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Rare War Crime or Routine? Video Captures 'Cold-Blooded Execution' by Israeli Soldier


Rare War Crime or Routine? Video Captures 'Cold-Blooded Execution' by Israeli Soldier

Jon Queally, staff writer

The release of video footage showing the extrajudicial killing of a wounded Palestinian man on Thursday has led to the arrest of the Israeli Defense Force soldier who pulled the trigger, but rights groups say the documented incident only confirms their warnings regarding impunity for human rights violations and how the Israeli military routinely behaves in the Occupied Palestinian Territories when cameras are not rolling.


Fucking Ziopigs, Dog did not give that land to you…


Never be seen on MSM…


RARE? One must have been asleep for the last 5 decades to think this racist murder by the Israeli IDF is anything BUT “routine”. Israel was born from Zionist terrorism that continues to this day!

Over 60 Israeli soldiers and officers testified to IDF routine brutality and murders in the last attack on Gaza! Numerous children have been targeted and murdered “routinely” - Israel is a racist terrorist state guilty of numerous war crimes and “routine” murders!

Zionism IS Racism!


This terrorist state has subverted US politics and Congress and news media to further their racist ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories - support for Israeli/AIPAC subversion of America are guilty of treason, IMO!


Obviously this is war on the Palestinians, and the Palestinians have EVERY right to try and kill and drive out the Zionist pig murderers and thieves who stole their land for themselves. Rational people who do want peace also need to realize that there are those “societies” so amoral and criminal in nature that the only way to deal with them is through counter-insurgency and insurrection. The so-called “state” of Israel is such a place. Death to Israel!


Routine? Of course! The cold blooded murder of Rachel Corrie proved that this is routine, because how many Palestinians are there that have been murdered by the Israeli’s that we will never know about. The only reason that Rachel’s murder was news and reported was that she was an American citizen. Palestine is an occupied country, so their citizens have little or no rights and unlike Rachel, they are considered not even second class citizens!


Jewish state terrorism in Palestine will end when the murderous lunatic devotees of the genocidal whackjob Yahweh are driven out of West Asia once and for all and sent back to Brooklyn where they belong.


And these are the racist murderers that Trump, Clinton, et al are racing to embrace. Shameful.


I’m sure the executioner will claim “self defence”.


BDS is not only morally imperative it is absolutely neccessary.

Those Zionist sympathizers who go by “wereflea”, “1cole” (Cole Epstein) and others who have criticized my anti fascist, anti AIPAC, anti Zionist postings recently better take a closer look at this video. How can anyone calling themselves human leave a badly wounded dying helpless human being with such callous barbarism and disregard for human life? We knew about Israeli military shooting at Palestinian ambulances and leaving wounded Palestinians to die by creating roadblocks to emergency vehicles and aid workers from reaching the those they had injured. We also know of Israelis deliberate targeting of school buildings, UN compounds, children’s playgrounds, residential apartment blocks, power plants and even sewage treatment plants to name a few. Those Jews have really learned a lot from the German Nazis and are busy employing their tactics. However i don’t think even a Nazi would leave a critically wounded helpless man lay dying without help. Israel has left the circle of humanity with their cruelness and savagery.


No please don’t send them to the US, we have enough wack job Jews here already out doing the Nazis. We don’t want to be treated like Palestinians under their “care”.


Someone needs to email this to Hillary f****** Clinton as a vivid example of what her unwavering support of the Israeli nation supports and condones. Another example of what if there had been no video of this. African-Americans in this country know that song and dance all too well. Bernie supporters share this far and wide.


One could argue that taking prisoners alive encourages terrorism. The willingness of Palestinians to carry out missions could be supremely hampered if captured individuals were allowed to rot to prison indefinitely. Militant leaders therefore have a vested interest to try and win the freedom of at least “some” of the captured.
The more militants the Israelis take alive, the more pressure militant leaders will have to try to win their release. Usually, that means additional operations against Israeli targets. Law doesn’t change the situation on the ground. Israelis feel pressured to kill because they’re onto the costs of taking these people alive.


Viva Palestine, long live BDS, your argument in support of Zionist racist apartheid fascist state of Israel is disgusting and pathetic.



And the Israelis are training US police too.


Tyrant mother fuckers


Thousands of Palestinians are rotting in Israeli prisons, usually with no charges and no trials!

Marwan Barghouti the greatest living Palestinian leader has been in an Israeli prison on BS charges since 2002.

Defense of racist oppression, crimes against humanity and war crimes is indefensible - your depraved indifference and that you joined CD hours ago shows who you are…and what you believe.



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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Tis is nothing new for terrorist Israel that’s why their was no surprise by the bystanders it happens all the time. This murdere will be kept in hiding for a while and then be set free.
Jews and their apartheid state need to be brought under control.