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Radical Recipe: Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn to Back Leap Manifesto in Canada

Radical Recipe: Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn to Back Leap Manifesto in Canada

Susan Delacourt

A revolution is coming to Ottawa in two weeks.

For the past two years, the Leap Manifesto has been a disruptive force within New Democratic Party politics. Now, on the eve of the federal NDP convention this month, top organizers for U.S. Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders and British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn are coming to town to lend the Leap movement support.

That leftist movement — led by prominent Canadian activists Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis — will stir things up whether the current NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, likes it or not.

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This is a welcome initiative but it remains to be seen if the NDP party can be swayed from its trend towards Corporatism. From its roots as a truly Socialist party as founded under the CCF , it has over the past few decades moved further right so as to garner Corporate support. In essence it not much different then the Liberal Party was under Lester B Pearson.

If one reads the old Charter (The Regina Manifesto as written in 1932) one will recognize TRUE Socialism and not this watered down version the NDP currently advocates which is not Socialism at all.


Right or left, how can there be democracy when leaders are in charge? We may
have needed leaders before the Internet, but why now when we can have direct democracy online? I would settle for good examples instead.

Direct Democracy


That may be true at the federal level but not at the provincial level - in Ontario (home of 40 percent of Canadians) where the provincial Liberal Party under Wynne is moving forward with a number of leftward reforms. Unfortunately, a business-funded backlash may be coming - and Ontarians on the left are not going to be able to credibly blame the provincial Liberals and/or NDP for losing becasue they were not “left enough”.

Come to think of it, while the Democrats are indeed not “left enough” for most of us on the left down here, that is not the reason the Democrats in the US at both the federal and state level are losing either.


Here at C.D., we are not supposed to credit conservatives for their victories, only criticize fellow Left and center-Left travelers for their failings.

That is not what “we at CD do”. The issue I have with current political parties is how a party that advances Corporate business firendly policies is defined as of the left just because they are not as far right as a given countries defined “conservative” parties.

In other words the "left " is being redefined so as to NOT include those platforms that truly are of that side of the Political Spectrum.

The Democrats in the USA and the Liberals in Canada are NOT parties of the left so I am not sure how anyone can suggest that those on the left should support them.


As you define Left, right?

From Calgary:

Rachel Notley is trying to get re-elected - in a province long ago captured by oil and oil revenues. This is what is called “pragmatism” - it is why Notley refers to the ideas copied just below as “naive”. Notley believes, I am sure, that there is no other way - in the real world, and that an NDP government, even one with pipelines and trade deals, is superior to the alternative, the newly formed ‘United Conservative Party’. There appears to be no other political party with the proverbial “snowball’s chance in hell”.

It is hard to disagree with this assessment.

The question is then - go for a realistic shot at power, and sacrifice principles - or stick with principles first?

Unless the ideas below become a sort of planetary goal, transcending nation and tribal affiliation to religion or civilization, I think the outlook for “The Age of Stupid” is witheringly bleak.

So I would go for principles first - and accept probable defeat at both the federal and provincial levels for the next election round.


Among the recommendations are an end to all pipelines and international trade deals, as well as calls for national child care program and studies into a basic, guaranteed income.

“It’s not just a movement in the United States,” Bond said in an interview with the Star. “It’s a movement that includes people from Canada and the U.K. and other countries. I’m going there (to Ottawa) for connections. I’m there to learn what I need to learn so that next time we don’t fall short and that we win.”

Any policy that promotes war and Corporatism and the rights of Capital over that of the people along with the private ownership of resources can not be defined as of the left.

I disagree wholeheartedly with Ms Noteley on “pragmatism” You do not encourage the development of the Oil pipelines carring dirty oil from the tarsands to markets abroad and hide behind the word pragmatism. It is a cop out and is exactly what led us to where we are today where the destruction of the environment is at such a scale we face a sixth exticntion.

The oceans are teeming with microplastics and will be unable to support life for much longer because some people felt it pragmatism to use them as a dump for Industry.

The Modern Industrial age has only been with us for a few centuries. In that time it has devastated the environment. We do not have time for “pragmatism”.


Mine a more accurate description of what defines the left then is your Corporate and war friendly one. HRC in no way shape or form can ever be defined as of the left nore can the Corporate favored policies of the democrats.


For lack of interest in reading the whole thing…
It proposes ending all international trade deals.
So I wonder, under what terms would international trade be conducted? Under what terms could we Americans, Canadians and Britains purchase coffee, pineapples, bananas and such, and under what terms could we Americans, Canadians and Britains sell … [What is it that we sell?] … to other nations?

For those who do want to read it, see

Maybe a slight upside?If cancelling all trade agreements means an end to trade sanctions, that alone could create some peaceful feelings on our war-ravaged earth. As long as we’re pipe-dreaming.

Can’t agree with presenting the Ontario Liberals as truly left wing reformers. Still pushing first past the post and extremely limited access to information + no accountability and transparency. Very, very friendly to corporations while ignoring voters. Better than Ontario Cons - irrelevant. Democracy requires accountable and transparent governments and politicians who MUST represent voters interests. Ontario Libs won’t touch that. At best, Ontario Libs, like the federal party, are right of center with the actual left only visited by rhetoric to create the desired illusion. My efforts to deal with Ontario Libs and obtain fracking information were ‘illuminating’ regarding the actual nature of our governance. My Con MPP wouldn’t touch it either. Cons & Libs are birds of a feather.