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Raising Ethics Concerns, Sinclair Solicits Contributions From Employees for Right-Wing PAC


Raising Ethics Concerns, Sinclair Solicits Contributions From Employees for Right-Wing PAC

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the nation's largest television company with 173 stations nationwide, is raising concerns among ethics experts and journalists for its decision to solicit contributions for its political action committee from some of the company's employees.


They should not have the right to do this. It should be illegal!

As Sinclair gains greater monopolization of local broadcast markets, we can expect even
more misinformed, brainwashed Americans. The “dumbing down” of our fellow citizens will
soon shift into high gear! Goodbye to democracy. Hello to right-wing totalitarianism, with a
Cross in one hand and an AR-15 in the other.


“You know I watch that rotten box until my head begins to hurt.”

Frank Zappa (a long time ago)



Sinclair is a Trump- regime friendly corporation currently owning approx. 200 TV stations nationwide. The right-wing, fascist indoctrination will be difficult to escape. Be vigilant…


Freak Out! Mothers of Invention, 1966 debut album. Zappa wrote Trouble Comin’ Every Day after watching the Watts riots in '65.

Was going to post the complete lyrics here, but is very long. My brothers and I could do the whole thing, when we were young, from memory.


The filthy right plays to win; the divided dems are complicit; the left relatively nonexistent.


The fascist states of America is shaping up these days to be a corporate controlled state where the lines between government are fused into seamless unity with nary a place left for dissenting views. The old left has been replaced by the invasion of pods from outer space and are seen these days as democrats or the fake left as I call them, wholly controlled by corporate masters. All we need now is for the next wave of pods to replace us and wipe out dissent altogether. ;-(


OMG!!! Shocking! Just shocking!

Employers in both the public and private sectors regularly attempt to shake down workers for all kinds of things: political contributions, “charitable” contributions, “helping out” workers who have been injured on the job, don’t have insurance, or have family tragedies.

I work in an a major higher education institution which regularly solicits for all kinds of things, including contributions to the university. You don’t think some overworked, under-paid administrative assistant isn’t tasked to keep track of who is “loyal”?

Nothing new here, except that this is a shake-down by a Trump-related media organization that regularly excretes neo-fascist propaganda. Another weapon of mass distraction instead of actual journalism.

Time for people to wake up and understand that when power is maldistributed (as it ALWAYS IS in a capitalist political economy), TPTB will ALWAYS use any chance they can to squeeze blood from the body of the 99+% who actually work for a living.

What is presented here as corruption and abuse is systemic capitalist SOP. It should be reported as such.


See my other comment. Indeed the democrats have been replaced by pods form space. There is no real left these days.


Precisely. The “system” is infected by capitalist tentacles endemic throughout. Shake downs is an apt terminology as people work to keep a certain level or standard of living within this nightmare. And to use the analogy of a swimmer treading water to survive; the swimmer is treading harder while sinking lower in the water of life. How soon do most of Americans drown?


They don’t have the right, but they make the laws in conjunction with their class and lackeys. Our fellow citizens and residents will be dumbed down as long as they allow TPTB to do it while collecting crumbs from the table.

It’s time for adults to be adults and at least attempt to think and feel straightly and clearly. That means, et. al., knowing the power that we have now is limited, but we should be using it to build more with truthful and honest action. We owe that much to our Grandmother Earth and our own progeny.


Here’s an article regarding “capitalist tentacles” in the intelligence sewer. The author also explains why there cannot be any freedom of the press in the M$M.



Why is the right rich and the left poor?


Because the right believes in “winning” at any cost.
Because the right has no scruples.
Because the right is more materialistic.
Because the right is not burdened by empathy or conscience.

These are a few of the reasons…feel free to add some more.


This is the epitome of “fake news”. Every large company I have ever worked in solicits PAC contributions from all of its managerial employees.

Every year, the solicitation comes, and every year it ends up in the waste basket.

What rubbish to trumpet this as anything even remotely akin to news




This is simply salary theft. If local managers want to stay in good graces with upper management, they’re pressured to give up to $5,000 of their salary back, and since the PAC is not a charity, the managers had to pay taxes on the money they are forced to pay back. The fact that this is “legal” is astounding.


I don’t know anyone who’s been penalized for failure to donate at any company I’ve been at. I’ve been subjected to more pressure to donate to the United Way than I have ever been subjected to for PAC contributions. The only reason this is being written about is that someone at Sinclair feels offended.

The fact that anyone thinks this article is newsworthy is astounding.


worst part is, it’s probably very effective. i can’t imagine a company as grossly ideological as Sinclair not keeping tabs on who is or isn’t giving, and all the employees know it. One of the worst companies in media, and that bar is insanely high at the moment, Sinclair clears it comfortably.


If they’re open and above board about it and it’s voluntary, I don’t see the issue.

I do think it’s hilarious for folk who never miss a chance to support the idea that people should be forced to pay union dues, especially in public employee unions, which are a conflict of interest with state power to begin with to turn around and find fault with purely voluntary asking.