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Re-Inhabiting Planet Earth

Re-Inhabiting Planet Earth

Robert C. Koehler

“I believe that for a moment I thought the explosion might set fire to the atmosphere and thus finish the Earth, even though I knew that this was not possible.”


very well said, robert! this has been known and yet not known for many centuries… the following was written around the fourth century bce.

*“When man interferes with the Tao,*

the sky becomes filthy,

the earth becomes depleted,

the equilibrium crumbles,

creatures become extinct

The ancient ones were simple hearted

And blended with the common people.

They did not shine forth;

They did not rule with cleverness;

So the nation was blessed.

When they think they know the answers,

people are difficult to guide,

when they know they do not know,

people can find their own way.

Not using cunning to guide the country

is good fortune for the country.

The simplest pattern is the clearest.

Content with an ordinary life,

you can show all the people the way

back to their own true nature"–Lao-tzu


I highly recommend the book “The Myth of Human Supremacy,” by Derrick Jensen.


Greta Thunberg on Thawing Arctic Permafrost not Included in IPCC’s 11 Years

How can it be that this young woman has more brains than most of our political class put together? As Representative Omar said, it’s all about the Benjamins.



In Guarani - among the Guarani - there is no word for his/hers - no possession. On the other hand, there is stunning taxonomic detail in plant names. In some languages there is no word for past/present/future. We benefit profoundly from becoming acquainted with the peoples and ways of life being decimated by the system model in which we live.

One myth the west needs to come to grips with is how the language has become twisted and weaponized to project negativity on others as a means of extracting “advantage”- which in the fullness of time proves to be totally delusional. That is another one of the tricks of the language - how it is used to obscure temporal truths.


Beautiful article…a wake up call really. As Spring comes forth as new life, so too should we consider the re-birth of our way of life.


Superiority is one off the 10 illusions of humans .Wonderfully articulated in the book ;
Communion With God
A very seductive illusion , dangerous as anyone who has studied our collective History knows .
However you know it’s an illusion as those that claim superiority behave in the most inferior ways.

“Humans think that we are superior to nature,and so we seek to subdue it.In doing this, we destroy the very habitat which was created to protect us and to be our paradise.”


Men with forked tongues
Lead us down a crooked path
Into DEEP Kim-Chee . . .
  — Wm. Claude ‘Duke’ Enfield

This grand delusion of Western Culture – that the planet is ours to exploit – is based in large part on a (deliberate?) mis-translation of a key word in our foundational myth, wherein an omnipotent Sky-Daddy (aka GAWD — Great All-Wise Delusion) granted “dominion” over the earth to man.  The word in earlier writings was “stewardship”, but since our Multi-NaZional Korporations are clearly ‘men’, and ‘men’ (not women) clearly have dominion over the earth, all’s going well and in accordance with GAWD’s plan . . .


This is the last century of humanity. Every effort and striving of every human being in the past is now brought to nothing. Thanks to capitalism.


Thank you UncleFester …

They interpreted dominion as domination.

Let’s get back to being good stewards of our precious Earth and end this nightmare for good .


This, of course, only applies to the so-called white western “civilized” minds and not to the indigenes of our fragile, beautiful planet. The notion of separateness by these hubristic minds is indeed the original “sin” that made possible the disregard of our home planet and Life in general.

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“The first premise for navigating the Anthropocene may be this: We’re all in it together.”

We’re all in this together, but “we” are not all equally responsible for the mess.

“What may be history’s ultimate moment of human arrogance: the belief in a sense of separateness from and superiority to nature so thorough that we have, with our monstrous intelligence, the ability and therefore the right to play Bad God and make the whole planet go poof”

There goes the “we” again. Why should progressives be blamed for the cataclysms conservatives cause?

Here is the important quotation from Ms. Thunberg’s talk above:

“We need to focus every inch of our being on climate change because if we fail to do so then all our achievements and progress have been for nothing. And all that will remain of our political leaders legacy will be the greatest failure of human history and they will be remembered as the greatest villains of all time.”

