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Rana Plaza: Three Years On, Garment Workers Still Exploited


Rana Plaza: Three Years On, Garment Workers Still Exploited

Thulsi Narayanasamy

Global fashion brands dictate the precise designs of clothes down to the last stitch, yet claim to have little power to ensure the basic rights of workers in factories. On the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, the voices of garment workers continue to be ignored.

The mass of rubble and clothes. Stunned workers emerging on makeshift stretchers. Then the news: it wasn’t an accident. Factory workers had seen the cracks. Rana Plaza had been evacuated, but garment workers were forced to return, for fear of losing their jobs.


What was it, 100 years ago that many women seamstresses died in the famous (U.S.) shirt factory fire. Then, as now, women were trapped inside dangerous buildings forced to work for a pittance.

The corporations have taken THAT model (outlawed in the U.S.) and through "liberal" trade agreements, ensured that women in poor countries will be treated to the same deleterious conditions as those encountered by U.S. seamstresses some decades ago.

Hillary Clinton has another negative feather in her cap in that she argued for these treaties. There are thousands of dead Mexican young women who were murdered on their ways home from factory town factories along the U.S.-Mexican border.

The casualties of NAFTA and related treaties are beyond what's often measured... particularly when the only thing broadcast by the MSM is the profits procured for corporations, often the same ones that look for offshore tax dodges to their operations.

And on top of this, the same political puppets are eagerly working to institute TIPP and TPP.


I read today in the "Houston Chronicle" how the new minimum wage law in California is going to hurt the garment industry in California. I now know that a living wage is such a horrible thing (satire).

Here is the article that the "Houston Chronicle" must have picked up from the "LA Times". http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-garment-manufacturing-la-20160416-story.html

Ah, the propaganda machine hard at work again.