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Rahm Emanuel: Symbol of a Sick America


Rahm Emanuel: Symbol of a Sick America

Paul Buchheit

America's is a sickness of the mind, the unwavering belief by people in power that free-market capitalism will somehow work for everyone.

As with a virus that refuses to die, the effects are insidious, because the very rich have convinced themselves that they made it on their own, and that others have only themselves to blame if they are poor.


What is needed is fines and prison time for politicians who promise the common man utopia during election campaigns then stab them in the back after being elected.


Amen. Tired of seeing the same old pattern over and over again–people voting against their own interests and then sitting around stupefied that they are getting screwed.


Reliably, a member of the “blame voters” chorus shows up to turn the matter of malfeasance on the part of the 1%–and those who directly profit from this ilk–into that of how citizens vote.


And lo and behold, rather than speak to the issue, another tag team chorus member sprouts up just in time to reinforce the Talking Point introduced by Andrewboston.

And this pattern always follows articles by Mr. Buchheit since he often expertly relates irrefutable data on just how the 1% is gaming all systems.

Check out Chris Hedges’ piece to understand the role of corporatism and how it turns the vote into an ornament at best.

Like this:

“All attempts to reform mass incarceration through the traditional mechanisms of electoral politics, the courts and state and federal legislatures are useless. Corporations, which have turned mass incarceration into a huge revenue stream and which have unchecked political and economic power, have no intention of diminishing their profits. And in a system where money has replaced the vote, where corporate lobbyists write legislation and the laws, where chronic unemployment and underemployment, along with inadequate public transportation, sever people in marginal communities from jobs, and where the courts are a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state, this demands a sustained, nationwide revolt.”

In particular: IN a SYSTEM where MONEY has replaced the VOTE…

Get it?


Fear is the reason. The sheeple, a large majority of the 90%, are either mostly ignorant of the issues, destitute or so close to it that they are one pay check from disaster. They are afraid to tip the boat much less set sail for new shores.

The “upper” 10% are comfortable with their financial station and allow that comfort to mask any sense of moral responsibility that might try and seep into their lives (the “I earned it on my own” group). It is the .01% group and those “privileged” to lap up their scraps that understand exactly why things are as they are and will fight tooth and nail with other people’s kids and the world’s resources to keep it that way (and the rest of us in chains).


So Rahm Emanuel has two faces? So does president Obama.

They use one side of their face for their speeches to lure people in and then use the other side of their face to do business with the big guys behind closed doors. The people most of the time believe the lying face.


Fueled and abetted by religious mythology and intimidation. And a police state corportariat. And propagandized by its presstitutes.


Obama is a prime example of one of these phonies.


They’re not decent-but-delusional, as Buchheit implicitly claims in this sentence. The sine-qua-non of Capitalism, as of all forms of feudalism, is that a few have the unquestionable right to exploit the many by living off their labor, even if it costs the workers their lives. Capitalism “works” only for those who don’t work. They know this. They rely on it. They revel in the knowledge. It probably gets a certain percentage of them sexually excited whenever they think about it. And they believe they’ve the right to kill us to protect their wealth and privilege.

Buchheit is a decent man, but he evidently has no clue about psychopathy.

I’m still riding the bus [groan] and, this noon, coming back from the grocer’s, it happened that the ~dozen passengers were women, the oldest apart from me still in her 40s.

The first thing that happened was that the woman just getting on found she was out of change (the regular fare is $1.50) and so was the fare machine. So she asked whether anyone had change of a dollar or could spare 50c. Instantly change for the dollar was proffered along with many quarters.

Then everyone got into a discussion of how many people they know who used to be nice and pro-social have gradually quit being nice and have become mean and unpleasant instead, repeaters of the elites’ mantra that anyone having a hard time has only themselves to blame, and of how even a priest was arrested for feeding the homeless, something that would never have happened a few years ago in this heavily RC (Portuguese & Hispanics) area. Everyone agreed that they didn’t like the changes, that they gave a number of the “converts” a piece of their mind about it, but that otherwise they’ve no idea how to turn it around.

It’s building up.


We can’t vote our way out of corporate rule, not yet anyway. The system is rigged, and we need to unrig it first.

Because we live in a democratic republic, and because we still value democracy as our means of collective expression, we do have tools other than the ballot box. Tools that are far more effective than voting, which we know isn’t working. We’ve let ourselves become convinced that voting is the best way to be heard, and it has the advantage of being a relatively easier task to perform compared to other acts of participation.

For the average American family, the real and meaningful changes in our laws and culture that have drastically improved the quality of our lives (physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as economically) have occurred because ‘we the people’ came together and demanded them. We the People exercised our inherent power to force the body politic to respond, by forming and joining social movements. That is what is required here and now.

The candidates we need to represent us are chewed up by the massive corporate two party political machine long before Election Day, except in rare and down-ticket races. Only a peoples movement can lift up the candidates we should vote for–in a sea-change election. Instead of depending upon voting between barely distinguishable candidates (who promise to address our systems failure) in elections we know are rigged, we should also be organizing! Organizing people around the idea that We the People hold the power. That We the People are natural persons, not corporations. That We the People speak with voice and vote in elections and legislation, and that money doesn’t speak at all. We need to become the democracy movement and force our elected officials to pass and ratify the We the People Amendment, so our votes will start to matter.


People like Emanuel are turncoats whether they realize it or not. And I don’t think they know themselves well enough to dig that deep.


SR: there are more perspectives on this than your myopic obsession with “the American people as helpless victims against the big bad elites.” The American people have contributed to their dilemmas and continue to do so, whether it happens to agree with your constructs or not. And can you cool it with the condescending snark? Sick of it already. If you don’t like what I write, by all means ignore it.


Chicago’s parking meter sellout has to be one of worst deals ever conceived for a city. It bailed out Richard Daley but robbed the city of 75 years of PM revenues. What were the voters thinking of? Are there no smart, honest, and knowledgeable people in Chicago?

Jim Shea


To the people of Chicago, take a long hard look at what happened to Detroit over the last thirty years. They’re going after Baltimore right now! Your turn is coming, probably much sooner than you think!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Homeland Security purchase over 1.5 Billion bullets in the past couple of years? You know, 5 for every man, woman, and child in the US?

And with the kind of military (please don’t say “police”) violence that we have been seeing in response to civil disobedience is there any reason for anybody to truly believe that voting and/or civil disobedience stand a chance against 1.5 Billion bullets that are at the ready to either kill us or keep us subservient?

The whole scenario smacks of slaughter. It kind of sheds a new light on the old phrase “America, love it or leave it.” Unfortunately, there are few safe places to go, what with the US military just about everywhere.


Rahmbo is the conscience of the Democratic Party.

He tutored Obama in how to “win” Wall Street. Wall Street won again, as it had with Clinton.

The democrats cannot believe the obvious.