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Ralph Nader to 'Decrepit' Democrats: Stop Scapegoating and Embrace a Bold Agenda


Ralph Nader to 'Decrepit' Democrats: Stop Scapegoating and Embrace a Bold Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer


The Democratic Party long ago became the party for the Democratic Party and not the People. Corporate ca$h is the primary reason. Ain’t no rehab facility large enough for the Democratic Party. A third party solution doesn’t seem to be viable at this time, either. When Joe the Plumber pulls his head out of his ass and leads the charge against the Republicans who swindled him and his, maybe change can occur (although I don’t know what that change would be, the energy from the current pathology would be released and available to effect it). Absent that, I believe it is quagmire time.


I’m curious. Can you define “the people”?


The People are all residents, especially those that most need representation, corporations (nitMitt notwithstanding) need not apply.


Dems need to give people a reason to vote for them. If they don’t, they will let victory slip through their fingers again.


Sadly the truth is as Ralph paints it - the Clinton/Obama/DLC DP establishment sellouts would rather sink us all than reform; to commit to those that represent the 99% instead of big-money - The DP establishment will yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. through corruption, ordinary stupidity and arrogance.

With the same weak complicit “leaders” running the same “centrist” candidates, and supporting the same business-as-usual and banker/wall street usury, while sabotaging progressives and our Common-Good issues, are on track to continue the bill clinton, obama, shillary MO of losing to the greater of two evils. Run, run to the right, and take us all down with you in your arrogance and self-interest!

They sell us all out, sell the DP into further failure and irrelevance, and cement the R’Con right’s momentum into the future - how is such stupidity tolerated even by their own forces?!

Even tho a majority of Americans - the Dem, progressive, Independent rational base, cannot stomach trump or his regime from Hell, they now look on the DP as also semi-worthless, a shill for corporate/banker greed, but they will not alter their present course onto the rocks…still try to sell the same tired old bullshit in a new bag to an electorate fed-up with their craven, complicit, big-money oriented failures! “Insanity is doing the same thing over ad over and expecting a different result” said Einstein, but the DP elite continue losing over and over…

How can those demonstrated failures - and their “strategists” continue to lose election after election and not see something is very wrong and still do nothing about it? Still not change? Those party “leaders” must be inundated (or Subaquated!) by the masses who cannot tolerate, may not survive, another 2 years of the trump wrecking crew, or 4 more years of trump (or his vocabulary & mental illness)!


This is the same people (Dem leaders) using the same losing strategy they have used for decades. And they keep losing.

Time to embrace a bold progressive vision fully and that means a oomplete transformation. Out with the old and in with the new leadership. Only chance Dems have.


Once again, no where in this discussion in the current, ongoing, verifiable destruction of the world’s habitat by climate change, overpopulation and resource depletion.

Vote for MORE!

Both “sides” say the same thing, only using different scapegoats. The right wing wants more wealth, more jobs, more protection, but they blame Mexicans, Muslims, homosexuals, uppity women, black people and swamp creatures.

The left wing blames corporations, greedy politicians, deplorables, and on and on.

The economy rests firmly within the ecology. And right now the ecology has had enough of humans. Habitat overshoot is a thing. Commondreams often shows well researched articles proving this point.

And then it is ignored. People jump back into the idea that if only this would happen, they would get better jobs, more money, and have the opportunity for their children to thrive. Never is that paradigm questioned.

However, ecology has rules, and speaks last. I lean towards Ralph Nader’s politics, but I do not see how any of it makes sense if you do not include a discussion of the current crisis of habitat and overpopulation.


Where do the people get their resources?


This is the same “third party” using the same losing strategy they have for decades. And they too keep losing. In fact, they don’t even make a decent showing.

Why is that?


And what do you say about the fact that no one understands what Nader nor any other Third Party really wants?

Can you define what change you would incur? Because most of the comments on here are like cut and paste from some manual.


The only notable victories the Dems have had in the last 20 years were 2006 Congress (only because W imploded) and Obama (2008) because people thought they were voting for someone that he wasn’t and Obama again in 2012 (when he barely won and other Dems did horribly.

How many hundreds to thousands of legislative seats have Dems lost at Federal and state levels since Obama was first elected?

Time for new strategy and new strategists.


Time for a new strategy. Care to define what that is?


Give people something to vote FOR, not be against. Trust what people want, not what corporations and the wealthy want. How about supported policies that 70-80% of the people are for, like single-payer, Medicare for all. And that goes for a global perspective too - how about a foreign policy that promotes peace and not war and supports ALL people and not just the privileged few.


Having a bad day are we? There are many critical problems facing humans, the planet, and all Mother Earths creatures. If all you can do is ask obvious and/or inane critical questions but have no answers or logical contributions to make, how are we supposed to take your input? Seriously? “the fact that no one understands what Nader nor any other Third Party really wants?” Seriously? WTF?
What do YOU advocate to alter the current slide into oblivion and more greed, worship of Mammon dominating life on Earth? If you have no answers to contribute please don’t denigrate those that are trying to find some way to cope and influence change. Many of us work outside the keyboard to effect change locally and be active. And you?


If net neutrality can be preserved, it will be the internet. I’m not holding my breath on that. The net neutrality issue is the threat of democratic pressure more than profit potential, in my opinion.


Not gonna happen. The Democratic party is own, operated and loyal to Wall Street and the CIA. Look how underhanded they are in trying to trash and defeat progressives. We do need to keep pushing and the Progressive Caucus needs to build a block within that diseased corporate party but, as an article worth considering states, we really need to build a bottom up, truly democratic working class party of our own, much like the Socialist Party of a century ago.


The way our election system works - first passed the post elections - makes it very difficult for third parties to gain any traction, especially on a national level. People end up usually voting for the candidate they dislike the least.

Nader knows this. He’s experienced it. In this article he’s talking about Dems. The way Dems lose is by following the same time-tested losing method of blaming repubs. Establishment Dems think this strategy will work this time, because so many are upset with Trump. But even if they do something like with the House, the only way there will be a significant change in even the conversation will be if progressive get elected. And using this strategy there is also a good chance that Dems will not win (e.g., wing the House) because people are not excited about them. The only candidates that people are excited about are those with bold progressive ideas.


As a Ward committee person I can say there are several “Republican” thinking persons in my Democrat party. Some of these persons were Republicans and switched to Democrat party and got elected to office. The Democrat party no longer has the ability to recognize persons lacking empathy for the poor. Poor food distribution (no alarm button pushed when SNAP program is cut). We are talking food. Abundance need not apply to the poor. “Let them eat cake,” attitude. No empathy for all that lack poor health coverage. Let their teeth rot. They have no food to chew. No empathy for those not earning a living wage. A living wage is the spine of our economy. Democrats are breaking our backs.


That’s because in their efforts to attract the “middle” voters, (Establsihment) Dems have generally abandoned their base. The Blue Dogs usually represent very conservative constituencies. The big problem though are the so-called “New Dems” - the Clinton sellouts like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. They are totally beholden to the Corporations/Banksters. They don’t stand for or stand up for the issues they used to. They have lost a moral core. They have lost their soul.