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Rapper Champions 'the Name, the Idea, the Philosophy, of Bernie Sanders'

Rapper Champions 'the Name, the Idea, the Philosophy, of Bernie Sanders'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"I don’t trust the church or the government. A Democrat or a Republican. A Pope or a bishop or them other men," declared activist and hip-hop star Killer Mike, reciting his own lyrics to a boisterous Atlanta crowd on Monday night.

"But after spending five hours tonight with someone who has spent the last 50 years radically fighting for your rights and mine, I can tell you that I am very proud tonight to announce the next president of the United States: Senator Bernie Sanders," thundered the Atlanta-born rapper, whose real name is Michael Render.

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Did anyone read this and not feel moved?

Someone asked in another thread how those who speak about the covert power of the Deep State can still see a possibility for change in Sanders.

The best answer is that no one will know that answer until it’s put into practice.

This Rapper did Martin Luther King justice. The mere mention of poverty in the same sentence as militarism is itself extraordinary as it’s the dots that “all good and patriotic citizens of the Exceptional Nation” best never connect.

There’s no question that elites are upping the ante on spreading wars (and weapons), holding down the brake on modifications to the planet’s primary energy-based infrastructure, and enacting treaties that grant to them–the owners of the biggest corporations that are massively guilty of crimes against nature and humanity–the determination of what law IS and how it will be enforced.

All of these restrictions, rules, and restraints work to make some citizens compliant; but there’s a simultaneous swelling up of so much anger, frustration, betrayal, and that within all creative/good people that will NOT go gently into that “good night” and face a “dying of the light” of the very makings of a Free Society.

As Sanders continues to make waves and speak to the disaffected majority… it remains to be seen if elites will do him harm. And in the oft chance that he did attain the Oval Office, he would be up against a swarm of human vultures, devoid of the slightest concern for their fellow man & woman.

The Presidency allots a rare pulpit. And if someone like Sanders had it, and through it explained why Socialism has been for so long demonized, patiently explained how the European Social Democracies work… the crowd that’s been conditioned by Rush Limbaugh and right wing friends to allow labels to suffice for understanding might just come to re-examine all of the crap they’ve been fed to distance them from the fruit of their labors (among other things).

To the extent that Obama was SOLD as savior, the ONE who’d change course after Bush’s disastrous wars and rope in the rapacious bankers, etc… and the degree to which he betrayed those who put hope in him (although there are still some who stick by “their man” and look to his few, if any, achievements)… would not be the situation with Bernie Sanders.

To the extent Sanders might fail in reaching his stated campaign intentions would TRULY be due to opposition factors. With Obama, as so many of us know (although the script design goes back to Bill Clinton’s era and handlers), what passed for opposition was purely theatrical.

There is a reason why Canada moved slightly to the Left, and U.K. has Corbyn, and other nations (with the sad exception of Argentina) have leaders who are showing that same sensibility.

Everyone knows that when all that $ went to the top of the global pyramid (as documented in the Piketty Study), and with so much misery spreading… that those running things are doing such a lousy job, that leadership must alter.

A “Changing of the Guard” has begun to assert and the more the elites push down the greater the momentum they create for an upward surge.


“I have no time in my short 40 years on this Earth to relive the Reagan years. I have no desire to see us elect our own Margaret Thatcher,” Killer Mike said, in an apparent reference to Sanders’ political rivals.

Oh come on! We know WHICH “political rival” Killer Mike is referring to!


Right. And what did her husband do in the immediate wake of the O.J. verdict? He led the bandwagon and a lot of people hanging on by public support got booted out - right onto the street. Slick Willie really pulled a fast one on that.

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Many African Americans have a special appreciation of place, of home, in spite of bad times, home is home, a home to defend. Killer MIke is in a long line of Georgians, contributors to this American culture. Many great songs come from the soul of Georgia, I think of the great Gladys Knight and that Midnight train, among others, but it is hard to top Ray.


