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‘Raise Wages, Empower Workers’ At the Top of the Populism2015 Agenda


‘Raise Wages, Empower Workers’ At the Top of the Populism2015 Agenda

Isaiah Poole

The wave of “Fight for $15″ demonstrations that swept the country Wednesday were in themselves a big deal – actions in more than 230 cities in the United States and in several foreign cities in which hundreds of thousands of workers walked off their jobs to protest low wages and their lack of bargaining power.


As much as my heart is with low wage workers, the headline of this article is misleading. The top of the Populism2015 agenda must start with defanging the MIC and War Department and unwinding the tentacles of banksters wound so tightly around our financial necks.
Put those two issues at the top, resolve them and the promised ‘trickle down’ becomes a Niagara Falls.
Between those two entities the American people have been literally bound, gagged and raped repeatedly for well over 30 years.
Like health care was used to distract the national dialogue from war, internal spying and treasury pillage, this empower workers note smells a bit distracting from meaningful engagement of the core problems.


She has pushed for the TPP, but began stepping back when it became a bit of an issue in her decision to run against Joe Biden for the 2016 nomination. Google “Hillary Clinton and the TPP.” There’s a lot of info there. Regardless, it’s almost certain that the Republicans will win 2016. In large part, Democrats and liberals have only more deeply alienated the masses who voted for Obama in hopes that he could launch a legit public discussion about our poverty crisis. Oh well. Democrats have worked hard to earn their reputation for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

You’re right about liberals today. They “stand in solidarity to protect the status quo of the bourgeoisie, the middle class alone.” Middle class elitism has served powerfully to protect the corporate state.


While Isaiah’s message to the working class rings true for the 99%, it is also a declaration of war against the Democrats and Repubicans and the corporations that fund them. This is quite similiar to the demand by the Union that the Confederacy would have to put an end to slavery. The South (at least the rich plantation owners!) were willing to fight to the death to protect their exploitive practices. Today the battle is the same. Corporations have proven that they will and do outsource every imaginable job out there to slave labour abroad, but unfortunately for Wall Street, some jobs (i.e. defence contractors, service industry, etc.) can’t be out sourced so easily. With a predicted race between Clinton two and Bush three, Americans can guarantee that no progress will be made for the 99% for the next four years. Until Americans learn to reject both parties outright, nothing can change.