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Rand Paul, Libertarian?


Rand Paul, Libertarian?

Anthony Romero

Sen. Rand Paul has made safeguarding civil liberties a cornerstone of his presidential campaign, and he hasn't been afraid to take on his own party in that fight. At the end of May, as key provisions of the USA Patriot Act were set to expire, Paul took to the Senate floor in a heroic 10-hour filibuster to make sure the act would expire before his Senate colleagues had a chance to pass legislation to entrench the National Security Agency's abilities to collect Americans' phone records.


Paul, like most Republicans is catering to the Fundamentalist Christian base. Since it’s composed of upwards of 60 million persons, it’s a strong voting block and abortion is one of its sacred cows.

In my mind the larger issue in this whole “right to life” charade is why that SAME voting block always enthusiastically gets on-board when there’s a military campaign in place to shoot “terrorists,” a/k/a innocent Muslim civilians.

Also, I’d like to know where Paul and his Libertarian pals sit on “free trade.” It seems that they mostly decry government–and its regulatory agencies like the FDA and EPA (both of which did adequate jobs before the “revolving door syndrome” allowed tomorrow’s corporate CEOS to act as today’s insider-regulators) when they thwart the all-mighty right to (corporate) profit.

If our media was not owned lock, stock, and barrel by those who wish to see a total corporate control of all aspects of our lives, debates would open the conversation on the greater meaning to “right to life.” After all, whose lives are on the line when global corporate oligarchs RAPE ecosystem after ecosystem in the names of “just doing business,” and/or “profit seeking.”

Women, composing half the population, certainly have a right to sovereignty over their own bodies. The push to close down Planned Parenthood is a patriarchal attempt to control all aspects of women’s lives. After all, a pregnant woman is less apt to be assertive and is more likely to do what she can to support that child. Pregnancy restricts a woman’s life in many ways; and while it has many rewards, determining that calculus belongs to the individual. Not government acting as fundamentalist Christianity’s handmaiden.

The wall that should have remained in place to separate church from state (as was the GOAL when settlers left the religiously repressed nations of Europe to come to this “new world”) has been gutted.

The rise of Cable TV allowed entities like Pat Robertson’s “700 club” to attract millions of viewers and lots of funding. Then giant mega-churches sprung up everywhere. This group bought its own radio stations, book publishing outlets, and even produced “Christian Rock.” Its followers–taught to OBEY fatherly figures and live by FAITH–typically have incurious obedient minds. They are natural-born authoritarians and they think THEY have a right to tell others how to live.

Most disconcerting of all are active protocols bringing Christian chaplains into the military to push the idea that God wants them to kill!

These people–that is, their mindset–belongs to a much earlier century and it’s fair to say that THEY are holding back the entire human family. Since it’s from this ilk that soldiers most reliably come, and soldiers ARE burning up nation after nation in the Middle East to virtually guarantee massive blowback (with terrorists created in the process that never existed prior to it); THEY are a danger to life and all things living.

I believe that’s the subconscious reason for so zealous an identification with the unborn fetus. Championing its innocence is a means of cleansing their own consciences of the SIN of killing–in direct violation of the Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.”

It’s the inner complement to the military’s obsession with neatness, order, perfectly fitted uniforms, and shined boots. Note how serial killers tend to be very compulsive about leaving no traces behind to tie them to their brutal crimes.

Libertarians protect the MIC and Big Business and both are murdering our world. The fact that they’d cut off health services to women by denying any form of birth control (their goal) is just more misogynistic fuel for their martial fires.

The funneling of public school monies to Christian “charter schools” is another end-run around the would-be separation of church and state and sure to indoctrinate the next generation into inordinately narrow views about life, religious differences, women’s rights, and the true sanctity of life: that of PRESERVING the Great Mother-Nature! They think Jesus is going to clean up the climate mess they’ve made!


It is hard to figure out where Paul or any other politician stands on “free trade” since both parties zealously promote PROTECTED trade. So called “free trade” agreements of the past two decades, and upcoming deals like TPP, TTIP, and TISA do not include free trade, they are loaded up with protected trade provisions that enrich the corporations that own the politicians, at the expense of the rest of us.


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We are way, way overdue to reclaim the term “libertarian” from its utterly nonsensical, and like so many other dysfunctional things, distinctly USAn, meaning.

“Libertarian” as the term was used from the days of Proudhon and Bakunin until the 1970s and still is used in most of the world, refers to an anti-capitalist philosophy that rejects the state and statist and vanguardist formulations of socialist development, replacing them with syndicalist (union or worker cooperative based) and/or municipalist ( community/region based) federations of free egalitarian association of workers. Capitalism, wealth and property accumulation, and rent-gathering activity is specifically, and completely, incompatible with such social organization.

Or more succinctly, USAn-style so-called “libertarianism” is utter BULLSHIT.


Rand Paul has jumped on the bandwagon of a lynch-mob ready to attack and de-fund PP regardless of the fact that the videos have been cleverly edited to promote lies and distortions. I find it amazing that someone who constantly proclaims his own intelligence (after all, he is an MD) would openly base a strategic legislative move on little edited Youtube videos–of the same caliber as those claiming the existence of UFOs and ghosties. And that no-one is calling him out on that. It’s beyond ludicrous. Maybe he should have stuck to prescribing glasses, and installed a pair of "critical thinking " lenses of his own.