Greta Thunberg

We should all arm ourselves with these words.and speak them whenever we get the chance to say them to our political and corporate leaders.



You will never stop climate change. It is a peripheral symptom of a deeper problem. You argue, attempt to persuade, convince with a frame or premise which is simply not true. Not your fault. You were given a story by those you trusted and the story is a lie. Climate change is a byproduct of a larger more pernicious problem.
Our behavior is qualitatively no different than that of yeast. We consume resources, have offspring who in turn consume resources, excrete poisonous waste and repeat this until the environment collapses.

I’m gonna dance around the central problem. What are other symptoms? What has happened to ore grades for copper? What is the total weight of plastics in the ocean as compared to living creatures? How does the total estimated weight of humans and the livestock they consume compare to that of remaining wild creatures. At what rate are wild creatures going extinct since the beginning of the industrial revolution. How much forest is lost each day? How much topsoil is lost each day? How are pollinating insects faring? How much radioactive water in STILL flowing from Fukushima Daiichi. Why are fishermen now dangling electrified leads from the bottom of their nets? What is still happening to bycatch of undesirable species?

I could go on and on…so, what to do? First. In the most profound way, take humans from the center of the universe. Stop making babies. Use only what your heart and lungs need to keep going, if you have more, share it. Stop pretty much everything else. Every other living thing is a person and many of them are more important than you or me. Some of those persons cannot even be seen with the naked eye. Love.

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I look at what I’ve written above. There’s so much more, but I have this sense of futility. Because even if you could do all those things that might bring in a better world I think it is very late. Maybe too late. I’m not going to stop being the person I hope to be. I want my passing to be worth mourning and not just a cause for celebration.

I know that ours strengths have become toxic. Maturity, if we get to achieve it, may require setting them aside in a certain kind of renunciation.

You have got to know at least, those who have power now have no answers and don’t want them. They all must be pushed aside and I am not talking about voting.

I wrote this at the article “It’s not just our planet that needs a green new deal.” It works here too, or maybe at the article on how plastics are now everywhere, inside us as well. Another commenter mentioned Derrick Jensen. Excellent and wise writer.

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One way or another, life as we know it will end.

The question is whether we have it within us to be reborn.

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To Robert Koehler:

Glad to see you are finally on board Robert.

‘Nature loves diversity’ - a truism I think - ‘for sure’ - as Alex Honnold might say ~

Business & Politics - ‘as usual’ - is a death march, of that I am convinced.

Enrico Fermi once jokingly, but not so jokingly, once asked:
"Where Is Everybody?"

More to the point - where are we, as it rains in winter, repeatedly now, on the Greenland Icesheet?

And I agree - social justice is every bit as important as the science - nay - much more important.

i don’t worry about blame nor politics… the solution must belong to all of us.

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In order to find the solution, we first have to identify the problem.

It has been made difficult to pin our problems on conservatism. We have been conditioned by a paleocon oligarchy propaganda system to think conservatives are good and liberals are bad. But to solve problems, we have to go wherever they originate, no matter what.

I don’t see conservatives as necessarily bad, but ignorant, stupid, like lower animals supercharged by money. What else can you call them when they allow superstition and greed to destroy all life including their own? This despite having the knowledge and means to protect and save the earth that gives us life.

The author defines the paradigm shift that is needed very clearly. “We are all in this together.” Meaning us, all life and the planet. It is exactly how I have defined the “spiritual” in my own mind for years. Problem is, we have those in power who would, after designating the artificial entities they call “corporations” as “persons”, simply laugh in my face. Is there enough time? All I can do is “Be the Change”, (from the documentary on climate change),in my own life and circle of influence and not lose hope, because, even though the sickness runs deep and infects high places, so does the potential for growth and change. This article and the comments show this to be true.