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Rapid, Affordable Energy Revolution is Possible, Says New Report



But the Fossil Fuels Mafia is bound and determined to extract as much carbon from the Earth as possible before they allow us to move on to the next phase of energy production no matter what it deleterious effects occur. They are following a Business 101 maxim: 'Maximize the lifecycle of any product to wring out maximum earnings before moving on to the next.' Simply put, the Fossil Fuels Mafia will not go quietly or willingly...they will have to be forced out aggressively.


The problem I have with this model is its long distance transmission lines which are costly, destructive to forests and trees, ugly and above all lossy. Additionally the model requires huge investment which means corporate ownership. A vast majority of households can be totally off grid, no poles no long wires all local, owned and operated by the people. For industrial scale usage we may need transmission lines but that again can be a combination of local power augmented with state owned grid power eliminating millions of miles existing copper wires which can be reused for other functions.


Who's stopping you from purchasing a few solar panels or buying a hybrid car?


I have solar panels on my house already; and luckily, I live in state where the Fossil Fuels Mafia has not gotten their political lackeys to put the kibosh on net metering.


OMG... Yyyeesss, yyyeesss yyyyyyeeeeesssss, YES!!!

"Only the government providing land and housing on new small farms can do this."

I Have been proposing this for a couple of years now... that, is the ONLY WAY... along with POWERING DOWN.... to get off fossil fuels... would I love it if renewables could really work?... Yes because, I love having my computer here as a library at my fingertips... I love the "idea" of health care, not that I get to use it much, but, it's there to save one of my kids lives in an accident....
But, mother nature really doesn't give a crap about our health care... she only cares... that we ABUSED HER AND WE ARE KILLING HER... so, she really has no qualms .... or should I say, PHYSICS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT US.... THAT'S THE REALITY


Well, for those who can afford it... that's doable.. but many of us out here will not be able to do so... not only no money, but no credit... don't believe in it anymore.. except for paying off my house....... PLUS... hybrid car?... to me, that is still a waste of resources... maybe we could use those for ambulances, fire trucks etc... but, we are already in the Sixth Mass Extinction... why do we think we can still run around and dig up massive amounts of rion or or what ever other resources... in order to make cars for billions and billions of people....and along with ALL THOSE BATTERIES OVER TIME.... REALLY?... THAT IS JUS RIDICULOUS.... THAT TYPE OF THINKING IS WHAT HAS US IN TROUBLE...
We think it is progress that we should be able to hop in an individual mobile device or even a mass transit device and go make a pay check...
If we thought that way about 50 years ago or MORE.... we would not be where we are now.... so, running off every day to go make a pay check is part of the problem... the elite have us swindled in to that belief....
Tribal life, was a group effort.... collaboration... trade through bartering was a rather environmentally balanced way for commerce... making our items we needed or wanted, THROUGH CRAFTSMENSHIP not in MASS PRODUCTION.. .was a very good and environmentally safe way to make things...
..... and do not bring up that hunter gatherers were destructive to ecosystems or even subsistence farming at the beginning of agriculture.... it only changed things on a very slow time scale... once we brought fossil fuels into the picture AND nuclear fuels... WE WERE WALKING DEAD ALREADY.