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Rapper Champions 'the Name, the Idea, the Philosophy, of Bernie Sanders'

Very well written Sioux Rose. I always learn so much from your post. I admire your courage to write your thoughts. We agree on so much that I feel that if I could write as good as you do that we would be the same person. Your astrology thoughts seem to make a lot of people discount your post. I read about astrology and I agree with what you say completely. I have more interest in the I Ching so I do not pay as much attention to astrology anymore. I am supporting Bernie’s for president. Obama and Clinton are to beholden to corporations and Israel. To quick to blame Russia for all the ills of the world. To me Russia has been a beacon of sanity compared to US and it’s allies. I just hope that more people will follow Putin counsel. The man is brilliant and knows his history. Good luck to you. Keep fighting the good fight. Patriots like you will one day be honored as heros.