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Randy Bryce, in Defeat, Looks at the “Whole Picture”


Randy Bryce, in Defeat, Looks at the “Whole Picture”

Erik Gunn

Democrat Randy Bryce didn’t win his race for Congress. But as he thanked his supporters on Election Night, after the race was called for Republican Brian Steil, the fifty-four-year-old ironworker took a longer view.


Holy Crap! Nobody here has anything to say about Randy Bryce, one of the half dozen most inspiring new faces on the political scene and likely the oldest? I contributed more money to his campaign than I probably have spent on political campaigns in my entire life, and I’m 72. (Spoiler alert: I’ve spent very little money on political campaigns because until the past couple of years there have been only a couple of candidates I could have voted for had they made it beyond the primaries, and in those days I didn’t have ANY money to spend on politics.)

BETTER news, he is the real deal, genuine one hundred percent working class right down to the arrests, which I had not previously heard of, and a union man. Yes, Virginia, a guy like Randy in his working duds has a significantly greater chance of being arrested for anything or nothing than a man dressed the way I do now (khakis and a flannel shirt with no holes) even though he’s white. But put Randy in a suit and he could pass for an accountant or a lawyer almost anywhere.

I can’t make such claims myself, as I have a foot in both classes. I grew up as part of the new middle class created by the GI bill that put my dad through college. I hated it, and after a few years in San Francisco as part of the local color I vacillated between working class and bum for the next 20 years. A series of flukes beginning when I was about 50 tossed me back to my roots, with household income slightly above the median the last couple of years I worked.

There is no way I could do what Randy has done. On one hand, I still look too much like a bum. On the other hand (sorry, I’m an economist now) I have always had a tendency to shoot off my mouth. And I’ve never been arrested except once many years ago for hitchhiking underneath a “No Hitchhiking” sign on an interstate on ramp. And what’s that about Randy Bryce having an arrest record? What did he do? Is that now a disqualification for seeking elective office–at least if you don’t wear a suit?


HI economagic: I read about Randy Brice and the writer said very good things, and I liked the fact that he was working class and spoke up for working people. He inspired a lot of people to get involved and I think that what he spoke for reminded people that you don’t have to wear a suit or even own one to be a good candidate.
People were excited about what he could do-----so I am sorry that he lost, but maybe he is that first stone that is thrown into a lake and the ripples he made in people’s thoughts are already rippling across that lake of human possibility—and that lake of possibilities will be active for a very long time. He really did win that! : )


ahha ya look like a stuffed shirt to me !


Compared to Randy Brice I certainly am!


Bryce not only lost he lost bad. For all the $ he raised, all the free airtime, all the volunteering, he underperformed. He got beat by 12 points. This is also his 4th election he lost. Randy Bryce in the “whole picture,” always comes out losing.