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Rallies Demand Reluctant Reps Stop Hiding From Constituents


Rallies Demand Reluctant Reps Stop Hiding From Constituents

Nika Knight, staff writer

While many U.S. senators and representatives have encountered contentious crowds at town hall gatherings in their home districts, many others have managed to avoid meeting with constituents in the weeks since President Donald Trump took office.


What a bunch of cowards- clearly a bunch of bottom feeders. Do not forget to see what leg is being pushed in your state or town either.


In my state none of our reps will meet with the people. Have not for years. Every time they set one up everyone wants to know why we are still at war and why have you not stopped it. They have no answer because there is no answer at that level. It is the deep state who wishes to control all or kill it all. The one ring of power.

So we are back to taxation without representation. If they will not talk to you they do not know how to decide on your behalf. Broken country too many sick people.


Mine met with us but was outnumbered by people who disagreed with him, something he's not used to. Since then he's been spreading lies about outside agitators, needing a police escort, etc. Rather comical...


Perhaps demanding a town hall with a large group of people and letters to the editor if they do not respond?
Every legislator has a state or district office as well as one in DC.


That's great! Maybe write a letter to the editor about it?


I did. Mine didn't get published, but so many letters came in that there were like 5 days worth of letters about it. It was beautiful.


This is the sign I carried at the Washington, DC Women's March: CongressMEN: ANSWER YOUR PHONES, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO IGNORE THE PEOPLE.

(sorry, the photo would not upload)


Well then I hope you and your town are not actually re-electing them.


This representative democracy really sucks doesn't it. They can actually ignore us because we elected them to represent us generally. Not in every aspect, but if we don't like them we Are free to elect some other clone. And still we don't, ...puzzling.

I think they know folks are really angry and that are trying to avoid becoming victims of the violence like the kind that was delivered on Gabby Giffords. The republicans live by that sword, and so of course, it's constantly on their minds. They're not likely to change their tunes.


Yes, our dear Senator Portman is holding . . . wait for it . . . a "fundraiser" rather than a town hall. They are incapable of being shamed. His phone is either busy or off the hook all day long so that you have to call his office at 3 am to leave a message (which then will be ignored, most likely). I've decided that it's useless to call and give an opinion, since he really doesn't care what you think. Or else he takes his cues in order to vote against whatever his progressive constituents want. You can flood him with calls and requests and it won't mean a damn thing. You can show up at his office and see an aide, but it won't change his mind about anything. He was the fourth largest donee in the Senate of the DeVos money, and has been the recipient of major lobbying and PAC donations. He's not unlike most other Republicans, but more egregious and flagrant than most in flipping off the voters.

And yet he's considered one of the more "moderate" Republicans.

He's pretty cocky and comfortable here in Ohio, but we're coming for him in the next election.


As of now, the Dem Elites are probably taking this genuine Populist Outrage as a sign that the Nation is ready for a swing to the Left, and so, would probably throw us a Fraud like Cory Booker, thinking that would shut us up.


Jeez it s**** to have to talk with your constituents. Our Kansas reps are used to echo chamber love fests and they DO NOT want to meet with us at all. Wienies.


That is exactly what our rep is used to. boy was he surprised this time...