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Rallies Planned for Cities Nationwide to Back Climate Youth Battling Trump in #TrialoftheCentury


Rallies Planned for Cities Nationwide to Back Climate Youth Battling Trump in #TrialoftheCentury

Julia Conley, staff writer

Supporters of 21 children and young adults who are suing the federal government will gather in cities and towns across the U.S. in the coming days to urge the justice system to hear the plaintiffs' case.

The plaintiffs in the landmark climate case Juliana vs. the U.S. were planning to bring their case to trial this coming Monday, October 29, after fighting in the courts for three years in order to hold the government accountable for its failure to protect their generation from the climate crisis.


These things always seem to need a champion to get them started off on the right foot. Al Gore gave it his best shot but the oil crowd trumped him so to speak.


Be there for our kids. Send an open letter to Hilcorp Energy who is planning a “liberty” project to make sure they extract as much profit for their investors at the expense of our kids and Mother Earth, send your open letter to local media in your area:

email: bondinvestors@hilcorp.com

My short letter:

Your Orwellian named “Liberty Project” of drilling in our federal waters off Alaska’s shores is as irresponsible to the common good as any company can ever get. Complicit in your crimes against our youth and all of life are your investors, Zinke for permitting this and that climate denialist and perjurer Trump. We, the people, will not stand bye and watch you despoil our waters and eco-systems. When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned–tell us: will you be able to eat your money?**


Thank you. I will do this. Also, I guess the liberty is to poison even themselves. I guess they forgot they also inhabit the Earth. All of the money in the world as you mentioned will not protect them. Oh, I forgot the theocrats want disaster so they can be lifted up to the rapture. What a bunch of sickos.


Thank you, Marie.


Have you actually sent the e mail ?


Yes, I did and to a bunch of news media where I live.


I am on the e mail right now. Thank you!


I just sent the e mail and added some of my own wording. Thank you! It’s nice to see people taking action instead of just commenting on what others are doing. Proud of you.


Without Al Gore we would never have been where we are today. He woke the world up.


This will be a slow descent into either dystopia or sustainable survival and the rich know that their and their children’s survival will be enhanced by accumulating wealth. If accumulating wealth in the present causes a greater risk of climate damage in the future, their calculus indicates that this is the time to accumulate wealth and that the wealth will be more valuable in the future than a lowered risk of global warming or peak fossil fuel damage. Unfortunately for the rest of us they are probably correct.


I’m not so sure I’d like to live in a world peopled by Mega-Millionaires and their spoiled spawn


Really??? How sad that you really believe that- I agree with the next poster- I wouldn’t want a world like we have now populated by megamillionaires who are clueless, rude, and spoiled. Wealth will mean nothing if the Earth is poisoned.


Hey, can you eat money- most of us cannot but if found a new trick while drinking poisoned water, and food then good for you. You live in a fastasy world.


We certainly need some battle plan for the masters of control. I just don’y know what that entails. Any good suggestions are welcome.


I will be at the NYC rally on Monday, 12 noon to 2pm, to support these courageous kids; at Thurgood Marshall Court house, 40 Centre St.,
NY, NY 10007


Well said.


And the (supposedly “Christian”) theocrats seem to have forgotten these biblical words of wisdom:

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

I’ll add this variation on the theme:

What shall it profit a person, if he or she gains wealth and power, by destroying the whole world?



What does it profit anyone if they have children during a time of habitat collapse?