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Randy Bryce is More Than A Mustache

Randy Bryce is More Than A Mustache

Alexandra Tempus

It was a friendly audience, but Randy Bryce’s voice shook anyway.

This speech was among his first to a national crowd of this size—over 1500 people passionate about progressive politics packed into a cavernous hall at the Netroots Nation conference held in Atlanta earlier this month. Towering screens on either side of the podium projected his now famously mustachioed face to the crowd.

From the article:

[[ While Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign successfully organized around core democratic issues and a “for the people” message, critics said it suffered from a cult of personality that coalesced around Sanders in a way that alienated potential Democratic voters. ]]

The example of the ‘critics’ is a link to an ‘Atlantic’ piece that shows a lot about what a typical anti-Sander MSM presentation looks like but reveals nothing about how ‘iconizing’ Sanders “alienated potential Democratic voters”. Which, by the way, characterizes those ‘potential Democratic voters’ as being about as shallow as anyone could be. The Sanders campaign was faulted for omitting the realities that minorities faced but ‘uniconizing’ Sander wouldn’t have changed that. The inclusion of minority issues would have. The greatest negative effect of ‘iconizing’ Sanders and his campaign was due to the ‘pejorative-izing’ of Sanders by the establishment element of the Democratic party and the obedient commissars in the MSM.

Deflecting charges of being branded as an icon, Randy Bryce need only to respond: “I’m ‘branded’ to the issues that effect the public. What is Paul Ryan ‘branded’ to? “ There’s no catch penny phrases to counter that.

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"Within 24 hours, the video went viral and generated $100,000 in donations for Bryce, and an equally stunning number of Twitter followers. He appeared on cable news shows and very suddenly, noted Esquire in one of several glossy magazine features, became a capital-N, capital-F “National Figure.”

Having gamed the system so their money would determine who wins elections, our oligarch forefathers gave us the illusion of democracy. How long will we play their game?

It’s not Right or Left? Collective concern is associated with the Left. Make no mistake about that. This is a Left movement and Bryce should embrace it by making a clear distinction of what the Left is and fights for. He’s just playing it safe, like Sanders did by not touching foreign policy, but it’s a mistake. Bryce should embrace the Left because it sounds like that’s where he stands.

Yes, this quote from the ever-equivocating, Ben Jealous:

“We’re not going to win by running to the left, or running to the right, but running towards the people…"

Signals everything I detested about Obama. and the D half of the duopoly.

Let’s face facts: If you support a leftist agenda, the D-Party has and will continue to use you, marginalize you, and ultimately, punch you because you’re a purist hippie.

The Ds say we have no where else to go. Guess they haven’t noticed the droves in their former base who demexited and/or stayed home on election day.

Stay the course, Democrats–moderates are suddenly going to love your “we’re not as bad as them” message.

Any minute now.

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Yeah, exactly. One thing I’m happy about the Dems is their 2016 platform that Bernie successfully pushed through. It’s quite progressive, even though unbinding. But the rest of the party is full of moderate centrists, namely last decade’s Republicans.