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Rashida Tlaib and Working Class Authenticity v. Trump’s Plutocrat Pretense


Rashida Tlaib and Working Class Authenticity v. Trump’s Plutocrat Pretense

Juan Cole

Why does Donald Trump get a pass on speaking and acting obscenely but Rashida Tlaib is pilloried for calling him a Mofo? It is because US corporate media and political elites expect the wealthy to do bad imitations of working class profanity (so as to fool the rubes into voting for them), but despise the real thing.


I happened to drive through (part of) the Arab section of Detroit this summer. There was a palpable sense of pride in the place. Ms. Tlaib seems an excellent representation of the demographic. Any breakthrough of the patriarchal instincts of any Abrahamic tradition is welcome by this middle aged white nontheist. I view her as a breath of fresh progressive air and look forward to her contributing meaningfully to the national dialogue. (So take that motherfucker-in-chief!)


Excellent article. The faux outrage over this is amazing. She is only saying what more than half the country would like to see. Kudos to Juan Cole for reminding us that the elites have fake working class personas but really don’t get the lingo right. Who remembers Bush constantly “clearing brush” down at his Texas ranch? That phony southern accent was used on occasion but somehow didn’t sound quite right.


I agree with Rashida as:
Trump has had 3 wives and all 3 had children— which of course requires having sex with their wives i.e. the babies,“mothers.” And as Trump has a German and Scottish DNA and as 'Fuck" it’s a really old word ( fucken ----and maybe an German one . And so that double DNA, “suits the word to the action and the action to the word”–as Will Shakespeare would say.
And so then , borrowing a Scottish word, bahookie, for rear end—Trump can sit on his bahookie and deal with the history of words! . Thank you Rashida


Said in simpler Irish lingo . . . he’s a feckin eejit!


I feel for these newcomers. They have the task, as I see it, to be outspoken, and tough, yet keep from appearing condescending along the way. That would kill any warming up of the right-wing and put them on the defensive more than they already are.
Besides, I despised Bush for his condescending way of talking down to people.
Finding the right balance sets the tone for a great speaker, or not.


Hey, “fuck” recently became fashionable.


Rashida Tlaib is the real deal, not some faux wannabe! She spoke words and truths on millions of people’s lips!


RE: “…They put Rashida Tlaib in Congress for one purpose. To impeach the Mofo, Trump.”

I think that is Juan Cole putting words in Tlaib’s mouth. People need to remember that impeachment is not a legal process it is inherently a political one. That’s why Bill Clinton could be impeached for doing something that all politicians do: Lie. Because of this, impeachment is seen as partisan and therefore lacks legitimacy. And who would we get? Christian supremacist Mike Pence? Corporate Dems Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer? Who would be better off? The Trilateral Commission, the Atlantic Council, Liberal elites? Because it wouldn’t be working people who have no friends among the oligarchs.


I support threatening impeachment as one of many methods likely to be effective in keeping Trump on the defensive to dilute his power. Actual impeachment would at best buy the 99% nothing.

Four decades of Democrats sucking up to the GOP is what got us Trump.

Keep doing what you have always been doing and you will keep getting what you have always been getting.

Push back by utilizing as many means as possible.


“Faux outrage”, eh? This piece of exquisitely intelligent, tolerant and thoughtful work was proud to announce that she made this m**thrfcker" remark to her own son. Her sons are seven and thirteen years old. What a role model! Despite her defense of herself, not all working class folk act or speak this way. If Common dreams thinks that Democrats are going to regain their lost footing by sinking as low as their opposition, then that says something about the readership and staff of Common dreams, as well as the Progressive/Regressives they defend no matter what–the same way the MAGA crowd defends Trump, no matter what. PS–That’s not a compliment.


“Why does Donald Trump get a pass on speaking and acting obscenely but Rashida Tlaib is pilloried for calling him a Mofo”

Maybe cuz Trump did it i private conversation that happened to be recorder and Rep. Tlaib did it at a press conference?

That kind of talk is prolly gonna be the new normal. After all “racist”, “fascist”, “nazi” have been totally trivialized and made meaningless.


Cole is a desperate and inarticulate commentator. “Authenticity” isn’t necessarily salutary (think of the authentic Republican). Of course Trump should be impeached, but it strikes me as silly, condescending, a product of a false dichotomy, and aligning with the famously anti-intellectual right-wing when progressives embrace crude language as a kind of hard-won working-class mantle.


She did it at a private party hosted by the progressive group Move On. Who partially funded her campaign by encouraging their members to send her small dollar donations.
Big difference from a Press Conference! You make it sound like she called in the MSM to use colorful language describing her only role in the new Congress.
Just sayin’.


It was not a “private party” - the press was invited and in attendance.

It will be amusing however, to see if we see anyone in the future call for “civility”.


eejit - whahahaha - God Bless the Irish kith ń kin!


Good points on generating new terminology. Progressive terminology reform! - force the old guard out of their comfort zone. Thought the term " disprivileged " a decent contribution. I’d like to see attention to ideas like “empoverished” - as “poverty” is the direct consequence of a systemic process. Name the reality and stop carrying balls and other things for the practitioners of predatory capitalism.


MoveOn is not a progressive group:

99 Percent Spring: the Latest MoveOn Front for the Democratic Party

In MoveOn.org’s short history, the front group has proven that co-option works, but co-opting Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring has been no easy task for it this time around.

It has been a particularly tough task because the Democratic Party, which it fronts for, is beholden to Wall Street and the Obama Administration which MoveOn.org dutifully supports, plans on raising hundreds of millions of dollars from the 1-percent during his 2012 election campaign.


OK everybody it was really just a Me Myself & Irene Moment, a Jim Carrey masterpiece! Watch it and get the full essence of the use and meaning of mother fucker. But I guess it’s ok to use at campaign rallies words like shit, bullshit, pussy, motherfuckers, horse face, ugly etc. Wake up America and call it what it is a Nazi ,fascist ,racist, asshole republican MF!


I don’t give to them. Just tired of people like you: do you think Move On should raise $$$ for the Republican candidates? Come on, get a grip.
Reporters? Anybody with a phone is now a journalist holding/attending a press conference?
Give me a break.