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Randy Hayes: 9 Planetary Boundaries to Ensure a Healthy Planet


Randy Hayes: 9 Planetary Boundaries to Ensure a Healthy Planet

Harvey Wasserman

Randy Hayes is a great green lifer.

Decades ago he founded the Rainforest Action Network, still one of the major players in the save-the-Earth infrastructure. Now he runs Foundation Earth.

Never one to comprise, Randy has gone beyond his fair share of assorted jail stints and come out more dedicated than ever.

“We need to double the world’s forests,” he told me last week over smoothies in the nation’s capital. “It’s a major part of solving the climate crisis.”


Thank you.


GGGeeeezzzzz What does it take for people to understand that INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION, ESPECIALLY USING A CAPITALIST ECONOMIC SYSTEM, is ALWAYS going to be DESTRUCTIVE, there is not “understanding the boundaries”… this is also more true, because we have ALREADY over stepped our boundaries… so badly… now … we shouldn’t be allowed to even take baby steps in any industrial direction…


You used to be known by several different screen names. The mark of the troll; keeps changing his name when exposed as a know-nothing.


Well, nothing’s perfect, but you can try my bank, Triodos.


So, I appreciate your posts most of the time but, I will say, I have looked up Whoazzer’s information, or some of it… like the soil… agriculture done in 60 years… in Scientific American… and some other stuff… so, it seems that his info is good… I seem to remember a Shizel…and I do seem to think I was at odds with that person at times… .but now I can’t remember… However, i could go back and see, from many of the articles that I have printed off over the years… (yes, I have many that I have saved from as far back as say 2006?.. or maybe even 05… when the response format was very different… some, I gave away to an “Occupy movement near me…”… hope they appreciated them…


Would that I could uptick your post 10000X. Too few people cite the interactive effects that you’ve exposed here. Bravo! And thanks. Do please carry on–we badly need the reminders that interactive causes typically do not produce linear effects.

(Consider reverting your handle to Shizel, too)


Harvey says: “Chemical Dispersion and the release of novel entities: Emissions of toxic and long-lived substances such as synthetic organic pollutants, heavy metal compounds and radioactive materials represent some of the key human-driven changes to the planet.” However, the amount of radioactive materials released by man is trivial compared to the amount present in the earth since its formation as well as by incoming cosmic radiation that continues to bombard us.
Whoazzer says:" Most people don’t understand exponential curves, but when anything depletes at 1% per year, it will be all gone in 70 years." He has it wrong, too. After 70 years it will be 50% gone, not all gone.
These are two examples of exaggeration by such activists who mislead and stretch the truth.