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Rapid Intensification and Number of Storms Make 2020 a Record Hurricane Season

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/30/rapid-intensification-and-number-storms-make-2020-record-hurricane-season

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Very good summary of the situation at the present time:

Climate change: Temperature analysis shows UN goals 'within reach’


Greetings manysummits.

Lots of links in my response to you but you may be able to tell-----I am VERY angry about what has happened recently regarding Enbridge and Line 3.
In fact my hands are shaking as I type this.

I read the article you linked which I feel is overly optimistic for a variety of reasons including specific behaviors as illustrated in quotes and links I provide below which comport with a quote from your link (my bold):

"The biggest problem as they see it, is that the near-term plans to cut carbon by 2030 are just not up to the job."

This is illustrated by the fact that Enbridge just got approval for a new and “improved” pipeline that will transport tar sands oil from Canada to the u.s.



Ashley fairbanks h-ttps://twitter.com/ziibiing
Yesterday the final permits were approved for the expansion of Enbridge’s Line 3.

This pipeline will endanger lands, waters, wild rice beds—and people. It runs through Ojibwe homelands.

In my belly, it feels like an attack on us.

Summary and my bold:

This is not just a Minnesota issue. National audiences need to know: The Line 3 pipeline has not yet received the national attention that DAPL (530K BPD) or KXL pipeline (840K BPD) have gotten. However, if built, this pipeline is proposed to carry 720K BPD and will have a maximum carbon footprint of 273 million tons annually (or 50 coal plants worth) of carbon emissions per year. State agencies have failed Minnesotans, and now our Indigenous partners are being pushed ever closer to direct action to protect their sacred tribal lands and water.



It’s tragic that not everyone is fighting this including the professed man to take “bold action” on climate/the environment under Biden. Where is our new “climate envoy”, John Kerry??? He should be holding a press conference about this today!
(I know that is delusional thinking).

Once again it is Indigenous groups that are taking this on, encouraging people to call Mn. Dept. of Commerce:

It’s still possible for there to be a stay on construction. Please take two minutes and call Minnesota Department of Commerce commissioner Grace Arnold at 651.539.1441.


Our biggest problem is not pipelines.

Yesterday Canada announced a one hundred billion dollar effort to ‘re-start the economy’, which translates to GDP Growth - which translates to ecocide.

I see that ecocide is now up for inclusion in crimes against humanity in the International sphere. This is the other side of the same coin of “Rights for the Environment” All to the good, no matter which side of that same coin is pursued.

But again - these pipelines and such are small potatoes as compared to the GDP Growth Mantra.

That is really what “Planet of the Humans” was all about.

Zero progress there as far as I can see.

So I am instead using my time to follow China’s sample return Moon Mission, Chang’e 5, which may be attempting to land today, or within the next 24 hours. China’s progress here is nothing short of spectacular. Chang’e 4 is already eleven months on the far side of the Moon, a first ever, along with its rover Yutu the Second, and yes, that means there was a First - on the near side of the Moon, since run out of operational capability.

The far side rover and lander keep in touch continuously with a spectacular satellite put into orbit around Lagrange 2. Also a first ever for the Moon - SOHO uses this type of orbit I believe to keep in touch with Earth (Solar Mission).

You would think a “PROGRESSIVE” website would be keeping us all posted on this in progress Moon Mission, as I believe our very future depends on advances in space exploration - but I see not a single word here. When I posted a comment like this a couple of days ago zero response, repeat zero interest.

Progressive obviously means different things to different people.

This site is in need of vast improvement and diversification.

I hope you know after all my posts here that I completely agree with you and the message in “Planet of the Humans”. If not, I need to work on my communication skills!

The pipeline is yet another example mixed messaging crazy making from DEMS in the u.s with their new “climate envoy” and claims that they believe AGW is an existential threat.

I am not hopeful as I’m sure you have gleaned but even though our biggest problem might not be pipelines per se it is a big problem for those whose land it runs through.
We must try to stop it.

It’s easy to say “our biggest problem is not pipelines” when the pipeline is not in your backyard.

For many it will be their biggest problem.

Chang’e 5 successful Moon Landing !!!



Brazil is burning down their rainforest as quickly as possible - that is their backyard.

Our collective atmosphere is well on its way to a doubling of pre-industrial Co2.

That’s all of our backyards.

We need immediately to learn how to do triage environmentally. The politicians are following the will of the people = in oil states and provinces like Alberta - oil is one of the few well paying jobs left, and as you can see from the votes both here in Alberta and in the USA - that is of paramount importance to most voters.

And where the voters go - the politicians will follow.

