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Rapid Warming Deserves More Than a Lukewarm Response


Rapid Warming Deserves More Than a Lukewarm Response

David Suzuki, Ian Hanington

Another week, another dramatic warning from scientists — met with shrugs all around. This time, a report commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada, “Canada’s Changing Climate Report,” warned that this country is warming at roughly twice the global average rate, even more in the North and on the Prairies. Some of that is from natural factors, but the report concludes most is from human activity, mainly burning fossil fuels and destroying carbon sinks like forests and wetlands.



You can’t fix stupid and the love of money is very stupid, very powerful, and very contagious–even for a species bright enough to image a black hole.




Tombstone for the western empires:

“Never quite grasped the exponential function”

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Owl - Money is the proxy for life. No money and you and your loved ones suffer and even die. What is stupid is to require that everyone do absolutely anything they can to get money or else.

Another inconvenient fact about money it goes away…all the time, and it goes away faster than most people can bring it in, and it is going away faster and faster for 99% of the population all the time.

Most bad behavior that folks on the intertubes love to point out is elicited by this money dynamic. Because of this dynamic there is almost never “enough” as everyone has seen examples of someone who is “rich and powerful” lose it all.

Until we change this dynamic we will never be able to get off this highway to hell.



We also need to stop telling the lie that we can address the destruction of the biosphere and all still make plenty of money and live well.

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This global threat, in my view, is worse than the the threat of WWII. But I do not see any real response from the fossil fuel industries until they begin to lose billions of $$$ in profits.

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Here’s what we, the adults, the living, need to do, and only then we can discuss what they, the moral coward politicians, need to do to keep their miserable jobs.

We, the living, need to form a climate-fighting engineering committee.

If we have a morbidly modest child’s allowance of $1 million per year in private philanthropy research and development money, we’re not just going to hold our breath until we all turn blue, we’re going to be grateful and then here’s how we’re going to spend it to be effective and not corrupt. If we have $10 million a year, here’s how we’re going to spend it to be effective and not corrupt. If we have $100 million a year, here’s how we’re going to spend it.

“Not corrupt” is the critical part of this job. We need a wide democratic political base for this committee. Single transferable voting would help. A corrupt committee we could find any day.

The same philosophy applies to rollout. If we have $1 billion per year to inhibit the Arctic meltdown, do we spend it on new tundra firefighting equipment, on restoring the tundra’s albedo with artificial wind-powered snowmaking machinery or restoring the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack with wind-powered pumps, or what?