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Rahm Emanuel Doesn’t Deserve a Job in Biden’s Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/25/rahm-emanuel-doesnt-deserve-job-bidens-administration


Hear, hear. Thank you. This goes for quite a few corporatists. I hear Biden talk a lot about trying to appease Republicans, and almost nothing about working with progressives.


bidens a repug so bring in rahm fits in and rahm go back punching hippies and progressive like biden is.


Lets be real clear, Rahm Emanuel doesn’t deserve a job as a dog catcher.


I am a little tired of the “black people gave Biden the nomination in South Carolina” BS. One black person gave him the nomination, Barack Obama. The Democratic Party in SC consists of making sure James Clyburn gets elected in a gerrymandered district centered around Columbia. That is their sole job. It’s how I knew the campaign of Jaime Harrison was a joke despite all the media trying to tell people otherwise. Every single state and local office on my District 4 ballot, from state senator to dog catcher, consisted of a lone Republican candidate. Not a single Democratic or Green Party candidate to be found. Democrats do not turn out to vote, no matter their race, gender, or shoe size, as there are no Democrats in South Carolina running for office. The DNC gave Joe the nomination not the black voters of South Carolina. Why blame black voters?


Renee Graham, columnist for the Boston Globe, I applaud you for providing some context to all the news reporting that has already begun about the Status Quo MBNA Joe Biden choices to head the vital PUBLIC INTEREST institutions of government that have been privatized and turned over to Private Interests over the past 50 years of the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Revolution that was not televised and brought both of our Duopoly’s corporate-captured political representative parties to comply with the doctrines and dogmas of Cold War weaponized and propagandized GREED IS GOOD worldview.

That worldview, since we should make sure not to gloss this background and context into oblivion or the George Orwell view of Totalitarian Memory Hole is the Milton and Rose Director Friedman manufactured world-view, collaborated on by the so-called Chicago Boys of the University of Chicago or the Berkeley Mafia that our Market Democracy (Pay2Play) during the Cold War Industry years was retained on government contracts to disseminate and proliferate.

(Note: Disseminate and proliferate abroad as using tax-payer money to fund the CIA which facilitated and outsourced much of the Mighty Wurlitzer Cold War Industry Propaganda tasks and distribution networks through global academics and media, meant that such weaponization of GREED IS GOOD media and economic memes that directly conflict with the main tenets of most of the world’s established systems of faith would have violated our laws on the jurisdiction of CIA Black Operations including Black Propaganda as distinct from White and Gray Propaganda).

As Top Cop in California, President-elect Biden’s partner in VP-elect Kamala Harris, who as Attorney General of the most populous state in our Union of States prioritized public prosecution of Street Crime over Suite Crime and who is a faltering Biden heartbeat or Covid pandemic breath away from the presidency as Vice President and de facto head of the U.S. Senate.

Thank you, professional journalist Renee Graham, for providing the context that will be absent from main-stream journalistic broadcast reporting (where most U.S. voters get their political influence and world news and views from). The business of journalism (dba bid-net of journalism) is as vulnerable to Political Economy as is our Public Education system, which did away with a Civics curriculum and a comparative religion curriculum, along with a Good Government curriculum. It is where any assessment of Rahm Emanuel’s track record needs to be part of the context of any coverage of a new administration even so much as considering Rahm Emanuel for a place in our new government administration.

We must rigorously and popularly with Identity Politics and Private Interest privileging of all policy-making left behind, go back to and do a public Post Mortem on the bi-partisan failed Privatization of Public Education policies of the House of Reagan\Bush to the House of Clinton and through the Houses of Shrub Bush\Halliburton Cheney with Paulson bankster bail-out with tax-payer funds to the electronic erasure via QUANTITATIVE EASING 1 and 2 implemented by the Federal Reserve Central Bank supported by the House of Obama\Biden.



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Graham’s column and AOC’s agitation are key voices urging rejection of Emmanuel. We’re talking some pretty heavy Chicago baggage handcuffed to this guy. In my humble opinion, Biden would be deliberately deciding to set a tone with a harsh rebuke to erstwhile supporters – his most noxious Sister Souljah moment – were he to choose RE for dog catcher, or anything.



poop scooper? Nope. Sanitation in the ole ego realm ain’t quite up to snuff for assured sanitation in the material realm.


I blame ALL voters. People are morons.

Time to brush up on Buddhist philosophy. Be compassionate, alleviate suffering where you can. Enjoy what you can in this fleeting life. And try to keep out of the way of the vast majority of our species who are morons (but treat them compassionately!).


Rahm Emanuel does deserve to be in prison though. It would be interesting if in about four months time say, some information became public that will put him there.

Buddhist compassion also includes not allowing others to get away with injustice and to stop them doing harm. It’s not all kumbaya and being passive.