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Radicalized Nation: Fear and Hypocrisy in New York


Radicalized Nation: Fear and Hypocrisy in New York

Belén Fernández

Following the recent explosions in New York City and New Jersey - one of which injured 29 people and the other of which injured none - President Barack Obama offered a typical presidential message to the American people.


Spot on Belen Fernandez.
But know we have the problem of the Sunni and Shi'ite split. Which pits Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi Sunni's against Iran and the Shi'ite's. Over who's in charge of Mecca and Medina.
A rather silly argument between Arab relatives.
By the time that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) came on the scene the only Arabs left were Ishmaelites, because all the other Arabs had been killed off.
Which takes us back to the original feud between Semites.
Isaac and Ishmael were brothers and the sons of Abraham (Abram).
Isaac was the Father of Israel and the Jews, and Ishmael was the Father of the Arab Nation the Ishmaelites who were later converted to Islam.
The Arabs and the Jews are related by blood so why all the trouble and strife?


Gracias Belen. Estoy de acuerdo.

Also in the business of “inspir[ing] fear in all of us” are those Clinton supporters who claim that Donald Trump represents an 'existential threat' and use this as grounds to attack progressives who promote voting for Jill Stein and criticize Hillary Clinton for her plutocrat friendly economics, her support for domestic surveillance and zero tolerance for whistle blowers such as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, and militaristic approach to foreign crises.


Terrorist attacks killed over 3000 Pakistani civilians in 2012.


Don't think civilian deaths due to drone strikes in Pakistan, or worldwide, is significant compared to the number of civilian deaths due to terrorist attacks.


This is the business model of running foreign policy. First you create a problem and then you consult on a solution to solve it that creates even more problems.
Repeat process and already we are half way to matching the thirty years war engaged in by Northern and Southern Europe between Protestants and Catholics.
Now even secular and non-religious peoples (that would be us, the US and "our European allies") can engage in religious warfare by sticking their collective noses in other people's business (the Muslim Middle East and North Africa).


How's the weather at Langely today, David?


I do not see how one can be at war and be the only party to define the battlefield. It seems to defy the very definition of war, as one's opponent's surely would want to move the battlefield onto one's own territory or to where one is perceived to be weak.

Truly it is nonsensical that we should think the U.S. and the rest of the west can "get on with life as usual."


Thanks for this Belen. We have created the Global War on Terror. As we all live on this globe we are all involved. We in the US have been diminished for years for giving up half our income to make others dead or suffering largely so some asshats can profit. We are bleeding out mentally and emotionally into the sand of our homeland. It is all no good for anybody but those who profit and lack healthy human states of being. Wait for it as we will tear ourselves apart with racism, sexism, religion and fighting for resources. As things get tight what we have learned about taking from others for our profit will rain down on us by our own hand.


Having grown up in the streets, schoolyards and playgrounds of an urban area, I know one favored method of a bully starting a fight with a smaller, weaker victim was to place an object on their own shoulder and tell the Target to knock it off.

If the Victim did not, the Bully would poke, prod or push him backward until the Victim did what he was told to do, thereby "Justifying" the Bully's attack, or was pushed backwards until he fell down.

This is, in theory, a method used to Persecute Muslim Americans today.


From one of the oldest civilizations - Vedic India:

"There is no happiness for the man who does not travel;

Living in the society of men, the best man becomes a sinner;

For Indra [personification of the atmosphere] is the friend of the traveler - therefore wander."

Designed by millions of years of evolution to live in tribal groups, always outside and on the land, the truest sounding board for sanity and truth, we now live on an overpopulated planet in groups of mega-millions, with neurotic and psychotic overseers (the elite).

It is said ad nauseum that we the people must get together and organize...

Hmm - wasn't it Einstein who said that you will never solve a problem with the same tactics that got you into the mess in the first place?

Maybe what is need is individual behavioral changes - from domesticated sub-human to fully human - to what John C. Cremony described in his classic "Life Among the Apaches" as "pure democrats".

Or to whom Herman Melville referred in "Moby Dick":

"Long exile from Christendom and civilization restores a man to that condition in which God placed him, i.e., what is called savagery..."

It is the finding of Joseph Tainter in his "Collapse of Complex Societies":

"Complex forms of human behavior have emerged comparatively recently, and are an anomaly of history. Complexity and stratification are oddities when viewed from the full perspective of our history, and where present, must be constantly reinforced...

Collapse then is not a fall to some primordial chaos, but a return to the normal condition of lower complexity."

From H. W. Longfellow:

"I do believe that we ought to pay more attention to the opinion of philosophers, that "nothing but nature can qualify a man for knowledge."

In my own way, during seven years devoted to full-time mountaineering, I found this to be the case.



Thank you manysummits. I put one of your references on my reading list and the other on my youtube watch list.



You are most welcome "natureboy".

It always make me feel good to pass on information and have someone think it useful.

Here is Canada Trudeau has just approved the "Pacific NorthWest Liquefied Natural Gas" pipeline proposal to bring British Columbia shale gas from northwestern British Columbia to the Pacific Coast wild salmon area just south of Prince Rupert.

The astounding hypocrisy defies belief - and I am sure we here can expect approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline twinning to bring tar-sands crude to the Pacific coast by Vancouver this December, and later to approve the Energy East pipeline to the East Coast in a year or two.

I am recommending referendums for every decision made in our name by our faux-governments, who have all proven themselves addicted to power and privilege and nothing else.

They are ignorant, every one of them, and criminally negligent - without integrity.

To quote a favorite film of mine (The Mountain Men" with Charlton Heston and Brian Keith:

"They do not have the brains God gave geese."

Since all these wars and world-threatening decisions are being made in our name, I suggest we make them for real in referendums over the Internet - at least this would constitute a form of real democracy - and we the people would own those decisions - perhaps even spurring a new way of doing business, as they say, although these days even the word business sickens me, divorced completely as it is from any real economy - and being, in the end, the pusuit of power, privilege, and wealth accumulation to the few.