Bravo to Mike and Bernie! The African-American community must come to realize that their interests and civil-rights are best served by supporting in a massive wave the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, others will talk and posture and review polls to see if a position “trends” or not before they speak with forked-tongue, but Sanders speaks and stands-up for the truth as he sees it and has with integrity for over half a century!

The Civil Rights Movement fought for the rights of all, especially people of color and the poor, and should not be diminished by splinter groups, but enhanced by a re-dedication to civil rights for all!


Speaking of the Clintons they together have received at least 35 million from giving speeches for the banks and such over the last 14 years, so they will NOT reign them in! Go BERNIE!


I grew up in Atlanta. My parents and the other founding members of the United Liberal Church of Atlanta (now the Unitarian Universalist Church of Atlanta - UUCA) were intimately involved in the Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta in the 1950s. For instance our youth group, the Liberal Religious Youth (LRY) met with the youth group of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Dr. King’s church. One of the most influential moments of my adolescence was a Great Books Seminar held at Quaker House (the only other primarily white church in Atlanta championing the Civil Rights Movement) led by Dr. Sam Williams, Dr. King’s philosophy teacher from Morehouse College. The topic was Martin Buber’s I and Thou. Years later, listening to King’s speeches I heard time and again the reverberations of Buber’s thesis.

So I was particularly moved to hear the first part of Sander’s speech to the crowd in Atlanta, in which he recalls the MLK we seldom (well, never) hear about from the establishment. King’s courage in speaking out against the Vietnam War, his proposed Poor People’s March, his understanding that American militarism was a plague on the planet, not only killing innocents abroad but also robbing us of our own rights here at home. Worth a watch.

FULL SPEECH Part 1: Bernie Sanders Holds Campaign Rally In Atlanta, Georgia 11-23-15


" It remains to be seen if the elites will do him harm."
And they will start by doing everything in their corrupt power to deny Bernie the democratic nomination for POTUS!


Use the referendum Bernie.

A bit off topic but I just found this and wanted to share. I’ve known that the elites of society have always looked down on the poor and fabricated excuses to keep them poor. Now, I’ve finally found some historical roots to that. I was looking up info about “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift and found this background info "At the start of a new industrial age in the 18th century, it was believed that “people are the riches of the nation”, and there was a general faith in an economy that paid its workers low wages because high wages meant workers would work less. Furthermore, “in the mercantilist view no child was too young to go into industry”. In those times, the “somewhat more humane attitudes of an earlier day had all but disappeared and the laborer had come to be regarded as a commodity.” So, very early on it was decided that to increase productivity and make people want to work longer hours they should be paid less. That notion is obviously still in practice today 300 years later. Bear with me please, I’m going to be repeating this to get word round b/c I know not many people will read this post (or the others.)


“I’m here to tell you stay encouraged, stay invigorated, stay bold, stay confronting bullshit at every turn. Make sure that wherever you go you take the name, the ideas, the philosophy, and the ideology of Bernie Sanders there and you make sure that when you leave they are on fire because they have felt the bern.”

–Killer Mike


You can read all of “snowbike’s” posts at Common Dreams. There are not very many of them, but they virtually ALL promote the inevitability of Clinton.

Whether actually on a payroll or not, “snowbike” is at Common Dreams working for Clinton.


“We were alone and I was singing my song for you”
As meaningful between individuals as peoples separated by systems - our songs are for each otherhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtUQImH26Bw

OH yes, great song.

Bill Clinton’s corporate speaking fee income has exceeded $10 million per year in each of the past 14 years ($17 million in 2013 alone) in addition to the corporate dough the Clinton family foundation rakes in. Hillary will not take any chances on derailing that gravy train.


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Sanders shouldn’t endorse Clinton. Doing so would negate the message of his entire campaign.


Obviously, you have been sent to us by the Hillary crowd to put a damper on the forest fire that is Bernie Sanders. That is your game,isn’t it?


Call this what it is, political monetary payoffs, read bribery, after the fact. This is racketeering conspiracy. Maybe some smart lawyer could prosecute these politicians if we all chipped in and hired one to try.