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Ranking the Infinite Greed, Power and Controls of Giant Corporations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/07/ranking-infinite-greed-power-and-controls-giant-corporations


I really appreciate Ralph Nader and all he has done over the years.

Perhaps I’m missing something when I repeatedly ask why progressive individuals and websites belong to face book, encourage dialogue on face book (thus enabling it) yet rail against it?

I’ve never gotten a response. Is that a stupid question? You can tell me if it is, I can take it!

Even Ralph belongs to FB:


Tax them until they’re not smiling anymore.


Stock buy backs were illegal from 1935 until the 1980s, precisely the time frame within which the US middle class was its strongest.

Corporations incurring massive debt to buy back stock, making them more likely to need taxpayer funded bailouts when the business cycle turns down has compounding the buy back problem during the past decade.


Ralphie Boy is firing on all cylinders and has been for years. His critical thinking, analysis and prescriptions for remediation won’t in the glib lingo of my former executive bosses at Wells Fargo “Make the customer whole.” However, they will go as far as any analysis I can follow as a slow learner of CIVICS and likely land U.S. in better stead as prescriptions that I’ve read and can understand which struggle with balancing an insight into Human Nature with the forces at play in our world of necessarily Food Chain Recycling dynamics. Keep it kosher, certify NON-TOXIC before marketing. No torture need be used in developing medicinal treatments or pre-emptive vaccinations before we lose more suffering human souls to the Age of Plague. No, I don’t know either how to keep all those pre-reqs balanced and urgent time lines met…I don’t kid myself about any Uber Ralphie knowing that much or being wise enough to implement either.

I was worried a few Duopoly Presidential administrations back (Tweedle Dee’s cabinet of Treasury Looting Daddy Warbucks best and brightest Ivy League Golden Passport carrying corporate cretins followed by Tweedle Dum’s cabinet of Wall Street Apex Predators) when he published his speculative novel adopting the Michael Moore tactical strategy of combating corporate-capture of Telecomm and HI FInance\Tech by using one corporate (soulless and mindless fallible human construct) titan to take down another. Mebbe that tactical strategy is a sign of human fallibility. Thing is, I haven’t come up with anything more useful to combat corporate-capture of the human soul and ego.

The fact that the DNC will have Bill Clinton bump Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from their upcoming Age of Plague Duopoly Political Convention’s speakers’ line-up tells me all that I need to know about seeing any progress in Tweedle Dum’s capacities to think critically and analyze with circumspection in the Public Interest. Rather than in fealty to the Private Interests offering to set up the forthcoming BIDEN FOUNDATION with the Golden Rolodex of well-connected trans national unfettered capital donors drawn from Kissinger Associates and the New Mandarins.

Or, privileged rather than meritocratic elites still drawing up a playbook based on Cold War weaponized blow-back propaganda of GREED IS GOOD from Uncle Miltie Friedman and the Chicago Boys (I don’t include Miltie’s wife the estimable Rose Director Friedman whose economics I don’t agree with either but whose processes I respect).

That prevailing U.S. Ethos is so transparently Golden Calf that even the evangelical ministers and Catholic priests bought in their deal with the spawn of the Pagan Voo Doo E-CONomics Reagans in crooked heir Trump that a higher power than the Corporate Caliphate will be required to melt it down and put that base metal gold to better use than worshiping it as PRECIOUS. Or confusing a World Reserve currency standard with a validly reasoned moral standard.

Cue our cliff hanger soundtrack, fade in on warrior in excelsis dea Buffy Sainte-Marie and we’ll be right back…

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Tell it like it is, voter suppression is traitorous, and those that promote it are traitors. All citizens have a right/obligation to vote. The patriots are those who work to ensure all citizens have the opportunity to vote safely (mail in ballots), and free of intimidation.


We need to know something about them, but also to chop them down at the knees. We should be working, generally, with the smallest units of production and administration capable of getting the requisite tasks done reliably and comfortably–give or take some probably significant adjustments for margins of error, but none so grand as to excuse billionaires.


I cannot speak for Ralph, of course. But someone who wishes to communicate must do so where the audience is or accept not having done so.


The corporation is not an immutable law of nature, but we have structured it so that it is one and the same.

We have done that, so logically, it can be undone - if we choose to.

“We would rather be ruined than changed.” - W.H. Auden


Hell, there are quite a few people out there that are still salty about the 2000 election. They think that Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election. The Democrats that crossed the line for shrub are the ones that did that. Shit, Gore didn’t even win his own state. It don’t matter to a lot of folks the good that Ralph Nader has done in his career.


People simply change course when governmental structures become burdensome with zero positive feedback to cosmic powered biology evolving at an accelerating rate.

¡ Viva la evolución !

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If corporations aren’t people why tax them like people instead of taxing their owners?

FDR’s 94% tax on the wealthy would be fair.


