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Raytheon and United Technologies Announce Merger to Create 'Military-Industrial Behemoth'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/raytheon-and-united-technologies-announce-merger-create-military-industrial-behemoth

This should be stopped. It will not be good for democracy, the 99%, or the environment. But the Dem ‘leadership’ are on the MIC payroll so…


My first thought was, go ahead and let them merge—then nationalize them and run them on a non-profit basis. Maybe if we take the profit out of building weapons, we wouldn’t hear so many reasons we have to use them.


This is heading towards a Bladerunner scenario where one Monopoly Corporation owns everything.

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Remember the past has shown that the US Government will support added Military spending not because of perceived dangers or threats from abroad , but because they consider it in “The National Interest” to ensure these arms companies remain profitable and viable.

These Corporations exist only because of Government largesse. They are not viable without Government spending and the larger they become the more Government spending that is needed to keep them viable.
No private company or individual would spend 135 million dollars on a single Jet Aircraft , but the Government will. As such it a complete and utter lie that “Governments can not create wealth or Jobs” given there a whole lot of jobs in the Armaments industry and a whole lot of wealth flowing into the pockets of that sectors investors.

While out of one side of their mouths Governments proclaim the need to support “Free Markets” that are free of Government interference, out of the other they shovelling money into the pockets of the arms merchants.


There it is in spades! The essential example of the grave threat to our republic, our ostensibly civilian nation/society, and the dominance of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex!


That threat was foreseen by President/General Dwight David Eisenhower, who was the last president with a first-hand knowledge of what war brings to the world. (JFK also served, but no one had the experiences of Eisenhower.) The spread of the Congressional part of the MICC has metastasized to near every Congressional district having some aspect opf the war machine and the “jobs” that must be protected by those representatives, now de facto agents of endless war rather than peace!

The current existential threat of climate change - MMGW - and the worst offender - the military-Pentagon - is a relatively new aspect to the threat of endless war and subversion of civilian priorities by that hideous destructive polluting sector!

The reality that the arms industry and war machine has representatives/suppliers in every congressional district cements the subversion and creates the story that “we must protect jobs”, even tho those “jobs” are based-on, and rely-on, endless wars to feed the great maw of for-profit war! ALL our many critical civilian needs and priorities take a back-seat to the war-machine and worship of the military - trillions squandered on war and death, rather than education, health care and science (to name just three)

War is and always has been the greatest crime and theft in the history of the world to paraphrase Maj-Gen Smedley Butler!


Good idea but THIS monster would/will be so big that there will be no further pretense of a Congress going forward. NOt sure how you could corral an evil like this


And, Bernie, YOU back the F35 which is also used for dropping bombs on children and other innocent people.
But you are anti-war, oh, sure. Cognitive dissonance much?


I really don’t care if these two companies merge. What I care about is that taxpayers fund these two useless companies. What is necessary here is to stop contracting these companies to produce weapons of mass destruction only to have our government drop their bombs on people of color half way around the world in the name of “Democracy”.
Also the fact that both of these companies are allowed to lobby and buy off politicians is a criminal act and must be abolished as other more developed countries do in functioning democracies. When will Americans ever get a chance to vote for a candidate that is “strong on peace”?


So, as the industry monopolizes itself, the cost of causing massive innocent casualties gets artificially inflated.

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The US ‘elite’ are by definition Serial Killers. Amerika has been involved in wars 228 out of 243 years since its founding. That adds up…

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Conflict, disease and natural disasters control populations, force adaptation, increase competition, natural selection and drive evolution. But why must a smart species endure war and disease for population balance when we have humane family planning and advancing medical technology? Death control without birth control is a recipe for war.

Nuclear war is not selective. How could survivors adapt to a deadly radioactive wasteland?
Will we evolve beyond war?

Peace is not in the corporate monopoly playbook. Oligarchy is like an asteroid aimed at Earth.

I’m cautiously agreeing with Trump on mergers that stifle competition.

Its costs may even out when it sells the organs of the people it kills.

Take a look at the largest institutional shareholders of the largest defense contractors…you’ll see the same firms (use a site like morningstar.com or similar).

Even those firms they don’t share directly, they share indirectly, as the largest money-management & investment firms & banks exist as the largest shareholders/investors of each other.

The U.S. has been transformed into a “Planned Market Economy”, with the ultra-wealthy whom control these firms serving as the central planners.

Ever worked in politics?
There is no democracy as it is now.
Every politician of influence is being bought & paid by the same elite…even the “Progressives” (don’t forget TARP).

The U.S. has become a nation of special interests.
Socialusm isn’t just a system that seeks to redistribute to the poorer, socialusm can also be constructed to redistribute to the wealthy…which is the true construct of the U.S. economy now.

Though these two companies are largely owned by the same largest shareholders now, this proposed merger would merely give them the added benefit of cutting duplucate jobs, thus saving on payroll expenses, meaning more profit for those largest shareholders.

Lockheed and Boeing also share many the same largest shareholders as these “competitors” of theirs.

There is no true market competition anymore.

We’re living in a time of virtual monopolization, via extreme capital & asset consolidation.

Labels like “democracy” and “capitalism” are mere propaganda.

There are the neo-feudal Lords, with everyone else relegated as their mere serfs.

Well, they’ve already been effectively nationalized.
That’s the very consequence of the MIC/Iron Triangle.

These companies are two of the largest recipients of the over $110 BILLION in ANNUAL taxpayer-funded, government given corporate subsidies.

United Technologies is the largest recipient of subsidies in the “Progressive” state of Vermont (source = goodjobsfirst.org).

Socialism for the rich.

Take a look at the campaign finances of Sanders, as well as his personal investments/assets (ditto for other “Progressives”, like Warren).

He’s being funded by corps that are largely owned by the same firms that own all the largest defense contractors.

He’s also invested in funds that are invested in the same defense contractors (source = opensecrets).

Every single tenured & influential politician is being funded by the same wealthy & powerful elite.



Read: Propaganda by Edward Bernays.
Read: A Republic No More by Jay Cost.
Read: National Security & Double Government by Michael J Glennon

You aren’t going to be any more popular than me around here with that kind of commentary LOL.

YES. They are ALL CORRUPT. Even the “good” ones.