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Rahm Emanuel’s Non-Apology Apology for Being a School Privatization Cheerleader


Rahm Emanuel’s Non-Apology Apology for Being a School Privatization Cheerleader

Steven Singer

Rahm Emanuel’s recent op-ed in The Atlantic may be one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

The title—“I Used to Preach the Gospel of Education Reform. Then I Became the Mayor”—seems to imply Emanuel has finally seen the light.


Everything wrong with d-party is encapsulated in Rahm Emanuel.


Yes! Why privatize public schools? They are THE neighborhood schools. It’s ridiculous.


I confess I’ve never liked the little weasel Emanuel, after reading this piece, even less.


Given Rahm Emanuel has DUAL CITIZENSHIP (U.S. & Israel), I suggest he go to his OTHER homeland and continue his illustrious political career there. Try turning Israel’s education system into a For-Profit Tax-Gouging Factory! I’m sure there’s plenty of work for him to FURTHER “gentrify” Gaza or the West Bank for Jewish settlers’ militarized suburbs. The IDF always needs PR hacks to spew platitudes after they murder civilians. Whatever. Emanuel can NEVER live down the DAMAGE he’s done to poor, Black and brown communities in Chicago—he should go where he’s wanted. Israel is the PERFECT place for him.


Rahm Emmanuel’s greatest sin was that he was complicit in wasting the opportunity the Obama administration had to inject serious ARRA funding into public education. Instead of using the millions to, say, build and renovate schools or provide broadband to schools across the nation Emmanuel, Duncan, and Obama used $$$ to fund Race To The Top which effectively reinforced all that was wrong with NCLB and accelerated the privatization movement.


Didn’t Rahm privatize parking lots or parking meters n Chicago? He liked privatizing what was once community owned. I suppose that after serving in the Israeli army----that the public schools and the poor of Chicago in his view are just seen as Palestinians now. : (
But then , Obama’s ideas of schools were just as awful and inane—so I suppose that together , he and Rahm made a matched set of opportunists. : (