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Ratcheting Tensions, Trump Imposes New Iran Sanctions


Ratcheting Tensions, Trump Imposes New Iran Sanctions

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump administration on Friday imposed new sanctions against Iran, continuing what one observer describes as "an escalatory cycle with no clear exit."

Reuters wrote Friday, ahead of the official announcement:


Question: When will someone put the U.S. on notice!


Cannot come a second too soon!.....and in like vein, when will other nations, especially the other signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, and the UN, speak-out to herr trump&co and tell them this is extremely dangerous, not in anyone's interests, and Iran's test was not in violation of anything except trump's arrogance and extremism?
Man, if I was in Iran's place, with this nutter in power, I would sure want some M.A.D.!


Funny how we get Wall Street running our country into the ground whichever candidate is elected president. It's also funny that we have the threat of war with Iran and or nuclear war regardless of which candidate is elected. Hmmm. Now who exactly is running the show?


And the manufacturing of a consent to war with Iran is in full opporational mode. Don't believe the lies, save lives.


Well said. Some war mongers in congress, are even calling for "military action" against Iran. With our great leader, that belongs in an insane asylum and is a loose cannon, can we blame Iran for not wanting a nuclear deterrent?


a i p a c ?



Has anyone whom Dump & his minions actually listen to told them how easy it would be for Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz (through which at least 40% of the world's crude oil flows)? Or is this just a scam to juice up the price of oil so Dump and his cronies can profit? This would also give impetus to Russia's long delayed deal with Exxon to drill the Arctic.


I suppose if Flynn says Iran's missile test was a provocative move, then it must be true. Surely, the administration wouldn't lie. If Trump wants to discover the real threat to world stability and peace, he simply needs to look in the mirror.


I'm waiting for the day Mexico, Canada and Australia starts putting "sanctions" on the United States for violations of existing agreements. If they can get Russia and China to join in, it'll end up hurting all of us in the short run, but maybe it'll make Trump think twice about pissing off the rest of the world.

Nah... it would only make him crazier.

God help us!


About all that I can hope for now is that Iran will set up a mutual defense treaty with its trading partners, Russia and China.
* If Russia and China then posted to the world that an attack on Iran was an attack on them and would be met with equal force, perhaps there are enough sane people not yet purged from the government to put the new Reichskanzler and his "staff" in rubber rooms, playing with soft toys, and return governance of the nation to We the People, under the US Constitution.
* Dumping Trump alone at this stage of the game would be like deposing Hitler in 1936, to leave the country run by Himmler, Goering, Goebbels, et al.
* To regain this country, the whole rat pack must go!


Question: Which country will the US go to war with first, Iran or North Korea?

I'm not sure we can stop the impending war(s), but we surely won't without a strong anti-war movement.


Trump=Hitler 1938.

Iran=Czechoslovakia 1938.

The European countries will do nothing to stop Herr Twittler.


War is big business opportunities for massive profits and the Duopoly. Both parties were salivating during the run-up to the Election. If the people of this country think voting Democrat or Republican is harmless, wake the F÷€k up. You are partly responsible for everything that follows. These two parties are controlled by a shadow government that is not beholden to the people. They care only about profit.

Everybody is saying, divest from Banks that support pipelines, etc. Divest from the Duopoly. Go online or call your local Board of Elections, and choose another political party that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.


Delusional Trump is living in a land of delusion. There will be no rhyme or reason for anything this Ethically Challenged Boob ever does, other than greed.

Yes, the Republicans had better keep their little orange haired doggie on a short leash before they discover how quickly bad, can go to worse.


Especially since Trump has Putin as part of his Axis of Evil who also seeks to dominate Europe.


Good point. Always follow the $$$$$$$$$.


Putin dominate Europe? Come off it you, paranoid Yank. Why are you lot so scared of Russians when they haven't a snowball's chance in hell of invading the USA? Two European countries have their own nuclear weapons and there are a minimum of around 240 million Europeans who could stick kitchen knives in Russians in dark alleys.


Looks to me like a Grand Scam to juice the price of oil considering the drill, baby drill on steroids