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Rallying with Pope, Climate Justice Campaigners Hail 'Shovel-Ready Solution'



It's the almost shovel-ready solutions that will have the most impact, the ones that Congress would never, ever fund because putting their top campaign contributors out of business is anathema to them.


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The soil cannot recover as long as forests are being destroyed and turned into grazing areas for cattle. It is the meat industry that is destroying the earth. Any article that ignores that simple fact is a waste of time.


Dirt is my God, without it being healthy we are nothing. I see no one "up" there, I have no imaginary friend but when I stick my bare hands into the dirt to plant seeds, plants and tree's I am connected to something much much bigger and more pure than I will ever be. God is dirt, dirt is God; it literally feeds and sustains us.


Yes, we need to plant our way back to good health. Our planet is forgiving of our sins and we can undo the damage we've caused.

Plant a tree each day, in a park, anywhere, and our world will burst into flowers.

It's up to you!


Are they referring to the 'biochar" solution? Mixing a bit more carbonaceous matter into the soil not going to offset the billions of tons of fossil carbon going into the atmosphere.


Are you aware that the kind of microbes used in biochar soils actually start growing the mass of the soil by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere? The terra preta soils of the Amazon literally grow by a centimeter's depth each year. It adds fertility to the soil. It's no simple amendment, it's an ancient boost to soil health that they're working to replicate from pre-Columbian times for more soils and climates. The potential to simultaneously fix soil fertility and greenhouse gasses is huge.


Biodynamic methods of growing things are alive and nurture/sustain life - live soil, live insects and animals. Industrial ag is based on death - dead soil, dead insects (all of them, "good" or "bad"), dead animals, a cascade of death from non-organic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, all the way into our swamps, streams, rivers, marine bays and estuaries and airborne in dust particles. The mechanisms of industrial ag also include premeditated domination of all aspects of agriculture to be for-profit, regardless the costs to humans, our society or our earth, exploitation via unsustainable methods for money alone. From seeds and varieties (patented of course) that look pretty and ship well (and usually are tasteless) but do not take-up the nutritive value of many older varieties - a board-room filled with schemers and government filled with accomplices to create profits, not a sustainable future.

And an aside on why/how greed and its corrosive influence has destroyed any shred of "regulations" or independent thought/oversight/truth in our role as stewards of the Earth (our one and only). The gold mine spill that dumped millions of gallons of toxic metal-laden water into the Animas River and was declared "as clean as before the spill" (obviously BS by and for liars, as the poisoned water waste settled into sediment and ran further downstream to our sewer of final rest - our oceans) here is a new assessment of the health of the river that flows thru the Navajo Nation.

" "Water Defense" shows that chromium, lead, beryllium, nickel and nearly a dozen other metals and chemicals have been detected in the river. The results come at a time when other institutions, such as Texas Tech University and New Mexico State University released similar claims.

“I would say at this point the water is unsafe to use until we have more testing completed,” said Scott Smith, the chief scientist with Water Defense. “We are dealing with known chemicals that are toxic and cancer causing, and we don’t know what’s happening to those chemicals and what’s going on in the crops.”


The stark truth is we are led by charlatans serving greed, consumed by the MICC war-machine, invested in the continuing rape of Mother Earth, lied-to daily/hourly by carnival barker purveyors of distortion and deception to maintain a system (vulture capitalism) that rewards destruction, poisoning and despoliation of damn near everything that makes life on Earth possible and worth living........


Agroecology has more and even better aspects than this article lists.

1) Agroecology produces almost twice the output per area planted as giant state supported corporatist farms that require both subsidies and semi-slave labor to exist.

2) Agroecology is the scientific application of traditional agriculture, which still supplies seventy percent of the food. A small gift of education in traditional agricultural methods provided to poor people displaced by European/US colonialism and war includes women and yields a gently declining population which relieves stress on Earth and promotes ecological healing and restoration of former bounty to less people.

There is no difference between gigantic state supported corporatist and communist agriculture factories that enslave the people and destroy Earth.


Just as stark is the 'truth' that so many refuse to listen because they fear the loss of their wide-screen TVs, Suvs and other needless crap and see the capitalist carnival barkers lies as their road to 'more'.


And still we won't be able to get there: fixing the soil, until there is a financial incentive/penalty system in place to get the solutions to be discussed and weighed against each other financially. The only way to get the solutions being discussed is to implement a CARBON TAX.



Nothing wrong with planting trees but it is time to stop ignoring the number one source of greenhouse gases. Not eating a hamburger helps the planet more than planting a tree. See Cowspiracy on Netflix.


In the US, Pope Francis' environmental speech sold far better than his many talks about poverty (esp. about US poverty), and our responsibilities to aid the poor.


The primary cause of climate change is the massive amounts of soot and oil particles added to the air every single day via motor vehicle traffic. (basic science: The oil particles intensify the sun's heat, the heat is trapped in soot particles, the soot particles stay relatively close to the planet's surface, resulting in overall global warming.) Millions of Americans alone drive miles everyday, even when they do have mass transportation options available to them. Now add this to the massive amounts of fossil fuels burned daily around the world.


You have drunk the Kool-Aid. Watch Cowspiracy and you will see that what you have said is simply not true. Vehicle-generated greenhouse gas emissions amount to 17 to 18% of the total. Agribusiness counts for more than 50%. The meat industry thanks you for overlooking the 500 pound gorilla in the room and focusing on transportation.


By the way, your science is also wrong. Greenhouse gases trap the sun's heat in the atmosphere. Particulate pollution does not cause global warming.


This gentleman "grew" eight inches of new topsoil in one season:


by Abe Collins

We used milk, Sea-Crop, planned grazing of livestock herds and Keyline subsoil plowing. The combined inputs/management had the effect of converting subsoil to topsoil at about 8" per year in 2008. Pretty exciting! Not very scientific information, but compelling enough to warrant some real research.

You can see pictures and more info using links at garden-life.ws.


You can find links to a cheap and simple way to double soil carbon in a couple years at: garden-life.ws


Click on the Dirt-First link at: garden-life.ws