It is important to get that order straight - governments follow, they do not lead, except perhaps where military priorities demand that they do thru huge investments in R & D - which is exactly why we have the Internet, GPS and the first Man on the Moon - a military industrial effort to the max.

Wishing it were otherwise don’t make it so Caroline.

So I recommend we get back to looking up - and going there. Without people on board, as a very famous man named Abe once said - we ain’t going nowhere.

For the time being, in the next say ten years, we can manage pipelines and their spills.

If we don’t get people’s heads around the suicide that is non-targeted GDP Growth - we will collapse as a civilization.

Should we stop all fossil fuels tomorrow - that would be the exact result - a complete collapse of the present financial system, not a too big to fail bank - a too big to fail world economic system/

It is going to take time to get to where we want to go.

Prioritize what is vitally important - and live with the rest.

Found this - I have so many books on the go I can’t count them anymore, but I might have to add another, because I believe in the premise - that it is a group neurosis, what has happened. My preferred term is ‘moral injury’, which I read about a year or two back. PTSD, moral injury - both are addressing the same phenomena - a huge percent of the population out of their depth on science and ‘situational awareness’.

In the mountains or the cockpit of a plane - situational awareness is the key to life and limb.

Now it is key to the survival of civilization.

The new book coming out July 2021 is from Mary Trump, and speaks to the above:

Mary Trump to release new book on ‘America’s national trauma’

Here is something too - from New Zealand - whose big smile Jacinda Ardern ‘virtue signals’ but has also not been able to crack reality as regards climate change. Either she is all talk and no action or she is simply confronted with what I referred to in my last reply to you, which is reality as regards jobs and people.

New Zealand declares a climate change emergency


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At the risk of repeating myself----thanks for your posts/responses.

Books. . . . everywhere apparent in my little house where I have downsized and now fully realize just how many books I have! Yikes! It’s hard to cull my books----so I don’t :)!

My daughter was surrounded with books growing up, since babyhood; stacks under the kitchen sink, in the back of the car engulfing her car seat, filling up her room in every nook and cranny. As a toddler, she would sit on the floor cradling a book with her feet/toes and use her hands animatedly as she verbalized what she thought was written on the pages (before she could read!).

She now loves to read and is writing, getting some things published and I know in my heart that her passions, love of life, imagination (and Fulbright scholarship) came in part from books: reading since babyhood and being read to through the years.

She was lucky, I was lucky---- as she was born on the brink of damn screens that our children are now inundated with----can’t imagine life without reading to children from the pages of books (not screens) and delving into the wonderful journey that is sharing fiction via reading aloud (and nonfiction in some cases) with toddlers, children and teens.

I digress.

Thanks for mentioning Mary Trump’s new book-----I really admire her for who she is and for her bringing mental illness to the fore regarding her uncle’s behaviors. I read her first book (very good) and will most likely read the upcoming one.

The only concern I have is if she leaves out our history----the pathological foundation of the u.s. as part of the collective mental health issues we face now.

I have heard her speak glowingly of the dems which as we talk about here are a huge part of the problem.

To leave that out would diminish the book and it’s credibility for that would be a major form of denial (not calling out the extreme dysfunction of neoliberalism and oligarchy of which the dems are a part).

The duplicity of the dems in the u.s. is very damaging to the mind, imo and it involves gaslighting which leads to trauma. I hope she addresses this but based on what I’ve heard in her interviews, I fear she will not. We’ll see . .

Let’s say we have two politicians - a democrat & a republican

Let’s say both have been captured by megacorporate interests.

Is either one still a republican or a democrat ?

I won’t answer black and white.

Everyone serves someone, as Bob Dylan used to say.

So the line in the sand is not a line - but a grey area, probably of considerable width.

AOC is playing an online game with Jagmeet Singh - Canada’s leader of the NDP, our socialist leaning federal party, and raising money for a good cause.

I think neither is captured, but both are to some extent beholden.

At what point does a politician cease to be a representative of, by and for the people ?

I imagine many of us, like me, support non-captured democrats or liberals.

That may mean little if 90% of the politicians are in fact captured.

I think Trump is still here, and there is no telling what may happen before Jan 20.

So I watch my space stuff, and I indulge is some history - until Trump is actually gone, for good, one hopes. I sense a change coming the world over if you Americans can actually survive your near death experience with your partial democracy, which I still favor above all other forms of governance now in existence.

I just bought this high quality publication on the Mayflower and the Puritans, and already I find it very useful. I read each page carefully - there are always between the lines insights if one is a careful reader. I just learned that Somoset, who contacted the just landed Pilgrims, spoke English, as he was from north of Cape Cod and the natives there had a 100 year association with English fishermen, which is where he learned English. Disease would have been more familiar than English I imagine, as well.

Anyway, here is a link to the magazine: