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'Raises From Coast to Coast in 2021': New Year, Higher Minimum Wages in 24 States and 50 Municipalities Thanks to Fight for $15

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/31/raises-coast-coast-2021-new-year-higher-minimum-wages-24-states-and-50


Wages need to rise - they have not risen practically at all in a long time, while prices have risen a lot.

WHY? Its simple. Trade agreements successfully have “liberalized” services (80% of the economy) so that expensive US workers can be replaced by cheaper ones gradually, like boiling frogs.

and this has the effect of putting huge DOWNWARD pressures on wage laws, if they apply to foreign companies and foreign temporary workforces. They get to do an end run around some laws, others they may have to pay a US legal wage, but companies hate that claiming its discrimination thats cheating them out of the jobs they are owed by the deals. .

The deals are forcing governments to eliminate rules in a way that subsumes all acts touchable by voters.

Countries people may think they have the power of the vote to limit numerous things- such as the absolute numbers of guest workers, or the kinds and amounts of public services and their jobs that are privatized, or important things like wages and labor laws…

but no matter what it is, chances are its on shaky legal ground because of these treaties.

Illegitimate as many feel they are, they are totally unopposed here! The obvious reason is we’re being fed disinformation by the political class.

Why? We’re supposed to be the biggest losers because of these deals.

If we create impediments to work visas, we might save lots of jobs, but if the WTO rules as they could that our laws are a trade barrier, they could say, okay, now they decide, and tens of millions of workers jobs could be replaced by perma-temps…
this will put huge downward pressure on wages.

(Trade deals have the effect in all practical terms of almost irreversibly deregulating almost all kinds of rules transnational corporations dont want, basically all the changes made in the last 90 years, could be reversed if found to be a trade barrier, because they have the effect of a race to the bottom on regulation globally.

(I cannot overemphasize the fact that we’re highly likely to lose control, unless we leave the deals which often are very difficult to leave or modify. We’ve been outfoxed by our oligarchs in teamwork with the developing country oligarchs who provide them a pretext to eliminate democracy in all but name only.)

The whole idea is to give corporations certainty, while taking any kind of certainty or power out of voters hands to change things so people can survive. People assue that things could not get really bad because voters would put a check on it, because then they would all agree, this is no longer true, and has not been since the 90s.

Thanks to these deals, in all practical terms, we no longer have control over our own laws!

People may constantly be told and even think things will get better- they might even get emergency measures that change things for as much as ten years, but they wont change permanently, as long as these t-deals are there, and they wont go away due to anything voters can do except ditch them by the kinds of procedures that require buying a country’s way out. If we create more of them each one makes escape from their trap less and less likely.

They survive all sorts of changes that one would think would allow a country to move past them. They have thought of all the possible escapes countries and voters could use and blocked them. Of course politicians want to keep voters “hoping” and voting for them so they won’t admit they have done this. No matter how much proof people present them with, they will just deny everything.

Whats even worse is that every reregulation is permanent and can never be reversed. All of Trumps deregulations, if it in areas covered by T-deals, quite possibly locks in.

Also, all existing public services are noncompliant so changing them at all kills them. Want to lose Medicare’s subsidied part completely? Expand it so it covers people who can currently buy commercial insurance who are retired. Somebody needs to tell Public Citizen and Pramila Jayapal this. They obviously have not been reading the Annex on Financial Services. (The WTO document that rules this situation).

Wake up people. The Washington Consensus forced this on the world. We cant ignore it.

Our rigid ideology requires that when supply increases (as it will be allowing trade deals to set the laws on things like intra-corporate transfers to work) that wages fall. The only way to get this to change is by exposing whats going on which means exposing how they are shameless liars. Elizabeth Warren brought up several years ago how Egypt was sued in IDS court for raising their minimum wages on some workers after thge Arab Spring, that’s what I am talking about. To get wages to rise, these secretive deals have to go, and politicians will be exposed as talking out on side of their mouth while doing the exact opposite.

Dems- This means you. Stop hiding reality.


For beyond the fight for $15 listen to this interview with the great Mike Davis.



Want to give Americans a raise?

Give them all access to a “Representative Government” not a Duopoly dedicated to the MIC.

That would mean allowing multiple new political parties to exist and thrive by giving Americans choices.


IMPORTANT: It appears that a SERIOUS typo is in here.

It reverses the meaning and its DANGEROUS. This absolutely must be changed.

"Also, all existing public services are noncompliant so changing them at all kills them. "

THIS LINE MUST BE CHANGED from “Want to lose Medicare’s subsidied part completely? Expand it so it covers people who can currently buy commercial insurance who are retired.”

“Want to lose Medicare’s subsidized part completely? Expand it so it covers people who can currently buy commercial insurance who are NOT retired.”

Somebody needs to tell Public Citizen and Pramila Jayapal this. They obviously have not been reading the Annex on Financial Services. (The WTO document that rules this situation)."

Please change it. This is urgent.

Pricing by zip code.
Groceries and rent
are in this tent
Medical too
Who do we sue?

Dept of Agriculture may help save the day
Regulate for higher incomes to qualify for Snap.

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The only reason wages were in place at all, instead of outright slavery, is because of a labor movement, (UNIONS), in the beginning of the 20th century, whose aggressive lobbying and tactics culminated in the emplacement of representative government that ultimately manifested itself in FDR and the New Deal. Americans made it very, very clear in the 2020 elections that they Hated Franklin Delano Roosevelt, they hate the new deal passionately, and they hate having a middle class and fair wages. There is no ground left to stand on with respect to wages now because Americans have made it eminently clear they do not want to be paid decently; if they did they would not hate and loath new deal democrats who fight on their behalf, nor would they support any of said representatives opponents.

