t do a disservice to the Poor People’s Campaign by emphasizing “racial progress”, since that is grossly against the essential value of the movement, which is ECONOMIC progress for ALL PEOPLE DESPITE RACE. MLK saw that economy and poverty were facing ALL PEOPLE of ALL RACES, and he knew we needed activism that JOINED ALL RACES. Please stop emphasizing the plight of only black people and realize that all people in this world suffer despite race or background. It is also an insult to black people to victimize them - people of all colors have made great strides thanks to the work of so many people (of all different colors and countries) before us. Please emphasize the unity and shared goals of ALL COMMON PEOPLE as MLK preached: “The fact is that capitalism was built on the exploitation and suffering of black slaves [and Native Americans, and Chinese slaves, and anyone not rich or in power, etc…] and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor – both black and white, both here and abroad.” Let’s move on from slavery as Dr. King sacrificed his life for us to, and march forward into the fight against poverty, extreme materialism, plutocracy, and corporatism - the Poor People’s Campaign! The fact that racism still exists in the minds of some people does not mean that our battle is with them. It is not. Please don’t confuse people. We must have laser-focus and crystal clarity on the resolvable issues before us. And most importantly, please stop talking about race and subsequently separating people. We are all human, and we must stand together.


Good point, thanks for sharing !!


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. - George Orwell

I used to believe that he said that in a moment of despair and that he couldn’t really mean it as truth. I am no longer sure about that. The man just might have been a prophet.