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Rank-and-File Teachers Object As Nation's Biggest Union Weighs Early Clinton Endorsement



Clinton and "caution" is an oxymoron. Please don't take that badly, I'm just providing my opinion. My personal opinion is that the woman is evil.


If the Bill and Hillary show was any more massaged, nuanced and " surrounded in couched remarks "; it would have a XXX rating, come with 1 large jar of Vaseline and 99 condoms. These 2 simply cannot hoodwink, bamboozle, swindle and baffle the rank and file of any somewhat progressive/populist leaning organization, any more. They're losing and the MSM is now running to " Smilen Joe " Biden and the same old, same old Establishment hitching post. With the same ol' tired horses. First Bernie told some of the truth about the PTB, then the Pope jumped in and told a little bit more ( and definitely some less ). Then yesterday, Putin told the whole bunch of them, in front of the entire world, how much they've all fusterclucked the MENA and Afghanistan since 9/11. This whole bunch of Republicratic Plutocrats need a short ride to the glue factory, pronto. They can take Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright and all the other nags with them, too. And, why would any national union/organization endorse The Hillbillary Show this early on when the most popular Democratic Party member, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, hasn't said a thing either way? Just how much " walkin' around " money does the DNC/DLC/Clintonista Crowd have to throw around, anyway? Sheesh.


I'm obviously no Sandersista, but this still smells of the rot that's corroded unionism for literally donkey's years.


Power structures (Media, DNC, Union Brass) will be backing Clinton, but THE PEOPLE want Bernie Sanders. WE MUST BECOME THE MEDIA ...Getting Bernie elected will NOT be a spectator sport. Get involved. Search FB for "How YOU Can Get Bernie Sanders Elected" and use it to become a powerhouse Internet activist, and then urge all you connect with to use it as well, to create an army of effective online and campaign Bernie activists.


This is the year that we expose the Establishment, the year of "You're either for us or a'gin us!" They would be wise to make note of populist sentiment. Otherwise, it may come back to haunt them.


It is a no brainer that the economic elite have selected HRC for POTUS in 2016. So this latest rumored, union endorsement for HRC doesn't surprise me. They have said again loud and clear: NO BERNIE!


I suppose you also have a personal opinion about the Sun rising. :smile:


"evil" is a strong term.

Do for example do you think that Ms Clinton harbors end times christer fantasies?

And I ask as a Sanders supporter. Of course, I think the union would better to support Sanders.


There was a lot of HRC has been selected by the powers that be in 2008 too.

And HRC would have won the general election, but not with the margins of Obama.


Maybe the unions feel they need to pick the safer candidate but when they get to the voting booth the teachers get to
do what they want. So teachers, be smart, vote Bernie


It's all rigged no matter what Hillary is going to steal the nomonation. Sanders will get more votes but the DNC will steal the primary for Hillary.


There is a possibility the Clinton people are operating "an army of click farms" to produce false facebook results because Bernie is wiping her out. See:


For every positive Bernie result there will,no doubt, be a Greider type piece to throw cold water on it.

This is the first I've heard of Click Farms, it is nice to learn something new every day.


If union leadership ignores the opinions of its members on this issue, it may put many of them out of their positions of leadership, in the long run.


good old union "leadership" at it again - not ever listening to the rank and file. Stop them in their tracks now before they throw us all under the bus teachers! Organize now - aft er all you are the union, show us what that means! GO BERNIE GO! One must ask what the union leaderships are really about and what they are so afraid of in a Bernie candidacy?


Im sure the fix is in. Doesn't seem to matter what the teachers themselves want.


I'm a third generation union member. My father was in the AFT in New York City. My grandfather was in the electrician's union in NYC. I've been in two teachers' unions for over twenty years; the past seventeen years in AFT-New Hampshire, Local 2433. From 2007-2012 I was President of the Rindge Faculty Federation. Before serving as President, I spent four years as Vice President and two years as Secretary. I take union-membership very seriously.

Today, I submitted the paperwork to remove myself from the union. Starting tomorrow I will become a "charitable contributor," putting money in the scholarship fund for our small university's students, instead of giving it to AFT-NH.

When national AFT endorsed Clinton in July, I protested to our state leaders and urged local members to sign the petition asking AFT to reconsider the crass, cynical move pulled by millionaire AFT President Randi Weingarten on behalf of her pal Hillary.

Perhaps, at that early point, it didn't seem like Sanders had a chance; but it was still cynical and premature. A couple of days ago, AFT-NH's Executive Board endorsed Clinton, even with Sanders leading her in the polls.

That was just too much.

When MY union endorses a war criminal, a person who has consistently worked to hurt the middle and lower classes and to hurt education, a person who is as dishonest as the day is long in mid-July; then that's not a union for me.

I'm in uncharted waters, feeling terribly sad about what's happened and about being a non-union employee for the first time in my working life. Screw you AFT and AFT-NH for your inhumane and short-sighted triangulating.


I am sorry for your loss but celebrate your integrity and dedication to your profession and craft.


NO support for War Criminals; the only place for killary is president of her cell block; next to war criminals busr/cheney/rice, and obomber!!!


Apparently the recent fart in the wind claim establishing that 'some' significant number of 'super' Democrcrat delegates had carefully read their scripts, arguing that Hillary's belated press releases supporting Bernie Sanders' policies represented her 'leadership' skills.. However, the press release claims apparently FAILED to have any 'effect' on subsequent polls

Phase 2: the NEA's 'establishment' is rumored to be about to join the Democratic Party 'establishment' in an orchestrated effort to pretend that real grass roots popular support is an unnecessary and undesirable quality in political campaigning. After all, only money and endorsements count in a scripted show of 'reality democracy'. These insider machinations are as embarrassing as the Republican oligarch's turtle race of individually owned clown car drivers.

Pretending to ignore Bernie Sanders, then contriving to reduce the Democratic Party debates to insignificance, now alienating the organized labor force that gets out the vote in Presidential elections ... what are THEY afraid of? Winning with popular support and an engaged electorate? Losing control of their influence and insider deals?

An "early" endorsement in the midst of slipping polls only demonstrates fear and loathing of a truly democratic process. The Clinton "Campaign" fairly reeks of sophomoric desperation. Are they ALL supporters of TPP?