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Rally in Baltimore Aims to Make Sure Latest Death of Black Man Won't 'Be in Vain'


Rally in Baltimore Aims to Make Sure Latest Death of Black Man Won't 'Be in Vain'

Jon Queally, staff writer

The largest protest yet over the recent death of Freddie Gray is expected to take place in Baltimore on Saturday, with community members and a coalition of racial justice and civil rights groups planning to take to the streets in force as they demand justice for the 25-year-old black man who was killed while in police custody earlier this month.


My fervent wish of my heart is that Freddie Gray's death was not in vain, but my head tells me my heart.... is wrong.


Unfortunately, the US, which has morphed into the Fourth Reich would probably retaliate with martial law and a bloodbath.
* Remember who owns and controls this country. It isn't the federal and state sock puppets, but the puppeteers who control them. They have long shown that lives and livelihood don't matter, just their profits, however garnered. They are known as the 0.001%, or the Oiligarchy. They own the government, the country, and most of its assets, lock, stock and barrel, not to mention much of the rest of the world.
* This is not the nation I used to know, but my memories go back to before WW-II. We threw a whole generation into the breach to get rid of this sort of thing and thought we had it beaten forever. Now it is us. So tragic.
* Something that would render the 0.001% poor or on food stamps would make a difference, but how to do it when they hold all of the cards is the question.
* Hitler had his SA, SS, Gestapo, Propaganda Ministry and other units to keep the German People in their places, docile or in fear.
* This country has the same thing under different names and initials to do the same thing. The SA equivalent here are the Brownshirts dressed in Blue, who can kick in doors, kill in the streets, torture and maim without more than a public slap on the wrist if necessary and probably a "Good job! I'll buy you a beer!" in the back room.
* It is going to be a long hard job to get our nation back from the crooks that have stolen it. Are we up to it, is the question.


So sad, but so true. The time is fast approaching when we will have to take a stand. Many will perish, some will hide other will give up to live as slaves. If those who are entrusted to serve and protect are killing us than the time is at hand. I know a lot of us would rather not think this is the case. That it is just an abbreviation. If so you have not been paying attention. Look at the bank crash of 2008. Billions of dollars just disappeared. And yet no one went to jail. There is no justice. No freedom. It is all a lie. Our court system prey upon the poor, and minorities. Our politicians (replugicans) openly deny science. Rewrite history. And gravel to the rich. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US. They pit us against each so we can't see the chain and ball we will be wearing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the game is rig.. Even Obama is part of the illusion. The real ruler are behind the curtain


Police Officer Throws Grandfather to the Ground-Paralyzing Him


It takes some real moxie to go against the scientific community's consensus and the evidence staring you in the face. Always amazing how some cling to antiquated ideas with such persistence.


Good one! And what percentage of dentists?