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Raising the Flag on Ryan Zinke’s Corruption


Raising the Flag on Ryan Zinke’s Corruption

Lena Moffitt

The media’s been swirling around the many scandals involving Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt, and rightfully so. But there’s another scandalous member of Trump’s cabinet who’s bending ethical standards and attacking our environment: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Like Pruitt, Ryan Zinke is misusing taxpayer dollars, promoting industries he’s supposed to regulate, and remaining completely opaque when it comes to decision-making. He deserves as much media and congressional scrutiny as Pruitt.


From the article:

“When he testifies before two congressional committees this month, I hope those members of Congress will hold him accountable.”

Do you mean the Democrat/Republican (except for a pitifully-few declared Independents) Congress? I admire your optimism, even if I don’t share it.


Yeah, I"ve got a “special flag” for this jerk. I can raise it one-handed.


Zinke like Pruett are doing exactly what they were put there to do. His job is destroy the Department of the Interior, exactly as Pruitt totally guts the EPA. They both do their job with zeal. Really when you get the entire cabinet together it is like a little psychopath convention. Nor am I exaggerating when I write that. They are one and all, psychopaths.


Zinke is doing exactly what the Koch Brothers, the Mercers, and all of the conservatives that Jane Mayer wrote about in her book, “Dark Money” have been planning to do for 50 years when they had the chance to do it.

Trump and this Republican Congress, aided in part by some Establishment Democrats, are dismantling organized government, and rebuilding a system akin to organized crime, where only the few profit large while making the many work to sustain their lavish lifestyles.

If We the People were smart, we would establish a Peoples Liberation Army in every state to free ourselves from their control.

Their openness about their corruption gives us the right to revolt.

The Constitution allows this.