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Rand Paul: The Fairweather Libertarian


Rand Paul: The Fairweather Libertarian

Ralph Nader

Two contemporary stories about Senator Rand Paul (R- KY) illustrate the disconnect between one’s ideology and personal experiences. Imagine a fierce opponent of regulation being saved in a crash by government-mandated seat belts and air bags and the ensuing cognitive dissonance.

In the case of Rand Paul, MD (ophthalmology) the two experiences came almost at the same time. Last month Senator Paul went to the Shouldice Hernia Centre, the world famous hernia repair institution located just outside of Toronto, Ontario.


Rand Paul wouldn’t even be possible if both parties weren’t political simulacrums.


There is some overlap in the policy positions of Rand Paul and I.

That said, his hypocrisy is nothing short of a disgrace. Of course, in the final analysis:
“Forget it, Ralph Nader, it’s Kentucky-Town.”


Just asking: was Rand Paul named by his parents after Ayn Rand?


Ralph likes a lot worth reading, but he’s out to lunch here. Rand Paul went to a world-class hospital in Canada, and paid with his own or his insurance company’s money - something that is illegal for Canadians to do, precisely because we have a “single payer.” Just how is his doing X mean he’s supposed to support criminalizing X?


Shantianda. No. His full name is “Randall,” and up until his teens he was called “Randy,” when he changed over to “Rand.” Maybe he did that after reading an Ayn Rand book, but maybe it was an Austin Powers movie.


Rand Paul is one of those who believe that the state should not do
anything positive for non-rich people, such as providing medical care
or education, or protect them by regulating businesses. They oppose
such policies and call them “socialism”.

Those people secondarily defend human rights, such as freedom of
speech, and they like to call themselves “libertarians”. However,
polling them shows that laissez-faire, laissez-mourir is their highest
priority and human rights come second for them.

See https://thinkprogress.org/why-libertarians-and-progressives-will-never-get-along-104624871614/">

In effect, they try to use our support for human rights to manipulate
us into endorsing the laissez-mourir economy, by presenting that as an
essential part of human rights.

Using the term “libertarian” for them endorses that claim. Since I
don’t agree with it, I call them “antisocialists.” Please join me!

The state’s mission is enabling everyone to have a just, free and
decent life, which includes both social programs and respect for human
rights. See stallman.org/articles/why-we-need-a-state.html.


Canadian health care is relatively inexpensive in part because they already have a tort system that limits frivolous lawsuits and paying cash for surgery in whatever country you feel like has to be the most free market move conceivable.