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Rand Paul, R–Stunning Hypocrisy


Rand Paul, R–Stunning Hypocrisy

John Nichols

Dick Cheney does not approve of Rand Paul, which is certainly a strong recommendation.


Panderer Paul won’t go far in the polls.


Rand, no matter what populist mantle he claims to stand on, is still a member of a party of intolerant racists, homophobes, and war-on-poor hate-mongers. In addition, if elected president, Rand would have to cater to a mainstream of conservatism which has grown to be the most religiously self-righteous, self-imposing, and vindictive group of demagogues I have witnessed in my lifetime. No sense of moderation or fairness flows through the republican party on any level, so how can I believe he can accomplish anything he says, even if his words are sincere?