I am fully aware of all that you’ve said. The point is, those who favor corporate power and government showing largesse towards these privileged “citizens” (as seen in phenomenal tax giveaways, pork barrel subsidies, and bailing out banks to the tune of how many trillions? Oh, and add in the billions “lost” inside Iraq and the private mercenaries’ war machine) cannot BE proponents for any policies that favor citizens. Lately, Hillary and other Republicans (I view her as that) are trying to SOUND “Populist” when anyone who reads knows that these political whores must bow down before the same tight group of 1% donors. It’s deplorable… the whole deluded dance purporting to signify anything remotely akin to Democracy.

And soon the C.D. tag team will resort to the framing that “WE” voted for the TPP, etc. They blanket every decision taken by mercenary/merciless elites with The People… so as to sandpaper over the obvious division between the 1% (deciders) and 99% (subjects of the new corporate-colonialist throne powers).


Perhaps it might occur to you that the earth travels a circular orbit around the sun. THAT is how time is “counted.” What this shows–in far more than a merely metaphorical way is that time itself circles, or more to the point: expresses in the form of reliable and thus predictable cycles. This means that themes of the past will and do recur. A Dark Ages “then” does not negate a “Dark Ages” now.

Here is a recent article I did on the most significant cycles bearing down on the present:


I kinda liked the father, but the son not so much. The father seemed honest at least. Manipulating the evangelicals with this ruse, plus the Koch and Adelson begathon is sickening.

If Republicans are really worried about the use of body parts, they would be checking out the selling of organs from their war victims.


Thank you Anthony Romero, for this succinct and reasoned explanation of Rand Paul’s and the other Planned Parenthood smear campaign actors’ actions and intent. Bernie Sanders, too, had a similar and prompt response to these latest efforts to take away basic healthcare and choice decisions form millions of lower income women and families. (And I am reminded of feminist and activist Flo Kennedy in the 70’s, who said: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”).


It not all that hard to look up what his stance has been up to now on TPP. I just put in his name and those letters and got back quite a bit of information showing he opposed the fast-track and has pushed for the text to be published so I am not sure what your meaning is. He certainly follows the mainstream in his pro-Israel positions and as this article makes clear he has no Libertarian creds on the abortion issue.


Sen. Rand Paul has proposed adding $76.5 billion to the military budget, a stunning reversal from his 2011 proposal to cut defense. I thought libertarians were against international wars of intervention.


Dark Ages indeed !

As the US and much of the world slid deeper into economic depression during the early thirties, economist John Maynard Keynes was asked if there had ever a similar event. Keynes response: “Yes, the dark ages that lasted for hundreds of years”.

With 10% of US voters voting for socialist or communist candidates during the thirties, corporations and politicians hedged their bets and tossed the 99% just enough crumbs (otherwise known as the New Deal) to keep the US from going commie, thereby creating an outcome that kept a re-emergence into dark ages at bay, strengthening the Main Street economy and creating one of the most vibrant middle classes in history.

Ronny Raygun’s moving into the white house in 1981 and the Democratic Party’s 1985 creation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) set the stage for the New Dark ages. As the new century dawned Dubya’s shock doctrine response to 9/11/2001, the fallout from Bill Clinton’s “trade deals” and financial fraud decriminalization, and Obama’s trickle down response to the 2008 meltdown accelerated the onset of a new dark age that ends up with the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.


After watching Ron Paul’s libertarianism resulting in the GOP distancing itself from him, Rand has ditched the libertarian ideals and embraces the GOP idealogy.


Oh brother, here “we” go again.


Both father and son support the most savage form of capitalist wage-slavery imaginable. There is nothing to like about them. See my earlier post regarding what real libertarianism is.


I would invite you to read my article for a different take–one that is more cosmic in scope–as to how it was that the tide favored such entities as Reagan and Thatcher. Individuals do not make the times… specific archetypal qualities favor particular stances (identified with individuals that stand out in their eras); and these accord with very real cycles.


SR, you asked, rhetorically, why are Christians so opposed to abortion yet so in favor of military campaigns? I think you know the answer to your own question, but I will provide it for those who may not know: In accordance with 21st century Christian philosophy, the right to life begins at conception and ends at birth.


Not bad. I believe the stance is related to patriarchy and its wish to control women, living systems in nature, and as extension of both: human labor.

Granny D once spoke eloquently on this subject and it was published by CD about 8 years ago. She viewed the lives of those who obediently follow church-state orders as arid. And out of the aridity and the inverted anger felt for obeying rules set by others rather than risking and exploring personal authenticity, Granny D explained that Right to Life zealous advocates are really arguing for other own thwarted right to life. She said they identify with that aborted fetus. That it’s a metaphor of the lives they never let themselves live. I may not have done her eloquence and profound insight sufficient justice; but I think I did convey at least some of what she was attempting to get across.