Can you mandate fairness or legislate morality.
Probably not ?
Change must come through the human heart , follow the law of love .
I think the problem is the thought that there is never enough of what humans think they need to be happy and survive.
Why else would someone want more when they have enough for 100 life times.

Live simply so others may simply live .

As 650 children die every hour on this planet the rich are getting billions when they already have billions .No one seems to have the power to stop this insane system of greed and violence ,not paying people a living wage is a form of violence .

The only question is who are you ?

An evolution revolution of the conciousness is what might work .Its the most peaceful of all revolutions as it has to do with the mind and spiritual in nature .

Ours is another way not a better way.

Humanity’s Team


The infinite greed, power and controls of corporate giants, makes me think of a similar description of giants in the book of Enoch.

Enoch VII:2-4 And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was 3,000 ells: Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind.


as one who did vote for Nader I still think there is no doubt he did cost Gore Florida and therefore the election. GW Bush’s invasion of Iraq nd his deregulation that crashed the economy need not have happened and we would have made a start in tackling climate change instead of going backwards. I still like Ralph Nader a lot, but there is no escaping the consequences of his candidacy. I learned from my mistake, wont vote that way again

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Ralph, you forgot to mention these companies should be nationalized. Tax havens cleaned out and shut down. You forgot to mention England and Switzerland, various Caribbean isles, as major tax havens.


right now we hear of people who have been repubs all their lives are moving to the dem party. that’s partly because donnie is such a piece of crap they can’t stand it anymore. it’s partly because the dem party has followed the repub part so far to the right those old repubs feel comfortable moving to the dem side.

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Energy Ideas:
Here are some ideas I have re climate change and how we can start a plan to hopefully begin real action to save ‘ourselves’ from what is certainly going to be a bleak future for our children. Thanks, Skip

I would like to see a platform that includes closing at least half of all overseas military bases and out posts along with a credible reduction of the MIC budget and that money spent on repairing our long neglected infrastructure and, secondly, using any remaining funds on a public healthcare for all plan. Next, a significant tax on all incomes of over (you set the amount) of in the neighborhood of 70+%, money to be used for social programs. And, most importantly, the Nationalization of all fossil fuel and uranium resources, profits from the sale of which would go directly towards renewable energy R & D; and, an additional tax on the profits from all energy producing industries which would go towards subsidizing the installation of renewable engery distribution and installation on homes and businesses. In addition there would be a progressive tax placed on all end users of fossil fuel produced energy, including personal and commercial transportation. The resources I mention belong to the people of our country and should be used to try and overcome the fast approaching climate disaster which will affect the entire world instead of further enriching already rich people; rich beyond the imaginations of most. A part of “our” platform must also include a wholehearted message that we will do our very best to include all climate scientists in a coordinated effort and scientific program to work on yet to be discovered ways to produce non-polluting energy. Climate is the world’s number one problem and endless wars are stealing our ability to come together as one people in order to save ourselves and all other life on Earth!
I hope this can somehow make it’s way to those in positions of leadership to assist in using in their own ideas.

We must also put in that list a ‘progressive’ tax on all fossil fuel use by individuals, ie, heating homes, etc, transportation, ie, cars, boats, yachts with fuel coupons rationed as in WWII and with below certain incomes receiving coupons similar to food stamps. There are ways to do this where everyone will chip in and be a part of the effort. But this will require laws and a unified leadership. We don’t have time to try and vote in this type of change. We lost that time years ago when the warnings first started. We must force that change on the people in the government we have. Europeans are in the streets, kids are striking and walking out of schools; meanwhile, where are the American adults?


Not a stupid question at all. I myself ponder the irony on occasion!!

I belong to FB because first and foremost it is the easiest way to keep up in real time with family and friends which are scattered all over the world.
When you hit your sixties and have moved many times and worked and lived abroad as well you know and care about a LOT of people!!
I have tried other things that people ‘helpfully’ suggest but FB seems to be the one universal that works.
As to using it for other pages I do some of that especially my birding and native plant sites which have been invaluable. A few political pages as well. It’s useful - that’s the bottom line.
I am not a big consumer of much - we are pretty minimalist at our place so they can sell my info but I don’t google much ‘stuff’ to buy, I don’t read any ads On FB or email So I don’t think creepy little Mark makes much off me…


Thanks for your response merf.

I tried FB when it first started ----I get what you are saying and the benefits.

Perhaps I’ve cut myself off from many people by severing FB early on. I lasted about 1 year and thought it was too weird . . had too many red flags and I despise M.Z.

Like you, I am immersed in and have a passion for native flora/fauna but still rely on my hundreds (literally) of plant/dragonfly/bird/etc. books----I’m sure I’m missing out on some things.

It’s too bad there are no truly progressive, not greed based alternatives that work . . . .