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Raging Amazon Forest Fires Threaten Uncontacted Indigenous Tribe


Raging Amazon Forest Fires Threaten Uncontacted Indigenous Tribe

Mike Gaworecki
  • Small groups of Guajajara Indians, the Awá’s neighbors in the Amazon, reportedly battled the blaze for days without the assistance of government agents until Brazil’s Environment Ministry launched a fire-fighting operation two weeks ago.
  • Some 50 percent of the forest cover in the territory was destroyed by forest fires started by loggers in late 2015, and the Environment Ministry has warned that the situation is “even worse this year.”
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How bizarre it is to argue with a denialist about the environment and then to read about how even the most remote and isolated of humanity are threatened by the rampaging greed that is also destroying everyone's future. They called the Amazon, the lungs of the planet...but that was back when the Amazon was what it used to be. Actually only a comparative few years ago... before the cattle ranchers and farmers attacked it like a horde of giant Army Ants devouring every tree and leaf as they spread across the landscape. It is all happening so fast, there is no rhyme nor reason to the extent of the destruction but sheer avarice and greed.

They don't care about the future. They don't care about uncontacted tribes. They don't care about anything except the chance to make money. An age of destructive greed unlike any previous era simply by virtue of its sheer size and scope. Our technology is unstoppable. Our greed ever hungry. It won't be long before the once trackless jungle is burned off and a road cuts across the land bringing squatters and ranchers. It all happens so fast. Ever faster and faster it seems. The destructive happens faster than it ever has before.

The end of what we knew comes quickly I mean! The end of untouched nature that seemingly overnight goes up in flame and a vast cattle ranch takes the place of once biologically rich verdant jungle. Does it take a few months? A year? A decade is an eternity in the anthropocene and a blink of an eye to nature.

It all is happening so fast.

To destroy the Awa before they are even contacted... is pretty damn fast.

Do you want fries with that burger?


Somewhere in my dim academic past was a course entitled Introduction to Western Civilization. I guess this is right there with smallpox.


Guns, Germs and Steel via overnight delivery! Smallpox was an evil sometimes introduced on purpose but here the flames even take the whole forest. Geez, it is really like the Dark Side has gained the upper hand since it seems so inexorable and virtually automatic. To paraphrase >>> 'None dare call it Capitalism'.

Maybe standing here at the end of the world (poetically that is), we should consider whether the Dark Side is in fact, destroying humanity's environment for real. Look at Indonesia and Borneo!

A fatalistic selfishness that dabbles in Thanatos while accumulating power?

A healthy enthusiasm for the future seems to have been banished from our culture. We the exploiters par excellance now find ourselves being exploited.

We have met the exploiters and the exploiters are us.

At seven billion+ ... We exploit the last of the best and lump ourselves among the rest.


Innocent, guilty, does nature care who it culls? All pandemics run their course, even a human plague.


Two things come to mind:

Too many people i.e. too many people beyond the healthy carrying capacity of the planet without denuding it of the bulk of other species
too many people that can't live without eating meat.

Self control can be a bitch.


Yeah. The concept evil does not really make sense ontologically or psychologically, but it sure feels evocative sometimes, doesn't it? We had a good few thousand acres burn out my door and down a few blocks just a couple weeks back. I think I have to go outside and talk to the pine tree.


I think as with chronic problems in the human body, another amazing living system akin to the Amazon.............there is no such thing as "dramatically quick resolutions."

And a peaceful dismantling of the American Empire? Really. Peaceful........ you think the cabal is going to ride into the sunset without a struggle?

Well, at least you called the kettle black and I appreciate that. But it is truly fortunate that most of us are NOT using our god like powers because there is little wisdom to direct the energy.


Lol. If it talks back then I suggest running! Nevertheless it seems like a not quite evil dark force has begun to overwhelm us. It is like a team which has all the talent they need but a lousy coach who just can't seem to bring out their best efforts to win. Like a jinx or a seagoing Jonah, it is like we do things wrongly more than we ever used to. We avoid doing the right things if we can get away with it too. We choose the wrong way to go because someone in charge took a bribe, in effect.

That is what I meant. A not quite evil has corrupted our good sense. It makes us choose the wrong thing for sadly mundane and sadly all too typical reasons. Maybe you could say that our leaders in Washington have given up trying to be honorable people and instead devote themelves to appearing as if they were honorable only to their supporters.

Not true evil but instead a not quite evil Dark Side corrupts us.


If it is not quite evil, Wereflea, it is certainly quite something. The pine whispers, but there's really no running from that.