Yes you heard that correctly: Unions = representative government. No unions = oligarchy
In 2021: Democrats and Republicans = no union power = oligarchy.


You can’t sue, the government is not suable.

Also GATS has transformed everything from we the peoples property to we the corporations property.

So your life’s worth is based on your lost income, if you are working, but if you are old you are a cost to them, not an asset.

Children? I personally feel children are a huge asset but they may not see than as so anymore because they may see our future wages as too high. We see education as worth the investment looking at the past, but they have more information than we have on their future policy, specifically trade policy which may outsource jobs, they already promised they would do that, to help the Least Developed Countries out. (The lest equal and in many cases most repressive countries are also the countries with the lowest wages and the highest yields on investments. So in exchange for protecting our investors we had to sacrifice jobs. So the LDCs have “skin in the game” so to speak. Please if any of you see any mistakes, tell me. I am not an expert of any kind.)


How could they bring back the pre-GATS past? They cant.

We needed to have a debate back in the early 90s that never happened.


There is no single law the US has ever upheld, whether constitutional, local, or international, save trade agreements. The notion that the US cannot break them is false. It is simply a matter of will, that’s all.


Their will is to uphold them, and just lie to us, endlessly, denying the facts all the time, over and over again.

They control blogs too. Much oif what we see is fake.

Meanwhile peoples lives are being totally wasted by poverty. You cant get that time back. It wont be long before the whole country will be being evicted by outsourced police officers from Third World countries who will have been hired to do it. Where will we go? Wherever we can afford with the fortune we’ve made in the last twenty years. People tell me we are rich, that we’ve made so much. That’s what foreigners often think. They have swallowed the Kool Aid.

The US is writing these horrible democracy destroying deals, and pushing them on other countries. They basically have been using our high perceived value jobs as a kind of IOU to trade away. They are converting everything they can into cash in their pockets. Laundering it.

Look at TISA. What its priorities are.


So let me get this right: international trade agreements we created are the reason we are getting a lousy minimum wage? I have another theory… without all the convuluted names of these pacts: were getting screwed! Plain and simple. The feeble old rich crooks who run america like it when they only pay us a pittance. There’s only one way out of this squarreling of wealth by them.

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It ought to be the fight for $20. The people we rehire and then beg futilely to do their jobs, just voted themselves a raise, the peoples unmet needs have also grown with inflation. The only thing shrinking is the representation of OUR common interests.


Elizabeth Warren discussed the problem, briefly, in a Washington Post article a few years ago. Read it.

I can remember when I was literally a little kid, arguing with the children of the very rich about the future, they always insisted to me that wages would be plummeting. They were right, as we see today. (in real terms)

The reason is, its the capital owners entitlement. Falling employment, because of falling demand or rising supply, leads to lower and lower wages, the more desperate people are the lower wages they must accept. Thats what they say.

They always add in the following, or variations “people have to eat”.

GATS locks in the windfall by guaranteeing people will be struggling, by encouraging the globalization of the labor market by corporations, and dismantling once public services by stealth. For example, Social Security is unsustainable if we outsource jobs like GATS requires. Medicare is GATS illegal if we let a once public version of it compete with commercial entities, then it appears to me that it then loses its sustainability, its subsidization. Read the relevant documents!

You probably wont, as you’re probably a sock puppet too like so many others.

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Just be patient. $16 will come in 2030, and $20 will come in 2045. Just in time for…


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They traded the jobs away. While people here were distracted.

Those jobs are the reward to the “authoritarian bargain” countries for endorsing our system unconditionally.

I have a list of all the excuses Ive been given somewhere, I cant find it, but it will turn up. I have it in a binder.

Needless to say there are dozens of different rationalizations for doing what they are doing.

I’ll tell you how you eliminate the trade unions, You start by eliminating corruption in the government until finally you ultimately eliminated all political corruption in all the high courts. Once you get rid of the kangaroo supreme court, you simply appoint constitutional scholars to the courts who immediately rule the trade agreements unconstitutional in the first place, (they are), and presto - you have immediate retroactive elimination of all trade agreements. As it turns out no law is valid if it violates the US constitution, no matter how old it is. It’s simply a matter of having some honest judges - but it’s not that simple when you think about it.

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None of that matters, because trade unions cant tell foreign firms who to hire back at home to send here. Nor can you tell them what to pay people while they are here if they pay them into their accounts at home. You cant tell them anything. While they kept us all arguing about pie in the sky, they have stolen the country. And its irreversible, and framed as a gift to the economic integration of Africa into the world economy.

One that pays them back for colonialism. Pays back the children of the same people who collaborated with the colonizers, and enslaved the slaves, who are now the enterpreneurial class.

Slick, huh?

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Sock puppet…that hurt. I thought you liked my posts a couple topics ago. Now I’m a sock puppet. All I’m saying is that your obsession with GATS as a trade tool agreement that binds our wages is ridiculous. Nobody controls our wages from outside the U.S. It’s the crooks here who are enslaving us(i think you mentioned this in a later post). So I’m with your general thoughts…just not so much the GATS involvement.


How could we possibly get them to pay a wage thats so much higher when they wont even pay their degreed workers $1/hour now?

You do understand that they will be doing the work.

Its the payback for globalization.

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