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Raising Questions Over Conflicts of Interest Again, Trump Lashes Out at Nordstrom on Twitter


Raising Questions Over Conflicts of Interest Again, Trump Lashes Out at Nordstrom on Twitter

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Wednesday took to Twitter to decry what he described as unfair treatment by Nordstrom towards his daughter Ivanka a week after the department store chain announced it would no longer carry her fashion line.

"My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom," he tweeted. "She is a great person—always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!"


A sick man in action.
Impeach him now!


And this from a self-proclaimed successful (???) business man who should know what sells and what doesn't and what to do to cut your losses: stop selling that which does not sell. Ahhhahahhaa.

Nordstrom has a stellar reputation as the purveyor of goods of only the highest quality...perennially since its inception as a shoe store in Seattle (merged with Best Apparel to become the Nordstrom of today). My grandmother was a dedicated customer to those two stores and then to Nordstrom until she passed away. She and my mother (her daughter) took me to Nordstrom shoe store when I was very young to buy the most beautiful patent leather MaryJanes I had ever seen. I loved the way they felt on my feet (kidskin inside) and their sweet smell of newness. I even slept with them by my bed so I could see them first thing in the morning.

From the looks of the Ivanka-designed costumes/jewelry/accessories Ivanka features at every opportunity, no wonder they do not sell at Nordstrom. Perhaps she should try Sears/K-Mart and then when they do not sell there, give WalMart a go. Just might appeal to their customers. Money's money, after all.


Nordstrom, You just went up a notch in my book. Now, you're up to Notch #1. Lower your prices at least 25 percent, and you'll be up to Notch#2.


It'll be the 'Bargin Bins' by Christmas for Ivankas' over priced crap.


I believe that during the six years after the Affordable Care Act was made law, the Republicans attempted over 50 times to repeal it. It is my recommendation to the Independents and Democrats in Congress, to attempt as often as possible to Impeach this president who has wiped his ass with our Constitution since Day One. He is a Constitutional Law Criminal, Pure and Simple.


ROTFL. Thanks, I needed that! :smile:


When DJT decided to to run for POTUS like all his business decisions, purely a business decision to make him and his fellow oligarchs greater. Getting involved in his daughters business affairs, should tell us all we need to about DT'S motives.


The little princess can do no wrong.